Metropolitan Savas of Pittsburgh Warns about the Release of Pedophile Former Archimandrite

Metropolitan Savas of Pittsburgh, who warned his faithful about the release from prison of former Archimandrite Nicholas Hughes. GANP/Dimitrios Panagos

BOSTON – Metropolitan Savas of Pittsburgh, in a letter dated December 22, 2018 to the Clergy and Parish Council members of the Metropolis of Pittsburgh, warned about the release from prison of former priest Nicholas Hughes who in 2012 was arrested and has served six years in prison for pederasty.

In the meantime, the Ecumenical Patriarchate defrocked him and returned him to the ranks of the laity. Hughes was a celibate priest with the title of Archimandrite and served as Dean …

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  1. People who have this type of perversion don’t get well unless that area of their brain which triggers that type of behavior is completely cut out of their head. Doctors and science haven’t been able to figure out how to do this yet so the only other alternative is to castrate them and have an ankle bracelet on them at all times. The safety of our children should always come first. Unfortunately, their are certain types of people out there who will be against this because they feel we are violating the rights of the aggressor.

    1. Leave the brain alone and just castrate him, Byzantine Emperor style (eunuchs). Easier, cheaper, less risk. Question I have is how did a perv like this get into the priesthood and into the ranks of archmandrites?

      Let me answer my own question: like the Catholics, there are plenty others in the same ranks to promote and cover up for their brother pervs.

    2. I’m glad that His Eminence is being proactive in this matter. It is disconcerting, though to learn that Hughes had been transferred from the Metropolis of Denver. Why was he moved? I certainly hope it was not in response to allegations!

    1. Maybe, but he’s clearly not a lawyer. Statements like this could land an institution in a huge civil dispute, particularly if the perp did his time. A leader should know better and use legal and law enforcement means. Shows me more stupid “Greek style” business practices

    2. In case you never learned this, ancient church canons prohibit lawyers, politicians and bankers from the priesthood because they are the most vile professions. The RC number for this is Canon 285.1. Father Drinan had to resign form the US Congress just as Gleb Yakunin had to resign from the Russian Duma.

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