Full Length Documentary to Feature Astoria

Photo: Courtesy of dotmov

ASTORIA – Queens College, City University of New York, (Sociology Department) and the film production company “dotmov” based in Athens, Greece announced their cooperation for the terms of the production of a full length documentary entitled “Astoria.”

The neighborhood of Astoria seen as a symbol of Greek immigration will be presented for the first time through a documentary which will be screened in cities around the world as well as on TV in Greece, the USA, and other countries.

Everyday stories of immigrants from the Greek community but also a historical track back to the past of the area will highlight all the elements that were preserved in order to make the country where the immigrants settled a more familiar place. Through this procedure of preservation an American area was transformed into a typical Greek city right in the heart of the Big Apple.

Director: Andreas Loukakos

Managing director: Labros Papadeas

Script idea, research: Maria Manoleli

Scientific research and archives HAP: Nicholas Alexiou, Sociology department, CUNY

Director of photography: Fanis Karagiorgos

Communication consultant: Maria-Christine Baklava, Noema Solutions

Production: dotmov

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  1. My family left Astoria because in the 1960s it was terrorized by the death squads of Melina and Andreas

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