TDS is One Thing, but Violating Federal Law is Another

FILE - President Donald Trump speaks to the media as he leaves the White House, Thursday Jan. 10, 2019, in Washington, en route for a trip to the border in Texas as the government shutdown continues. (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)

TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome) is nothing new in presidential politics. That if President Trump found a cure for paralysis his obsessive haters would complain that he put wheelchair companies out of business is par for the course. A different group of haters would have said the same thing about Presidents Obama, Bush, Clinton – going back even as far as George Washington. After all, none other than Thomas Jefferson said of Washington: “he’s destroying our country!”

It is such a shame …

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  1. Mr. Scaros… you are correct in your premise ….that all president are subject to Trump Derangement Syndrome…which is to basically…demean and discredit an elected President not representing the interests of those opposing him for personal gain or political gain and power!

    He is being called a racist and bigot for enforcing the laws of the land …in attempting to obstruct an army of migrants from Latin America….who are considered illegal …by building a wall on the borders of Mexico!

    However…while enforcing laws to secure the peace and security of the American people by Donald Trump , and opposed by members of our Congress and government by rants of impeachment of Donald Trump …and support the violation of our laws on legal entry into the U.S… should admit…that these are the same people …who supported the violations of current and former Presidents of the U.S military and government to break all international laws relating to illegally waging war on the independent sovereign nations of the world …and in particular the Middle East!

    The United States and members of the NATO military alliance and with a veto power in the UN Security Council to protect themselves from condemnation, have repeatedly attacked other countries.

    This is illegal. For the UN Charter of 1945, Article 2 (4), clearly states:

    All Members shall refrain in their international relations from the threat or use of force..

    The Charter only allows the use of force if an attacked state defends itself or if the United Nations Security Council has approved the military strike. In all other cases, the UN prohibits war. Terrorist attacks are always prohibited.

    The UN Charter prohibits wars of aggression. President Bill Clinton for bombing Serbia in 1999 without a mandate from the UN; that President George Bush Jr.attacked Iraq in 2003, again without a mandate from the UN; that President Barack Obama bombed Syria in 2014; and that now Trump, the new president, violates international law.

    “Our country has had four war criminal presidents in succession,” said Dr. Craig Roberts , former head of the Department of Treasury under Ronald Reagan!

    “Trump attacked Syria with US forces, thereby becoming a war criminal early in his regime,” were the clear words from Roberts.

    Two days before the attack on Syria, US Ambassador Nikki Haley announced the illegal military unilateral action with reference to an unsolved poison gas attack in Khan Sheikhun on April 4, 2017:

    “When the United Nations consistently fails in its duty to act collectively, there are times in the life of states that we are compelled to take our own action,” she warned .

    But none of the 193 UN member states, including the US democracy, has this right to start a war of aggression. Whoever is behind the dastardly use of poison gas: This crime does not justify a breach of international law by the United States, and must be solved.

    Too recent are the war lies of President George Bush Jr., who justified his illegal war of aggression on Iraq in 2003 with reference to weapons of mass destruction.

    What Nicki Haley reflected ..was the arrogance of Anglo White Supremacist Racist ..who beleive they are so exceptional a culture….that the are entitled to attack and commit war crimes bombing and murder of the foreign sovereign nations of the world …in violation of International laws of war …agreed to 193 member states of the United States!

    What she reflected … that they would take any action against any people of the or not! Domestic and International laws of conduct …mean nothing to the Aristocrates who own our government….to rule the world!

    None of these Congressman and media collaborators …..who condemn Donald Trump ..for enforcing the laws of the United States by building a wall…and forcing a shutdown of our government ….condemned Bill Clinton, George Bush Jr. Barack Obama …or even Donald Trump for their War Crimes in bombing, invading, and occupying foreign countries in violation of International laws…and more importantly , the laws of our God!

    So , Mr. Scaros…while you accurately make the case that Donald Trump ….the target of a political secret society of Anglo White Supremacist racist in our government and media….to demean and discredit Donald Trump …no matter what he does…to maintain their grip of our government …you fail to recognize….that the corrupt Republican and Democratic members of our government and media…..are Anglo White Supremacist Racist …who have never respected the laws of our country or any International laws…which obstructed their interests …and not those of mankind!

    Today, Mr. Scaros….our democracy has denigrated to a media shower of illusions and deceit ..which merely …attempts to make the enemies of these secret society of White Supremacist…who have hijacked our country…..the enemies of America and the rest of the world!

    Donald Trump …is an enemy…because he threatens their control of America .for the last 220 years …which includes economic , political , and military control!…

    And that is why …the foreign policy of regime change …criminally in violation of all International laws …which have been imposed in the Middle East , Ukraine, etc etc…to assasinate or overthrow the leaders of sovereign nations… now directed toward Donald Trump…by these degenerates!

    Unfortunately….I now beleive …they have such systematic control …that we in America are impotent to stop them ….and the damage may be irreparable ….and consequently…the country who is also on regime change plan… Russia …and now you understand , why, they have been the subject of media hysteria to make them enemies of America….will have no choice but to stop them and unfortunately, our society!

  2. The “Wall” is symptomatic of a far greater danger. The man is not well. We are a nation of laws, like it or not, like the laws or not. But he has said he could shoot someone on the streets of NYC and get away with it. He has attacked the press. He has called for the jailing of his political opponents. He has called a judge, overseeing a case involving a business interest of his, unfit for the judiciary because of his Mexican heritage. He attacked the judiciary to the extent that it provoked a rebuke by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court in defense of the American judiciary, such comments being extraordinarily rare by a chief justice in this country. He has said he doesn’t know why he can’t run for a third term. He has said his core followers would revolt if he was removed from office. Regardless of how one interprets the Constitution, every one of those comments is extraordinary. Every one of those comments is reminiscent of that mustachioed fellow from the 1930s. Every one of those comments can be found in the political dialogue common to some countries in South America and Africa. Every one of those comments should cause sleepless nights. Every one of those comments is a direct threat to life as we know it in this country. The only question left to ask is: who is to be more feared, the President or those who follow him and allow him to act as he does?

    1. Repanidi, as with all presidents, there are those who think Donald Trump can do no wrong, and those who think Donald Trump can do no right. I do not belong in either camp.

      As to your points, for the sake of brevity I won’t address them all, but I’ll give a couple of examples, because I think context is important.

      When you say he has “attacked the press,” that is certainly true. I cannot recall a president more openly anti-press than Trump, and surely none since Nixon. But his attacks are criticisms that, in my view are, for the most part, well-founded.

      I often “attack the press” too in my columns. Importantly, heavy criticism of the press does not mean that freedom of the press should be eliminated. I certainly have not called for such a thing. I often rail against the press in general and identify certain media outlets as being an embarrassment to what used to be good journalism in America. The current versions of the New York Times and Washington Post are prime examples. But I never said there ought to be a law banning them from being able to practice their shameful approaches to reporting. And neither has President Trump. In stark contrast, President John Adams actually practiced a policy of jailing newspaper editors who politically opposed him. President Wilson also went too far in prohibiting any anti-war articles during World War I. Compared to them, Trump is a harmless pussycat.

      You also raise Trump’s call for the “jailing of his political opponents.” Those unfamiliar with these issues in detail would think that he has called for some who oppose him to be put in jail BECAUSE they oppose him. That is certainly not the case. I believe you are referring to the “lock her up” sentiment toward Hillary Clinton. In that case, his opinion, whether warranted or not, had to do with his characterization of her compromising national security by her careless (or even reckless) treatment of classified information. Again, whether or not his charges are plausible, the point is he called for her to be “locked up” because in his view, she broke the law, not because she didn’t have a legal right to oppose him politically.

      Also, your mention of Trump’s comments that he said a particular judge was unfit for the judiciary BECAUSE he was of Mexican heritage would lead someone to believe that Trump thinks no Mexican can be a good judge in the United States. Actually, Trump was referring to a particular judge of Mexican heritage who had ties (contributions) to a Mexican-rooted activist organization seeking to secure rights for Persons Here Illegally (PHIs), and Trump’s point was that he didn’t think that judge would be impartial toward his hard-line stance toward PHIs. Again, whether or not that is really the case (regarding that judge’s partiality) is one thing; but it’s not as if he said Mexicans inherently lack the ability to be impartial judges.

      Please note: this is not a blanket defense of President Trump. I criticize him for a number of things. Most recently, I was disappointed that Defense Secretary Mattis resigned. I am surely not an insider so I don’t know what went on behind closed doors, but I would presume that the president could have tried harder to cultivate that working relationship, because of all his Cabinet members, I think Mattis was the biggest superstar – and I can only hope his replacement will be at least almost as good, if not completely as good.

      I think the best assessment of any president begins with more precise facts. I first jumped on Trump’s bandwagon long before I knew his positions on certain issues, because I defended him against the contextually-challenged accusation that he “called Mexicans ‘rapists’ and ‘thugs.'” And because I have probably already violated my intent to remain brief here, I won’t go into details on that one again – though I’ve written about it numerous times.

    2. Mr. Scaros…you have spared the readers of TNH… from a long post by me. by providing and highlighting, what I consider indictable misrepresentations and distortions by the mainstream media…in collaboration with the Secret Society of Anglo White Supremacist who have filled every department of our government with corrupt and payed off operatives to full fill their Global Agenda of taking over the sovereignty of the independent countries of the world Russia …and what we have blatantly witnessed in the Middle East and Europe!

      Repanidi …is just one of many victims of the media brainwashing campaign …who continue to spit out …. verbatims by Donald Trump …which …when not distorted by the ruling communications network and corrupt politicians for their political interests…. are clearly accurate and dismiss the new Political Correct narrative ..;to suggest racism , Treason , or degenerate behavior! You could not have done a better job , Mr. Scaros …of taking the time to highlight , as you did, exactly what those distortions were!

      The truth is Mr. Scaros…Donald Trump…merely represents the best of a bad and corrupt government…nothing more!

      He was elected President because the populace wanted to eliminate this scum from our country …who have blatantly and without obstruction…due to the media..enforced a Global foreign policy…which only a totalitarian government …funded by white supremacist religious extremist …who make up the Anglo Evangelical Extremist wing of an alliance ..and are represented by England , Canada , and Australia…all the off spring of the kings of class and white supremacy …Britain …and colonial war criminal!

      There allies in this crusade …are the Royal Family of Saudi Arabia …and the Jewish religious extremist in the political lobbyists of America …and Israel!

      They are called different names…Fascist, white supremacist, Communist , robber barons, Banksters ….but based on recent history…. full blown Terrorist…who are no different than their proxy armies called ISIS , Al Queda , and the other Sunni Muslim religious mercenaries fighting to overthrow the governments of the world …to cut out more than a caliphate in the MIddle East …but the entire world!

      Mr. Scaros… as my first post states… Repani and his anti -Trump supporters have never condemned Donald Trump …for the war crimes bombing of Syria..which violated all International laws …or the illegal occupations in Syria with Britain , Turkey, and French forces who have done nothing in Syria ..but attempt to protect their armies of religious and cultural racist!

      Repanidi….. and his anti-trump supporters …had no problem with him …when he criminally tore up an international agreement with Iran preserve the peace of the world …on behalf of the Jewish lobby and Israel! He did not have a problem with …Donald Trump in tearing up an International agreement to forbid the injection of Intermediate Nuclear Balllistic missiles in Europe ….by both the United States and Russia…which now assures the world …that the U.S will place these weapons in their Nato vassal countries …which are directed against Russia ….and will force Russsia …to deploy their version of these weapons which will put a bulleye on the Nato countries of Europe….like Greece!

      AS far as John Mad Dog Mattis …this guy ..lied on stage in FYROM …publically selling his anti Russian Narrative …that Russia was meddling in the affairs of FYROM …and following up on his success with the Traitor and stooge …Alexis Tsipras…to make Russia an enemy of Greece!
      However…the President of FYROM …publically and on that same stage …exposed him and the U.S government as liars….by stating …FYROM has a friendly relationship with Russia …and their is no evidence of any meddling by Russian officials!

      They call him” Mad Dog”….not ” Man of Peace” for a reason! He is a traitor and stooge of the ruling white supremacist and Neo Cons …who will , with Repanidi Donald Trump …if only he complies with the ruling class of degenerates in our governmnt to continue endless wars …like in Syria ….and impose suffering on the people of Syria…and the rest of the world!

      That is the Reality Mr. Scaros…and why both you and I …must reserve judgement of Donald Trump …on a case by case basis!

      However, the good News ..former Iraq verteran and democratic Congesswomen Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii ….has announced she is going to run for President of the United states…and to those who do not know Tulsi…she is a great American …who hate Donald Trump , as much as …she Hate Hillary Clinton and her democratic ruling party!
      Unless …the white supremacist rulers of the Republican Neo Cons and fascist and the Democratic Communist members…can stop her ..she will be now or in the future the first women President of the United States.

      More importantly….her message will tell the truth….about the war crimes of the leadership of our country…and inform what is the only important issue for America today….WAR AND PEACE! What a challenge for the corrupt media and Donald Trump!….

    3. Mr. Scaros, thank you for an informative and cogent reply. You deal in black and white facts. Donald Trump takes such facts and, master manipulator that he is, molds them to his use. Let’s take the “lock her up” chant. He knows very well the factual history, and, probably, so do some, if not many, of his followers. But when he starts that chant he starts it for a very different reason than as a reaction to any alleged crime/misconduct by Hillary Clinton. He uses that chant to stir up the crowd, to let them get caught up in the moment. He uses the darker instincts of people to achieve his goals. He is a fear monger of the first order and he ought to be recognized as that regardless of the facts some of his actions are based on.

  3. Repanidi, your points are well-taken. I wouldn’t be surprised if Trump has studied the techniques of some of the world’s master manipulators, including Hitler, and has consciously adopted their styles.

    That said, I’m not worried about the Trump-Hitler comparisons beyond that, for various reasons. First, I don’t think Trump is a monster like Hitler. I don’t think if Trump had absolute power he would incinerate those he didn’t like. He wouldn’t put Nancy Pelosi in a gas chamber even if he had the auithority to do so. Even more importantly, in the United States, the president is not a king or an emperor. To illustrate, let’s consider a president you may admire: shall we day, George Washington? Abraham Lincoln? John F. Kennedy? Barack Obama? Or maybe someone I left out. Well, whoever that president might be, he is (or was) after all, just a human being, whose sanity and lucidity could snap at any point, rendering him a madman. Thankfully, we have a system whereby our president really DOESN’T “have his finger on the nuclear button.” If the president goes bonkers, his generals stop listening to him. We basically came to that brink during the last days of Watergate, when Nixon’s generals said “if he asks us to go to war now, we won’t take orders from him.”

    Also, consider this: if a house is on fire, all I care about is the result (extinguishing the fire), not the firefighter’s motive (perhaps he couldn’t care less about the house or its inhabitants, but he thinks putting out the fire will get him personal glory).

    Finally, Repanidi, thank you as well for a civil exchange of ideas! I wish everyone was as cordial in discussions.

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