Humanitarian Crisis in the Heart of the Balkans

Church of the Holy Trinity in Djakovica was destroyed in 1999 and burnt to the ground on 17 March 2004. This church shared the destiny of thirty-four other Orthodox churches in Kosovo and Methohija defiled in one day.

This Christmas, Orthodox Christian Serbs were blocked from attending services at their church in Djakovica, a town in Kosovo and Methohija, by an Albanian mob.

Christians who are brave enough to remain in Kosovo have been denied access to places of worship for years.

Since coming into power, the Albanian separatist regime led by Hashim Thaci, has ethnically-cleansed two-thirds of the Christian Serbian population from their ancestral homes in the Serbian province of Kosovo and Methohija. 40,000 Orthodox Christians and other non-Albanian minorities including Roma and Jews have been expelled from the city Pristina.

Over 150 Serbian Orthodox churches, monasteries, and other cultural sites have been vandalized, set ablaze, and destroyed.
Many Serbs, including the elderly and the young, have been murdered, victims of horrifying acts of unspeakable violence in savage Albanian pogroms.

Eager to eradicate the remaining Orthodox Christian presence in Kosovo, Thaci’s regime has recently prevented hospitals treating Serbs from acquiring sorely needed medical supplies, and has imposed a 100 percent tax on all Serbian products. Albanian militias have enforced the siege of Serbian populated areas by launching raids of stores for goods with Serbian labels. These were burned in public bonfires.

According to D. Hunter Haynes, the Founder and President of the Orthodox Christian Advocacy Institute (OCAI), the Albanian separatist regime in Kosovo “has nearly managed to rid itself of a 12-centuries-old Christian presence. More than 1,000 Christians have been killed, 250,000 displaced, and 150 churches destroyed.” Haynes writes the Serbian Christians of Kosovo “are fast becoming modern Europe’s non-people.”

Separatist Albanian Hashim Thaci, previously a commander of the Al Qaeda affiliated Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA), has been identified by The Council of Europe as the head of a “mafia-like” criminal cartel engaged in heroin, weapons, and human organ trafficking and has turned Kosovo into a hub for the sex slave trade of young women and girls. According to European police, four to six tons of heroin are now trafficked into the EU from Kosovo each month at an estimated value of $2 billion annually.

Albanian graffiti on the wall of a convent in Djakovica reads “The only good Serb is a dead Serb.” At the time the graffiti was placed only 4 elderly Serbian nuns remained at the convent and Kosovo police would not allow Serbs to visit their relatives at the local cemetery.

Muslim Albanians from Kosovo have one of the highest ISIS participation rates in the Balkans, and have been implicated in a number of terrorist plots against the United States, including the murder of two U.S. airmen at the Frankfurt airport in Germany. Lavdrim Muhaheri, an Albanian from Kosovo recently killed by U.S. drone attacks in Syria, was the commander of the “Balkan Brigade” for the Islamic State.

In 2016, an intelligence report surfaced that Kosovo is now home to five ISIS training camps where an estimated 300 children, some as young as 7, have been sent by their parents.

Albanian leaders in Pristina, Kosovo’s capital, openly declare their allegiance to neighboring Albania. The border between Serbia and Albania has been effectively removed. In November 2018, Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama announced plans to complete the annexation Kosovo and Methohija by 2025. This, however, is only the beginning. Their territorial aims are considerably more ambitious.

The ruins of the Prizren Cathedral Church of Saint Great Martyr George. Albanian Graffiti reads “death to Serbs”

According to maps in wide circulation, and public statements made by Albanian leaders, “Greater” Albania is to include, not only Kosovo and Methohija, but part of Greece, Montenegro, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, and central Serbia.
Despite all of this, the United States recently armed Hashim Thaci’s regime against the advice of NATO allies, enabling him to command a military.

A petition started by The Kosovo Project, a nation-wide network of volunteers spearheaded by two attorneys, calls upon President Trump and the United States Congress to defend the persecuted Christian communities in Kosovo and suspend support for the militarization of the Albanian separatist regime. See the link:

To do otherwise is to condemn those Christians and other minorities who remain in Kosovo and Methohija to almost certain annihilation, and will threaten the stability of the Balkans.

Ms. Ruth Gluck is a Jewish-American researcher engaged in advocacy on the topics of Kosovo and Metohija and the experience of the Serbian people during the Holocaust. She lived in the former Yugoslavia during the 1990s.


  1. The Clintons terrorist state set up at the expense of Orthodox Christians ( who are a threat to our satanic leaders) just keep terrorizing with ZERO media coverage! Shame on the west, especially the US who is supposed to support human rights for allowing this to continue with not so much as a slap on the wrist to the terror state!

    1. The prototype for the current war crimes in the Middle East and Ukraine …was established by the Anglo White Supremacist Racist billionaires of the degenerate U.S and British government with their Nato white supremacist in Germany and Saudi Arabia….in the dismembership of Yugoslavia….an up and comming country with a relationship with Russia ..and after the break up of the Soviet Union!
      Clinton …was instructed to forment unrest in Yugoslavia….between religions to perpetuate a civil war ..which would illegally …recognize Croatia….the former Nazi allies and Catholic population …who in world war 2 served the German Nazi’s who are like their cousins to attempt to force orthodox Christians to Catholism or hang them!

      The Germans were the prime sponsors of their former collaborators to secede from Yugoslavia …which the United States recognized and instigating the government of Yugoslavia to respond…and then watch Muslim Bosnia with the sponsorship from Saudi Arabia cecede and all out war broke out with Serbs fighting for their homes and trying to do what the Union did in our civil war ..remain together!

      Just like libya, ….when the Yugoslavian government was winning against the terrorist proxy armies of AL Queda ….the U.S and Nato claimed that Milosovic was commiting genocide against Muslims ….which was no different what they accused the libyan leader and the Syrian leader of doing …in order to set up a pretext …to complete their part in the criminal destruction of Yugoslavia and dismembership to take control of Yugoslavia and occupy it .

      In violation of International laws …as subscribed by the U.N. charters….in which the U.S. and Nato …blatantly…ignored the laws of war …as defined by the U.N …and explicitately prohibited for any reason….the use of force or threat against a sovereign nation….they proceeded with bombing and destroying hospitals , trains, water treatment facilities , electrical facilities and killing thousand of Serbian Orthodox Christians…and then took occupation of the former Yugoslav territory…..which to this day control Cyprus the borders of Bosnia Croatian. and Montenegro …which guess what …just became a member of Nato!

      Kosovo …the historical province of the Former Yugoslavia …was then attacked by Muslim Albanian for the greater Albania …..killing policemen and citizens …and when Milosovic responded with troops to protect the Christian citizens and stop these payed mercenaries of the .U.S and Saudi Arabia…he was accused falsely of war crimes …when the legitimate war criminals …in violation of UN charters…began bombing Kosovo to support their Osama bin Laden…then a friend of the U.S…who was part of the Bosnian intermediary arming Bosnian muslim thru Saudi Arabia…and coordinating efforts in Kosovo!

      With the break up of the Soviet Union …and end of the cold war …Russia did not respond to these war crimes , and Putin did not stop their bombing and overthrow of the libyan leader because he was attempting to comply with the New Order!

      However….if you talk to any Russian …the despicable war crimes committed in Yugoslavia ..was the wake up call …that the Neo Nazi degenerated in our government were on the march to control the sovereignty of all countries in the world! However …there second objective …was destroy any Nation in the world …that failed to turn over their country to the Scum …that has taken over a government …and is now an undeclared Totalitarian government owned by a bunch of Anglo White Supremacist billionaire racists who with there allies from Israel , England and Saudi Arabia …represent the richest countries in the world that have collaborated to kill nations …to loot and own!

      What do you not understand…Hillary Clinton ..the political prostitute of the Clinton foundation sponsored and funded by Saudi Arabia .and Israel …simply Adopted the war crimes game plan of her husband in the travesty of Yugoslavia use on the country of libya…and as we heard her scream witnessing the sodomizing and the cutting of the throat of the leader of libya..whose country was one of the most progressive in the MIddle East ….she screamed on T.V…these famous words…”WE CAME, WE SAW, HE DIED!! HA! HA!
      THIS the Darling of the Democratic party ..who almost became President ! This is the wife of the President who …murdered Orthodox Christians ..who stood in the way ..of their Global plans of domination!

      This is the wife of a President ..who with Barack Obama spent 1 billion dollars to recruit , train , and arm terrorist rebels like ISIS , Al Queda and the many brigades of Sunni Muslim terrorist fanatics to overthrow the government of Syria..with little regard that the were killing the Orthodox Community in Syria , burning their churches and displacing Othodox Christians from their homes!

      This is the country….who supported the invasion of Turkey..who murdered , burned the churches , and ethnically and religiously cleansed Greek Cypriot Orthodox Christians from their own Northern Cyprus and now occupy for Nato …another important military base in Northern Cyprus!

      Anybody who get in the way of the global plans of the United States , Israel , Saudi Arabia …like Russia did in fighting their proxy armies of religious fanatics sent to take over another country…and then be subservient to the warlords in Washington and the Nato vassal states….is an enemy of these Degenerate Sadist…who have created endless wars and crimes against humanity….for power and money!

      The orthodox faithful …are an enemy of America…just like the Shia Muslim of the Middle East ..whose population would resist U.S invasion of their countries …and had to be sold to the American people that they were threats not only to their country..but to the exceptional evangelical Anglo citizens of America!

      I have been waiting for someone …to express rage …at the realization we are living in a fascist country …no different than Nazi Germany of the 1940’s

      What has happened in Kosovo …will happen in Greece, and the rest of Europe..and all by design by Nato and the European Union…only countries with strong leaders like in Hungary and Austria ….who have told the EU…to take a hike ..and fully understand …that when they moved from the Soviet block…they thought they would escape from the subordination of the Soviet bloc……and now in his own words the leader of Hungary…see no different from being part of the EU!

      You can agree on the facts or not…but in the end …standing silent and doing nothing …in the face of the blatant obvious …that we are going to allow this to continue until …someone in the Orthodox world …and I and you know…decides enough is enough….and ends it!

      The only way we can stop this onslaught ..and march to suicidal war…is to call your congressman …as corrupt as the are …and tell them …WE KNOW.! What you are doing …and I will not pay for your crimes!

      To this end….All the Orthodox Christians should do what is in the worst nightmares of the boys in Washington….demand the removal of their countries from Nato and The EU…..closing of all U.S and British military bases in all foreign countries …the removal of all occupation of U.S. and Nato troops in Afganistan, Iraq, Yemen, Somalia, Syria ,Iraq!
      Finally, as an American citizen ..I will notify my local congressman…that i consider the actions of the State department, CiA. , and Miliary .as acts of treason ..which forment wars and hostilities in the world ….and can evoke war on the me and the American people …which is a criminal act fo treason supporting actions which can lead to the destruction of the peace and security of the American people!

      By UN laws …the have already indicted themselves…for these crimes…since, non of these countries have attacked America …but have been attacked by the U;S military …which is a war crimes..but more importantly, allows these countries to legally attack the U.S any way they wish….which means death and injury to American citizens evoked by criminal actions of members of our country!

      Niko…it is good to see passion and rage the obvious …in a society that has lost all sense of morality or conscious , because they can so easily be fooled!,

    2. The petition mentioned in this article is located on It is called Stop the Persecution of Christians in Kosovo and Metohija.

  2. Thank you Michael for touching forbidden topic for all West European leaders. There are more around and about that dismembering of Yugoslavia. Correct, nobody wants to take it into big consideration! Let it be with chopping all ethnicities in Balkan and create new Syria. Serbs defended Europe from Turkish invasion all the way to Paris & London, Serbs were the first bombed by Hitler heavily ( Belgrade), Serbs had a great piece of land at Balkan half Peninsula and now they want us to desapear? Correct great Albania will expend to Macedonia, Greece and Montenegro. The only two counties may take it seriously: Greece and Serbia. Macedonia and Montenegro are lead by mafioso leaders and do not have capacity to fight at any cost, but Serbs and Greek should. So let us see how far EU/USA mission will go? Should we consider it already dangerous and get ready for their next step or prevent that step?!?

    1. Liliana…you are correct…except don’t forget Bulgaria …who is also part of the Federalization of the Balkans …and those fools in FYROM …not realizing that …as you accurately described … that their installed Mafia leaders another coup by the Godfathers of the U.S government… are setting up for their country for partition or absorption .. and where any mention of Macedonia will no longer exist!

      The “War on Terrorism” is a myth …and merely a pretext to violate the borders of the sovereign independent nations of the world …like Syria,Iraq, libya, Yemen etc etc …to support proxy armies of terrorist jihadist overthrow the elected leaders …of those countries who have any relationship with Russia…or China…..and refuse to turn over control of their economic , political , and military to Anglo White Supremacist racist …who consider themselves so superior and exceptional…that only they are entitled to own the world …and all the money and power that comes with it!

      To this end…. The U.S has as a Tool of War…used a classic organized crime family tactic of the 1930;s …in which mobsters would advise the owners of legitimate businesses…that their were dangerous gangs in their neighborhood ..who could threaten the operations of their business. ..and their families! They then ….advised these business owners …that the mob could protect them …and all they needed to do ..was pay tribute and allegiance to these mobsters!
      When they refused to comply with turning over their businesses ..and pledge allegiance to the Mob….the were bombed!

      They would then return to the owners, and after demonstrating there were …peoplle who could harm them ….and again ask …for there allegiance and control

      This was called in 1930 …in New York and Chicago …the Black Hand!
      That is the foreign policy of the United States …in Europe and the Middle East and around the world!

      And in the unlikely event …they decide to come to the aid of the Orthodox Christians…if will be at a price to call off …their dogs….in order to further occupy them with U.S. troops …and make them part of the Protection Racket…of Nato domination of the governments of Europe!

      While …Russia is prepared to come to the aid of the Serbs…it will be at the price ..of giving the U.S …another narrative …that they are invading Serbia , not to stop crimes against humanity …but to gain control ! This is why …they hate Russia…because they are obstructing their foreign policies of Global domination and regime changes….since, Russia legally was invited to assist the people of Syria …in defeating the same sunni muslim religious fanatics who are operating in Kosovo.

      For the first time, since, the beginning of the invasion by the Sunni Muslim jihadist armies in Syria and sponsored and supported by the same Anglo white supremacist in our government, the Royal families of Saudi Arabia and England…and the Apartheid State of Israel….but now liberated by Orthodox dominant Russia ….in the center of the cities of Aleppo and Damascus… Christmas treaties almost as big as those at Rockafeller Center have been raised…and the Orthodox Christians of Syria…celebrated in their streets Christmas!

      The enemy of the Islamic terrorist in Syria and Kosovo… are not the U.S and Nato…but Russia! The enemy of the country who fought and defeated ISIS and Al Queda operatives in Syria ….is none other than the United States of America!

      Therefore…is is very dangerous allow the attrocities in Kosovo …to be used again to interject not liberators …but occupiers…who will never leave!

      The world is in great danger…since, I now believe our government has been completely overtaken Freaks, and Degnerate Sadist…who are ideologically unable to even care about the consequences of their actions!
      More importanly,…it is so systemic…that we are impotent to stop them …and with the absolutely despicable mainstream media white supremacist collaborators…..have blinded the American public of their crimes against humanity!

      Do you really beleive …a society that kill 31/2 million asians in Vietnam …and another 3 to 4 million people ..when you combine Yugoslavia and all the wars in the Middle East and it is estimated is currently dropping one bomb every 12 minutes of the day …on some country of the world …cares about the people and Christians of Kosovo or the Middle East!

      Supprt Russia …and let TNH …and your media outlets know …you know …what they should be held accountable for …War Crimes, Crimes against Humanity, gand Crimes against Peace….and for your information …all the charges against the German Nazi leaders …who were indicted and sentenced to hanging!

  3. Michael, This is a disgrace and Christians everywhere should be in an uproar!! How much abuse must the Serbs endure? They sided with the west during WWII and suffered heavy casualties and this is their reward! Shameful !!

  4. The Srebrenica genocide was directed by Greek KYP agents Spyrus Djanopoulos, Dimitrus Zavitsanos, and Haralabus Dimulas. In 1182 Greeks massacred sixty thousand Istanbul Catholics, selling the remainder to their Turkish sultan. On Jan 1 1920 US Adm Mark Bristol judged the Greeks with the initial provocative August 18 1919 genocide of Smyrna cabled to the NY Times on Nov 26 (NYT Jan 3 1920 pg 10, Aug 19, 1919 pg 18). That is why the Greeks made Cosmus Aitrellus their patron of genocide.

    1. Charlie if Greece committed these genocides we would be 100,000,000 today. Instead we are a small fraction of that number. I’m not saying the Greeks didn’t commit atrocities but not as harsh as your implying. I think your confusing us with the Turks and other muslims in the balkans.

    2. Hey Charlie… U.S adm Mark Bristol…”Judged”….the Greeks with the initial provocatins …to the NEW YORK TIMES! …
      What an endorsement to your arguments…did I tell you that another U.S Admiral ….sent a cable to the N.Y. Times … and judged and told them to print …that North Vietnamese Gun ships had attacked U.S naval ships to the Gulf of Tonkin in Vietnam …which was a complete lie…and only used as a pretext to begin and expand the Vietnam war to bombing the civilians of North Vietnam …and the rest is history!

      Or how about the admirals and intelligence officers who cabled the New York Times to print that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction…which was a lie…but served the purpose to suggest …the invasion and killing of 600,000 Iraqi/s

      And let me help you on Sebrencha..if what you say was true…then those agents were not working in behalf of the Yugoslavian government, but the U.S led Nato alliance!
      It was the protocal for all these civil wars …for the C.I.A to forment unrest and incite hostilities between the citizens of Yugoslavia …by commiting attacks on each side of the waring parties to frame the governments fo the targeted counties to be overthrown!

      Sorry, the genocide game …was adopted by Hillary Clinton from her husband Willy in his use in Yugoslavia …against the leader of Libya…who she accused of commiting genocide against the Jihadist procy armies of saudi arabia and the U.S…… and was a lie…but served the purpose to bomb and destroy ….the people of libya and their country …if you haven;t notced!

      Just go and sign that petition…the previous poster advised you about …and send a copy to Vlad…and ask him …when is he going to throw Nato out of Europe!

    3. 1182? I always knew those finger wagging yiayias were capable of genocide. Or as HMP would say “As menacing as any Turk.” Heck, they TAUGHT the Turks. This is the curse that began when the arabated Justinian spread plague by closing universities, but Dumquafles praises him for inventing urban weapons control.

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