Analysis: Priests’ Salaries and Appointments

Frs. Gregorios Traks, Athanasios Chininis and Alex Chetsas are offering the Artoklasia during the vesper Service. (Photo by TNH/Theodore Kalmoukos)

The priesthood is the most divine and sacred ministration on the face of the earth. It is the greatest grace and blessing that a person can receive because it enables him to be “the steward of the mysteries of God.”

By its nature, therefore, the ministry of the priesthood can’t be identified with or assume any kind of professionalism because then it will cease to be the par excellence divine ministry, or if you prefer “the art of arts” and the …

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    1. Ridiculous. Some priests have parishes with upwards of 300 families. It is impossible to provide the necessary pastoral care with so many families. Any parish with 300 or more families should have 2 priests and once you get to 400 or more 3 priests. This is one way to keep people active in the parish, to bring back those who have left and to attract converts. Of course, this takes money, to support a priest and his family. Money, however, flows out to the archdiocese and metropolis, sometimes to more than $100,000 per year. And priests usually have one day a week off and the other days are filled with services, meetings, hospital visits, funerals, etc. Sure, some priests might not be as dutiful as they can or should be, but generally speaking they are. Anyone who criticizes the work a priest does needs to get a job where they work 6 days a week and are on call 24/7 for those days and, sometimes, making a hospital call on a day off to visit a dying parishioner. Let’s not even get into the issue of boards of trustees who know all about the Orthodox Church and what it means to have a spiritual haven from the world we live in.

    2. in addition, before we point out the faults of a priest, we should look at ourselves. Most can’t make it to the Liturgy on Sunday, let alone a feast day. How many of the laity have missed a birthday, anniversary or other family event. I don’t think so!!!!!!!!

  1. We feld our parishes because they are dominated by extremist Efrem cults. We had nice organs and choirs which made us love church now all we hear is howling minarets and finger wagging yiayias. The wild came after Helsinki 1975 and chased away the tame. Let them go back to their soviet lands and let the Skoptozy Russians circumcise their women.

    1. Ha ha, like Efrem Zimbalist, or maybe his daughter on Remington Steele! That kind of cult.
      I agree, a lot of psaltes are pretty bad, but choirs of off-key blue haired yiayiades accompanied by circus organ music are like hell on earth.
      Priests do a very hard job, are on call 24/7, and have to deal with despotic bishops, dictatorial pc members, and know it all Greeks. They go in to debt to received graduate education, then make peanuts, with no security to plan for their families. Btw, St Paul had to revert to his old trade while he lived in Corinth, because the Christians there were too miserly to provide for him, as was done everywhere else.

    2. Loras I agree, I personally know dozens of families who have left the Greek Orthodox Church because of the cult of Ephraim [a.k.a. Efrem] of Arizona and prior to that of Philotheou. I don’t think the problem is pay or compensation of the Clergy. In many cases and in many Parishes the Clergy have 2 masters. The local Hierarch and then their cultish “spiritual father” who is an adherent to the questionable theology of the cult of Ephraim. In the Metropolis of Chicago there are many sick clergy who have chosen darkness over the light. Their numbers are growing: the Hierarch of the Greek Orthodox Church worldwide, are not protecting the Faith against this cancer. They are growing in the Metropolis of Atlanta, Denver and San Francisco. In the Metropolis of San Francisco there is blood on the hands of our Church as a result of the death of Scott Nevins.

    3. Basil, Flushing was used by Pasias and Catsanos as the launching pad for Ephrem. Pasias removed the cornerstone with names of the founding priest of 25 yrs the cultists evicted in 1978. Pasias and his Italian wife lived adjacent to the Avelino compound where Tom Boland (fellow US Attorney with Tsucalas under Eisenhower) plotted getting Clinton to bomb the Serbs. Pasias would often be seen at the NY Hilton with a leather briefcase. Pasias had little old ladies make donations to a St Nicholas Agape fund instead of the church, and the bank account was under someone named Mohamed. All the monks were housed by the Catsanos witches before they launched off. Now the parish is ruled by the witches and the priest is Pasias cubaro who tells kiddies to take their teeth to St Antipas instead of Judaic denstists. Like Lulurgas and his mafia icon retrieval, the extremists are sponsored by the latins to discredit us and steal our children. Mueller please note!

  2. Our local parishes, this is where the so called “rubber meets the road!” It’s the priest/s, who make all the difference in the world to the everyday Greek Orthodox faithful.

    These clerics are the ones out there in the trenches dealing with our everyday struggles, as well as their own. Working 6 and 7 days a week and for the most part, available 24/7. Performing Divine Liturgies during the week for feast days and on Sundays, 40 day blessings, baptism/christenings, weddings, funerals, house blessings, hearing confessions, visiting the sick and homebound. These are ones we should be concern ourselves with. They are the ones that continually make all the difference in our daily lives. They are there in good and bad times to encourage us and console us. They rightfully deserve our support.

    In my humble opinion, the Archdiocese, along with the Metropolises are top heavy and redundant. It is at the local parish level that needs attention. I do agree, having one priest in a community of 300 or more families is sad. But, then again, I have witnessed in parishes where there have been two. The junior priest is often taken advantage of by the senior priest and that is truly unfortunate. I have found the senior priest many times feels, like It or not, threatened by the junior priest.

    Let the Archdiocese and Metropolises curtail their spending. Heaven knows these hierarchs live the life of opulence and royalty. Let them come down from their so called “thrones” and be somewhat “humble,” if that is even possible.
    There is absolutely no need for them to have high end automobiles and to be driven around like God knows what. Try giving up some of the “glitz and glitter” as well. It would certainly make them much more approachable and down to earth.

    How sad, our good Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, lived everyday in a tunic and sandals. Meanwhile, these hierarchs dress as if they are in some production on Broadway! How about putting emphasis on where it should be. In Christ, rather than themselves! Key emphasis on Christ, the Bible and evangelism. Rather than on Greek language, customs and traditions, dancing etc.. They are all well and good, but not what the true “Church” should be about!

  3. What does a Priest actually claim as income on his taxes? I was under the impression that a Priest salary was only around $20,000.

    1. It is usual for a priest to get a housing allowance, which is not taxable, and a salary. If the salary is $20,000 then my guess is that the housing allowance is much greater. I do not know particular examples but this is my understanding of the process.

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