The Annual Clergy Laity Congress of the San Francisco Metropolis

Metropolitan Gerasimos of san Francisco is speaking to Clergy laity Congress of the Metropolis of San Francisco. Photo: Metropolis of San Francisco

BOSTON- Metropolitan Gerasimos of San Francisco wrote a letter inviting all the parishes of the San Francisco Metropolis to the annual local clergy and laity assembly, urging them to “Please plan your schedules accordingly.”

He wrote that, “This year the clergy and lay leaders of the Metropolis of San Francisco will have the opportunity to come together at the 2019 Metropolis Clergy-Laity Assembly to be held March 4-5 at the Saint Nicholas Ranch and Retreat Center in Dunlap, California.

This annual gathering provides a forum for the leadership of all our communities to deliberate on important matters for our Metropolis and engage in dialogue and fellowship to enrich our common ministry. The Assembly will begin promptly at 1:00 PM on Monday, March 4, and will conclude at 4:00 PM on Tuesday, March 5, 2019.”

He also wrote that, “This year’s Assembly will focus on Missions and Evangelism with the theme, The Great Commission in the Parish. The guest speaker will be Rev. Father Evan Armatas from Saint Spyridon Church in Loveland, CO.”

Metropolitan Gerasimos told TNH that “Fr. Evan is a dynamic clergyman and speaker who will share with us his insights into parish growth, outreach, and ministry development.”

He added that, “the Clergy-Laity Congress is a very serious and essential part of the life of the Metropolis and our communities…we will have the opportunity to participate in various workshops and in many other informative presentations. We are going to review the annual Metropolis finances, and the presentation and approval of the 2019 Metropolis Budget.”

He told TNH “we have an obligation to provide every year a detailed financial report of income and expenses and all activities.” Gerasimos emphasized that, “all the members of our parishes should know how and where the funds that the parishes contribute are spent.”

Metropolitan Gerasimos told TNH that “there is nothing more clear and honest than transparency and accountability, because the trust of our people is thus strengthened.”

Metropolitan Gerasimos informed the parishes that “Online registration is now open and we are requesting full representation from each of our parishes which includes:
The Parish Priest, The President of the Parish Council, and in his or her absence the Vice President, or in his or her absence any member of the Parish Council designated by it; and two members of the Parish elected by the Parish Assembly.”

He urges the parish priest and officials “to please review the agenda and register online.” He says “Your timely response is requested by Friday, February 8, 2019. Please plan your schedules accordingly and come with an open mind and an open heart, ready and willing to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ and be a beacon of God’s love in your parishes.”

It should be emphasized here that all the Metropolises are obligated to hold annual clergy and laity assemblies according to the Uniform Parish Regulations (UPR) and to provide parishes with a detailed financial report.


  1. Lavish dinners…accommodations…travel expenses–has the GOA not heard of webinars or Skype meetings to save money during the current financial crisis? I am always amazed when the most expensive hotels are utilized for the big conventions, e.g. Plaza, Waldorf-Astoria in NYC. Never been financial restraint in the past, obviously, but with our current disaster, new methods of communication could be established that are not as expensive.

  2. Interesting that Bp Jerry invites Fr Evan as the keynote speaker. In a recent interview, Bp Jerry spoke about the importance of the Greek language and Greek paideia. Fr Evan serves a parish of mostly converts that worship in a language that people understand. Sounds to me like Bp Jerry is a little schizophrenic.

    1. Do you think he has realized that you can’t use Greek to evangelize and bring converts into the Church?

    2. That’s not what he’s Metro of. He’s the Metro of the San Fran Colony of Greece and Constantine Cavafy. There needs to be a real, not fake, hierarch out there.

  3. In my heart, and in all due respect. I truly feel the hierarchs of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America seem to be missing the true meaning of the “Church.”

    The Church is about our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Not about the Greek government, not about the Greek language, not about Greek dancing, not about Greek customs and traditions and on and on.These are all well and good, but not when speaking in reference to the “Church.”

    The Church’s primary focus should be all about “Christ.” Along with the teachings of “Christ,” as
    in regard to the Bible, evangelism, charity work, which includes, helping the sick, the poor and the homeless. And by this, I do not mean Greeks only. Let’s try to open our hearts and minds to others, besides Greeks.

    Jesus Christ did not differentiate between ethnicities and nor should we. Time to think as Orthodox Christians, rather than Greek Orthodox Christians. And, not go through the motions because our parents and grandparents did so. We must do much better than that. First and foremost for ourselves and for our salvation. As well as for our children and grandchildren.

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