Tomos of Autocephaly Officially Given to Ukrainian Church by Patriarch Bartholomew

Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I, center, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko, left, and Metropolitan Epiphanius, the head of the independent Ukrainian Orthodox Church pose for a photo during their meeting to sign "Tomos" decree of autocephaly for Ukrainian church at the Patriarchal Church of St. George in Istanbul, Saturday, Jan. 5, 2019. The Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople has signed a decree of independence for the Orthodox Church of Ukraine. (AP Photo/Emrah Gurel)

CONSTANTINOPLE – During a moving and historic special ceremony at the Patriarchal Church of St. George in the Phanar Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew signed and presented the Tomos-decree granting autocephaly to the Ukrainian Orthodox Church.

By granting the Tomos the Ecumenical Patriarchate ended centuries-old Russian religious control in Ukraine.

The services in the Phanar district of Constantinople were attended by His Beatitude Epiphanios, the Metropolitan of Kiev and of all Ukraine, the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko and his family, hierarchs and clergy, a multitude of Ukrainian state and government officials, and officials and media representatives from all over the world.

Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew in his official speech immediately after the reading of the Tomos by Archimandrite Joachim, Chief Secretary of the Holy Synod, declared that “The pious Ukrainian people have awaited this blessed day for seven entire centuries,” adding, “and, behold, the fullness of time has come for them, too, just as it came for so many Orthodox peoples beforehand, to enjoy the sacred gift of emancipation, independence and self-governance, becoming free from every external reliance and intervention, which have not always been nurturing and respectful of their own identity.”

Bartholomew noted that the new autocephalous church takes its place “in the choir of the other fourteen sister Churches that comprise ‘the whole institution’ of our Holy Orthodox Church.”

The Tomos was handed over to the head of the new Ukrainian Church, Metropolitan Epiphanios on Sunday of Epiphany January 6, completing two days of services and ceremonies.

Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I, center left, and Metropolitan Epiphanius, the head of the independent Ukrainian Orthodox Church bless men during the Epiphany ceremony in Istanbul, Sunday, Jan. 6, 2019. The Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople on Sunday presented a decree of independence to the head of the nascent Orthodox Church of Ukraine, formally severing it from the Russian Orthodox Church. (AP Photo/Lefteris Pitarakis)

President Poroshenko thanked Patriarch Bartholomew “for the courage to make this historic decision” and said it was “a great day” for Ukrainians. He added that “among the 15 stars of the Orthodox churches of the world a Ukrainian star has appeared,” referring to the updated number of churches that comprise the entire Orthodox Church throughout the World.

“Dear Ukrainians, this is a historic event! This is a great day!” Poroshenko said as he thanked the Patriarch.
“Once more, words of great gratitude in the name of the Ukrainian people, in the name of our nation to Your Holiness… It took us a very long time to get here.”

“It is a great honor for me to visit Istanbul, where a long-awaited event will take place tomorrow,” Poroshenko wrote on Facebook, prior to the official handover of the decree.

Poroshenko predicted that the move will open a “new era in Orthodox history.”
“We pray for peace and unity,” he added.

Patriarch Bartholomew announced the decision to recognize Ukraine’s request for an autocephalous church in October, 2018.
Last month, Ukrainian Orthodox leaders approved the creation of a new, unified church, splitting from the Moscow Patriarchate, and elected Metropolitan Epiphanios to lead it.

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko, who has campaigned for the creation of the new church, met with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan before the ceremony.

Meanwhile, Vladimir Legoida, a Russian Orthodox Church spokesman, denounced the Tomos of Autocephaly as “a document that is the result of irrepressible political and personal ambitions.”

In a statement he said that the Tomos had been “signed in violation of the canons and therefore does not possess any canonical force.”
A spokesman for the churches in Ukraine still affiliated with Russia, Vasily Anisimov, said, “We consider these actions to be anti-canonical…This action will not bring anything to Ukraine except trouble, separation and sin,” according to Russian state news agency RIA-Novosti.

Regina Elsner, a research fellow at the Centre for East European and International Studies in Berlin, said recognition of the Ukrainian church’s independence was only the “first step on a long road…We will have to see which Ukrainian bishops will join the new church and which other Orthodox churches will recognize it.”

TNH has learned that Metropolitan Savas of Poland has signaled that he is not going to recognize the Autocephalous Ukrainian Church, as well as Patriarch Ioannis of Antioch who is under the influence of Patriarchate of Moscow. Archbishop Ieronymos of Athens and All Greece stated that the Synod of the entire hierarchy of Greece will make a decision about the recognition of the new autocephalous church. Sources told The National Herald that Archbishop Ieronymos wants to do it in an official manner.

After the Tomos of Autocephaly ceremony Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew and the prelate of the new Autocephalous Ukraine Church, Metropolitan Epiphanios of Kiev, concelebrated the services of Theophany and the blessing of the waters at Keratios Bay near the Phanar in Constantinople.

(Note: With information from the Ecumenical Patriarchate and Associated Press)


  1. Moving and historic? The Ecumenical Patriarch just took a big dump on the rest of world Orthodoxy and gave a Tomos to a right wing Neo-Nazi coup government for. $50,000,000 bribe. Nice touch when the Ukrainian nationalists started Ukraine’s WWII chant from their Nazi collaboration in the Pattiarchial Cathedral. Not a single one of the other 14 Orthodox Churches have recognized the Frankenstein Church he has created and many have expressly rejected it. After 15 centuries of the EP being known as the first among equals, this preening Pope-wanna-be has started calling himself the first without equal. This whole disaster is a moving as a bowel movement that won’t stay down when you flush it.

    1. The amount actually paid must be higher than 50 million Drachma since the Forbes where this sum I suppose comes from usually reduces the real value of the bribe to shorten the tax.
      As to the list of defeats suffered by the Empire it is very modestly represented in the comments. I would have enlarged the list with such countries as Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, GDR, Czechoslovakia, Romania, Bulgaria, Slovenia, etc (see members of NATO and EU), South Korea…
      As to the war in Afghanistan see the quotation from the General Gromov’s interview :
      “I considered and I think today that we turned upside down the anthill which is called today international terrorism not only in Afghanistan itself but in the whole region”,

  2. Autocephaly is the result of Russia’s aggression against Ukraine. This must be clearly understood and acknowledged: There is no turning back.

    1. No single autocephalous church recognizes this Fake church. Not

      And contrary to the articles speculation
      The church of greece will not either.
      The reasons are this was done in
      Violation of the canons and is a
      Strictly political action and nothing

      Ukrainian president poroshenko
      Instigated this for secular reasons.
      Joe Biden and mike Pompeo who
      Are not even orthodox have endorsed
      This autocephaly.

      What business do non orthodox have
      Endorsing the breakup of a local
      Orthodox Church? Two thirds of
      Ukrainians are content to remain
      Under the legitimate bishop
      Metropolitan onuphry.

      This is a politically partisan action and
      Is not in any way religious or spiritual.

      The irony is that the big loser in The long
      Term is the ecumenical patriarchate who
      Has spread alarm all over the orthodox

      The fake autocephaly has brought
      Together two schismatic factions
      And that is it. The canonical church
      Remains firmly and with the consent of
      Its bishops and faithful under moscow.

      A reality check is in order. The orthodox
      Church is conciliar and has no papal
      Style dictatorship. There is now an
      Attack on the process of conciliarity
      By the phanar.

    2. Johnie you are not very bright if you can’t see how far this goes from Orthodox tradition and canonical practice. The EP signed and delivered the Tomos, and Ukraine’s culture minister ordered it sent back and for every member of the Constantinople to also sign it. Since when does a government bureaucrat tell a Church how to issue its documents? Proof this is all about politics and not the Church of Jesus Christ.

      The only thing from which there is no turning back is that Bartholomew has, by his papal pretensions, throw away forever the claim to a primacy of honor among the world’s canonical Orthodox Churches. ANAXIOS Bartholomew.

  3. Hey ,,,Johnie …. aren’t you the same guy who alleged corruption by Archbishop Demetrios and the North American Diocese….which , makes one concliude ….that maybe …you really are a state department troll continue the war on the Orthodox Church…and divide it! We now know …that the Orthodox Church is an enemy of the Anglo White Supremacist racist now running Washington, London , and Tel Aviv because like the Muslim faithful …they represent a threat to your fascist plans to take over the soveriegny of the world ! And Russia … is the evil empire …that destroyed your Proxy armies of religious jihadist in Syria…to prevent another Government overthrow of Syria! Johnie and your freaks in the Stated department and Congress are done… lost in Vietnam , Afganistan, Iraq, now Syria ..and your going to lose in Yemen , and Iran! More importanlty….your days with Nato are numbered…and this attrocity by Bartholomew and his Neo Nazi fascist from the Ukraine and Mike Pompeio and John Bolton …the guy who apparently …wants to look like Adolph Hitler are numbered….is just another nail in your coffin exposing the demented foreign policy of crimes against peace and humanity!

    Bartholomew …has only destroyed the face of our church, and himself, and does not have any chance to destroy the heart of the original church of Christ!

    He has exposed ..what the Nato group of countries really represent…which are installed slaves to promote the interests of the richest Anglo White supremacist in the world and their allies … control the independent countries of the world!!

    They have exposed their despicable foreign policy plans to provoke wars and destruction of the world …by blatantly…. trying to make the enemies of these degenerates in Washington …the enemies of the world …and include anybody …like Russia …who is very capable of defending her sovereignty!

    But Johnie ….how do we define degenerates like you and your masters….who serve the devil !

    Bartholomew self-serving decision it serves to weaken the Russian Orthodox Church and strengthen the almost irrelevant Church in Constantinople that has long been under the sway of the NATO powers and serves their interests. It also is designed to destroy the Ukrainian Orthodox Church and force people to join this new church.

    This has wider dimensions since Russian allies, Serbia and Belarus, already have backed the Moscow Patriarchate and condemned the granting of autocephaly to the Orthodox Church of Ukraine.

    The split in the church may have other and more violent consequences arising from disputes over holy sites as several of Ukraine’s most holy sites and churches will be claimed by both the Russian and established Ukrainian churches and this upstart church. The Kiev Patriarchate has already laid claim to the famous 11th century Kiev Monastery of the Caves and the Holy Dormition Monastery in Pochayiv. Both sites are now controlled by the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate and could face protests and vandalism.

    Poroshenko has said,

    “If you see people who call for seizing Lavra or a monastery or church by force, you should know that they are Moscow’s agents. The Kremlin’s goal is to ignite a religious war in Ukraine.”

    Vadym Novinskyi, an opposition bloc member of parliament, predicted a “civil war and clashes over property “in every village and every town.”

    Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov stated,

    “If the developments spiral into abusive practices, of course, Russia will protect Orthodox Christians’ interests, just like Russia protects the interests of ethnic Russians and the Russian-speaking population everywhere.”

    There have already been reports of problems over the Christmas period.

    , On December 9, 2018, the Ukrainian authorities prevented the incumbent head of the Donetsk and Marioupol Eparchy of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church Metropolitan Hilarion from crossing the disengagement line through the Novotroitskoye checkpoint to attend a scheduled prayer meeting”.

    On December 26th Patriarch Kiril of Moscow and All Russia stated,

    “that the creation of a new autocephalous church in Ukraine and the persecution of the canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church (UOC) could have dangerous consequences for the whole world.”

    Already priests in Ukraine face persecution arising out of this development. Over the past few weeks, Ukraine’s Security Service, the SBU, has conducted searches in the Ovruch diocese in Ukraine’s Zhitomir Region. This resulted in 20 clerics of the UOC’s Rovno and Sarny dioceses being summoned for questioning. Searches were also conducted in the apartment of Metropolitan Paul, Abbot of Kiev Pechersk Lavra. According to the SBU, these police actions were part of a criminal case on inciting inter-confessional strife opened against him, but no doubt are meant to harass and intimidate. Some already face criminal charges.

    The tensions being stoked within the Church and the broader society by Poroshenko and the NATO intelligence services will no doubt be used as fuel for the fire as Kiev ratchets up its military actions against the peoples of east Ukraine in the Donbass republics and can lead not only to arrests and detentions of religious leaders and their supporters but also assassinations of those opposing their maneuvers, for on top of all the other problems faced by Ukrainians has been placed the bloody thorn of religious persecution, a Christmas gift from NATO.

    So Johnie …keep following the state department scripts and propaganda …to claim Russia Agression against the Ukraine has cause this….which …includes a false invasion claim …since, anybody with a Brain knows…if Russia actually invaded the Ukraine …it would be within one hour …part of Russia already…and the hoods of Nato .and the U.S ….would be commiting suicide to attack Russia…and The Russian Orthodox Church …which I now consider to be the New head of the Orthodox Church…not the now acknowledged gorvernor of Constatinople …Bartholomew!

    in the end….all the U.S/ has done…is provide Putin with the legitimacy to do what we did in libya, Yugoslavia, etc etc….provide the pretext to much into the Ukraine …and drag Poreshenko out into the streets …and punish him for his crimes against the people of the Ukraine …for his persecution of Ortjhodox Christians….and this is what you should take from Vlad ….and Russia as follows:

    “If the developments spiral into abusive practices, of course, Russia will protect Orthodox Christians’ interests, just like Russia protects the interests of ethnic Russians and the Russian-speaking population everywhere.”

    So long , good bye …the Glory of Nazi Ukraine, and Mr. Porshenko ….and you know ,,,the Russians know Nazi’s when they see them …and unless you have a scoop …that the Ukraine has a better army …than nazi Germany …..then Johnie ….you,and the rest of the degenetes …just gave Vlad a gift!

    I just love this guy! and so do the Orthodox Christians of Syria …whio he protected !

  4. I am opposed to Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew’s decision.

    However, based on previous comment pages, I am sure that at least one of our anti-Bartholomew commenters will not be satisfied with those words. Oh well…

    1. Dear Holy Russia Jock Sniffers,

      Here’s what Holy Russia and its Intelligence Officer Patriarchate is up to these days.

      Below are some observations on the new generation of advanced weapons now being deployed by Russia, and their strategic significance:

      Deploying a New Generation of Advanced Weapons

      1. Russia has begun to deploy a new generation of advanced strategic weapons. The development and deployment of these new weapons systems have been a top priority of Russian President Vladimir Putin and his government for several years. According to Russian government spokesmen and military analysts, these new weapons are intended to give Russia an asymmetric strategic advantage over its potential adversaries, particularly the US, China, and Western Europe. The new Russian weapons emphasize such technologies as nuclear propulsion systems, miniaturized nuclear reactors, and extreme maneuverability at hypersonic speeds. They are clearly intended to be offensive weapons of potentially enormous lethality.

      2. The Russian government made significant announcements about the new weapons systems on three major occasions in 2018. The first was during Putin’s annual address to the Russian parliament on March 1, 2018. The second occasion was the release by the Russian Defense Ministry of video footage of several of the new weapon systems, on July 19. The third occasion was the highly publicized test launch of one of the new systems, the Avangard, on December 26. Putin presided over the launch. In addition, Russian defense experts have discussed the new systems in considerable detail in the local press.

      The Avangard Hypersonic Delivery System

      3. The Avangard is one of the most important new weapon systems under development in Russia today. It is intended to change the strategic balance of power decisively in Russia’s favor by rendering obsolete the missile defense systems now deployed by the other nuclear powers. The Avangard consists of an unmanned hypersonic glide vehicle capable of carrying nuclear warheads. It is designed to be launched atop an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM).

      4. After reaching an altitude of 100,000 feet, the Avangard separates from the ICBM and then glides toward its target, while maneuvering along an irregular, unpredictable flight path. During this phase of deployment it can reach a maximum speed of Mach 27, or 20,716 miles per hour. The hypersonic vehicle’s maneuverability distinguishes it from ballistic missiles, which fly along predictable, parabolic trajectories. Hypersonic vehicles fly at velocities of Mach 5 or higher. Today’s jet fighters fly at velocities of Mach 2 or 3. Mach 1 is equivalent to the speed of sound, or 767 miles per hour.

      5. The combination of the Avangard’s extreme velocity and irregular trajectory make it essentially invulnerable to the missile defense systems now in use, according to military analysts. A test launch of the Avangard was conducted at the Dombarovskiy Russian missile base in the southern Ural Mountains on December 26th. It reportedly hit a target in the Kura missile test range in the Kamchatka Peninsula, some 3700 miles to the east. Moscow plans to deploy the Avangard in the Russian strategic rocket forces, beginning in 2019.

      The Burevestnik Nuclear-Powered Cruise Missile

      6. The second new strategic weapon system in Moscow’s arsenal is the Burevestnik, a nuclear-powered cruise missile. The missile reportedly utilizes a miniaturized onboard reactor to power its propulsion system. Instead of burning solid or liquid rocket fuel, the Burevestnik’s engine heats compressed air with thermal energy generated by nuclear fission. Due to the nature of its propulsion system, the missile’s range is theoretically unlimited. In principle, it can loiter over a potential battlefield indefinitely.

      7. The Burevestnik is built to carry nuclear warheads. In the event of war, it is designed to serve as either a first or second strike weapons system. Since the Burevestnik is a cruise missile, it is highly maneuverable and can fly at very low altitudes. Like the Avangard, it is capable of traveling at hypersonic speeds. This combination of extreme speed and maneuverability should allow the new missile to evade conventional missile defense systems. As a nuclear-powered cruise missile, the Burevestnik will probably leave a trail of radioactive exhaust in its wake, potentially contaminating any territory over which it might fly. Rather than a design flaw, this aspect of the Burevestnik may be part and parcel of its planned destructive capability.

      The Poseidon Nuclear Torpedo

      8. Yet another of the new Russian weapons systems is the Poseidon, an advanced underwater drone capable of carry nuclear warheads. It is essentially the underwater equivalent of the Burevestnik. The drone is powered by a miniaturized nuclear reactor, which drives a propulsion unit consisting of a steam turbine. Its nuclear propulsion system reportedly gives the Poseidon an “unlimited range.” The Poseidon is intended to be extremely maneuverable and capable of traveling at high speeds, according to Russian sources. These characteristics would allow it to evade detection and penetrate underwater defense systems. The Poseidon is designed to attack large targets, such as aircraft carrier groups, coastal naval installations, and ports. Military analysts believe it could be used to generate localized tsunamis to swamp coastal cities and installations. The Russian navy has reportedly begun sea trials of this new weapon system.

      The Kinzhal Hypersonic Missile

      9. Russia’s arsenal of next-generation weapons also includes an air-launched, hypersonic anti-ship missile known as the Kinzhal (Russian for “dagger”). The Kinzhal has a maximum range of 1250 miles. It is currently deployed on MiG-31 from fighters. Its maximum velocity is Mach 10. The Kinzhal’s high velocity and very flat trajectory will permit it to penetrate most missile defense systems used by China and the Western powers. It can carry either conventional or nuclear warheads. The new weapon is based upon the Iskandr short-range ballistic missile already in use by the Russian military. The Kinzhal has reportedly been deployed in Russia’s Southern Military District.

      The Peresvet Laser

      10. Finally, Russia is developing a ground-based battlefield laser system, known as the Peresvet, that could be used to attack drones and aircraft. The first units of the Peresvet were reportedly deployed by the Russian ground forces in December 2018. Although little is known about the technical parameters of the new system, military analysts believe it may resemble the US Navy’s Laser Weapons System (LAWS), which was deployed in 2017. The Peresvet seems designed to destroy or disable both missiles and aircraft, possibly by blinding their sensors. There is speculation among military analysts that it might also be used as an anti-personnel system, intended to blind or kill troops.

      The Credibility of the New Russian Weapons Program

      11. It is still uncertain just how ready these new weapon systems are for deployment by the Russian military, let alone battlefield use. Moscow has undoubtedly exaggerated somewhat its success in developing and fielding the new systems, in order to intimidate potential opponents at a time when the Russian leadership feels itself increasingly challenged by adverse strategic trends. That said, Russia has successfully developed and deployed a number of advanced weapons systems in recent years. They include the Topol ICBM, the Iskandr and Iskandr M ballistic missiles, and the Kalibr sea-launched cruise missile, as well as the S-300 and S-400 air defense missile systems. All of these systems are currently in service. To a great degree, they form the hard technological backbone of the post-Soviet Russian military.

      Russia’s Strategic Logic

      12. On several occasions in 2018, President Putin stated one of the principle strategic goals behind the development of these new weapon systems: preventing the containment of Russia by its perceived adversaries. In his annual address to the Russian parliament on March 1, Putin defined the importance of Russia’s new generation of weaponry succinctly: “I want to tell all those who have fueled the arms race over the last 15 years, sought to win unilateral advantages over Russia, and introduced unlawful sanctions aimed to contain our country’s development: all that you wanted to impede with your policies has already happened. You have failed to contain Russia.”

      13. Western observers tend to perceive Russia as an aggressive, bellicose power. The Russians’ view of their strategic position is radically different. Moscow perceives itself as threatened from both the east and west by competitors that are far richer and more powerful than Russia. Russia is in fact far less powerful in military and economic terms than China or the United States. The Russian GDP in 2018 was an estimated $1.60 trillion, while China’s GDP was $12.5 trillion and that of the United States $20.5 trillion. Even India’s GDP, at $2.8 trillion, is nearly twice that of Russia. The reality of Russia’s economic inferiority feeds its perception of risk.

      14. Putin and his government recognize that Russia cannot hope to follow the example of the old Soviet Union in terms of global strategy. The Soviets used their vast state-controlled economy to support the largest military in the world while simultaneously seeking dominance in advanced military technologies. Moreover, the Soviet population was twice as large as the current Russian population. Under Putin, Russia lacks the human and financial resources to emulate the Soviet approach. He has therefore opted to use advanced military technology to achieve an asymmetric strategic advantage over wealthier adversaries, including the US, China, and the European powers.

      15. How has Russia, with its limited economic potential, achieved breakthroughs in military technology? Putin has done so by leveraging one of Russia’s key economic assets — the military-industrial complex inherited from the Soviet Union. Although Russia conspicuously lacks the tremendous economic dynamism present in the US, Europe, and China, it still possesses formidable defense enterprises staffed by some of the best engineers and scientists in the world. Moreover, the Russian defense sector is insulated from the global economy to a considerable degree. Its cost structure is radically different from that of Western defense industry. Even with its limited budgetary resources, Russia can therefore achieve substantial breakthroughs in selected technologies at a far lower cost than would be possible in the West.

      Toward a New Arms Race

      16. If the claims made by the Russian government for its new weapons are even half true, Russia does appear to have achieved technological breakthroughs that shift the balance of military power in its favor. For the first time since the dawn of the ICBM era, the Western powers are vulnerable to a new generation of strategic weapons, against which no defense yet exists. Moscow will use this considerable, albeit temporary advantage to buy time with which to rebuild its overall position as a great power. Inter alia, it will probably exploit this advantage to advance its expansionist, neo-imperial policies in the former Soviet Union, the eastern Mediterranean, and the Near East.

      17. Of course, Moscow’s advances in military technology will also stimulate the development of a new arms race, this time focused on the development of hypersonic, highly maneuverable missiles of various types, as well as nuclear-armed, underwater drones. The competitive development of such weapon systems by Russia and the other great powers will necessarily make the global balance of power less stable and far more fragile. This development can only be addressed by new, multilateral arms control negotiations, similar to those conducted by the US and the USSR during the Cold War.

      I hope these observations are useful to counter the anti-Western, anti-American Russian troll crowd populating these comments.

      Undisclosed Location

    2. Jason: Yes, Putin is no boy scout. I, for one, never said that he was.

      Nevertheless, have you got a war plan for the US to go with all that you have listed?

      Meanwhile, the US (and our ancestral Greece) face challenges from many other sources. If Russia is half as powerful as your information suggests, wouldn’t it wise to seek cooperation with Russia? Wouldn’t such cooperation especially be useful in containing Turkish expansionism?

      It is a strange challenge indeed that I am assuming, positioning myself between the hate-Russia posts of yours and the hate-America posts of Michael Gianakos, while you both compete to set records for the number of words entered.

  5. John, you just don’t get it do you? That’s not a hate Russia post, it’s an analysis of the threats the US faces from a very aggressive Russia. Hate is a word you introduced. The Russian state and church cannot be separately viewed. It’s one entity. Take that into account at all times.

    Greece? Without NATO (the backbone and pocketbook of which is Uncle Sam) and without the US, Greece would be a part of Russia, Turkey, and China. Your precious Greece needs to get its act together and be pro-American. The Russians will exact their revenge for Ukraine and when they do, you’ll be screaming for the US to do something.

    Please don’t compare my posts to Crazy Mike whose posts make no sense because he’s paranoid about all the AHEPA MASONS in his life. We probably need to take up a collection to help him. I appoint you Grand Treasurer of the AHEPA MASONS. Tell me where to send the check.

    1. You did not answer my question about your plan for what to do about Russia. It sounds like you want to push harder against Russia. Please give us your wish list. Maybe you will call it “war,” or maybe you will not want to use the term, I do not know.

    2. Plan for Russia, China, Islamic Jihad:




      Set boundaries and expectations and enforce the lines in the sand when they are breached. It’s a bad world with bad players. Rally the Free World under Democracy not Socialism. America, the last country on earth where there is true freedom of religion, speech, press.

      Big defense budgets, strict border controls and strict immigration controls, control of Space, Artificial Intelligence, Quantum Computing, Robotics, control of the sea and trade lanes and ports world wide.

      Traditional values, family, God, nation, service, church.

      “Only the Dead have seen the end of War”, Pericles to the Athenians

      Without that, America dies and and the world is left to really bad actors. When that happens, you will be crying in the lap of your mother/ wife/ daughter, like a baby.

      Those are all the things I’d do.

      The last big fight is over Africa. So far, Chinese and Islam are winning.

    3. Actually, a very good list.

      Those goals concerning border security, holding back China and Islam, etc, will be easier to reach if we also have decent relations with Russia.

  6. Thank you Jason. Russia’s technology, however, has traditionally has either been stolen or bluster vaporware. Unfree nations can’t compete in modern science because they shun peer review. (Even a Greece that allows cults to persecute you for blashemy is not free.) Russian science wilts if the USA cuts off bibliographic databases on which modern research thrives. Russia has no achievements in materials, propulsion, or biotechnology. Putin is the grandson of the cook Stalin had with him when he ate a third of a million Greeks in 1937 Siberia and Putin proudly links Orthodoxy and Czarism to communism.. The Greeks need to regain control of the straits and their destiny, which they lost on the rise of Russia and the slavs in the eighth century. With Georgia, Ukraine and Turkey inside the EU Bart alone can lead all the churches inside the EU. The EU bureaucracy is totally at the mercy of Greek technocrats. Greece will have rebuilt the Byzantine empire by stealth, just as it did the first time. The EU bureaucracy is totally at the mercy of Greek technocrats.

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