Greek Gov’t Accuses ND of Terrorising MPs Not to Vote for the Prespes Agreement


ATHENS – “The New Democracy (ND) mechanism, with full knowledge and guidance by its leader Kyriakos Mitsotakis, attempts to terrorize the deputies,” the Prime Minister’s press office said on Saturday in a statement regarding the threats to MPs in order not to vote for the Prespes Agreement.

More specifically, “the disclosure of mass messages sent by Mr Avramakos, secretary of ND’s regional committee, to the party’s followers, with the numbers of the personal mobile phones of MPs, motivating them to practice violence and terrorism against them, in relation to their position and vote in the Parliament on the crucial national issue of the Prespes Agreement is not only an illegal act but also a further step in the undemocratic course that ND has chosen to follow.”

“The deputies will respond by raising their voice in order to defend Greece’s interests,” it said and added: “No attempt of violence and terrorism – as some mechanisms are used to make – is going to affect their conscience.”
“But ND and Mr Mitsotakis will have to account for the anti-democratic practice they are following,” it underlined.
“Besides it is obvious that their efforts have nothing to do with their view on the Prespes Agreement, but with their effort to destabilize the government, disregarding the destabilization of the country and political normality. Once again they will be proven wrong,” the government announcement concluded.

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  1. Well Tsipras and the ruling party of traitors…apparently, taking the script from the leaders of Terrorism and chaos ..the United States of America and Nato….who call freedom fighters or patriots of countries terrorist …in order, to criminally break international laws to invade, occupy, bomb, and attempt to overthrow the legitimate governments of the Middle east …like libya, Yemen, Syria , Somalia, and now label Iran and North Korea Terrorist states to justify threatening with an other war crimes bombing and murder!

    The “War on Terrorism” is a lie..and the world knows it!

    If you were wondering what Greek soldiers with American soldiers are doing …when they are rehearsing anti -terrorist exercises …it is not to prepare to fight foreign Jihadist..but provide a pretext for the U.S ..if necessary …to invade Greece to assist the corrupt Greek government …in eliminating the citizens of Greece who oppose the puppet government of Tsipras and Syriza …who have seen the light…that they turn over the sovereinty of Greece to the U.S. and Nato vassal states~

    You should also know …that by labeling opposition party members of the Greek government terrorist …it also subject them to criminal prosecution and arrest the Greek government for terrorist rants, which are black and white legitimate opposition to the most corrupt traitors in Greek History…in order to destabilize the democracy of Greece!

    In the Ukraine …the Ukrainian Orthodox church has been accused of collaborating with the Russian Orthodox Church and government …to destabilized the democracy of the Neo Fascist regime of Petro Porshenko….this acusation was made by Geoffrey Pyatt …;the current U.S ambassador to Greece…and lead to the despicable actions of Patriach Bartholomew to separate the Ukrainian Orthodox Church from the Jurisdiction of the Russian Orthodox Church …and has created a schism in the Orthodox Church!

    Importantly…this has put the New Ukainian Orthodox Church ..literally, …under the influence and control of the Neo Nazi Regime of the Ukraine and United States.!

    As a Greek American….I have voiced my opinion of the criminality of our government officials to stop their criminal crimes against peace…and endless wars!

    I have voice my objections to raping the treasury of 7 trillion dollars to wage endless wars of Anglo white supremacist ..whose only interests in America is to fund their interests in dominating the economic , political and military control of the sovereign nations of theworld!

    There is no place in our government …of degenerates who consider the citizens of the world ….nothing more than commodities to be abused for their greater glory and power.

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