Turkey Steps Up Provocations, Greek Airspace Violations

FILE - Greek fighter jets. (Photo by Eurokinissi)

Sounding off with warnings to Greece to back off in the Aegean and Eastern Mediterranean, Turkey continued to send fighter jets to violate Greek airspace and contesting sea borders while conducting energy research in disputed waters.

Tension has been building between the countries, as well as with Cyprus where Turkey had sent warships near the island’s Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) and told foreign company Trying to keep other countries out, Turkey issued another NAVTEX to reserve an area in the Eastern Mediterranean through Jan. 5 for seismic research by the survey ship Barbaros Hayreddin Pasa and two support vessels.

The area overlaps with a large part of the Greek continental shelf and a section of Cyprus’ EEZ with the possibility of lucrative oil and gas finds creating another catalyst in the interests of the three countries in the region.

On Jan. 3, two Turkish F-16 fighter jets flew over some of Greece’s easternmost islands of Farmakonisi and Panagia at an altitude of over 28,000 feet, the Hellenic National Defense General Staff said, without submitting a flight plan to the Athens Flight Information Region (FIR) as required.

Taunted by Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu, Greek Defense Minister Panos Kammenos mocked him and tweeted: “Mr Cavusoglu, thank you for your provocative New Year’s statements. It is my gift for doing my job well. Greece will continue this work, seeking peace, defending its sovereignty and building strong alliances. Nobody is afraid of you anymore.”

Cavusoglu had reportedly called Kammenos, leader of the tiny, pro-austerity, jingoistic Independent Greeks (ANEL) who are junior partners in a coalition led by Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras’ Radical Left SYRIZA, a “spoiled brat” over the defense minister’s continuing verbal shots at Turkey.

“We have a warning for Greece. You have a spoiled brat you call your defense minister. Beware of your spoiled brat so that our armed forces do not get involved in possible accidents,” he was quoted as saying by the Turkish Minute news website, during a speech at the Turkish Gendarmerie and Coast Guard Academy.

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  1. Who are you going to call …Ghostbusters from America and Nato allies of Turkey?

    Just think …. in the near future…all those advanced F-35 fighters will be delivered from the boys in Washington ….which will replace the F-16’s …to threaten Greece and what is left of their sovereignty!

    And this guy Tsipras …is still talking about adding more U.S bases , not closing them ?

    Who are you going to call …Vlad …and ask him to send you some upgraded S-400 anti ballistic missile systems …which can take out …what is acknowledged as a Lemon …F-35….that only under coersion …Nato countries buy!

    And Tsipras …you will have plenty of opportunity to use it against Turkey…. based on this article! And anyway …Edrogan would not blame you …since, he had the chops to shoot down a Russian plane that accidentally , crossed his borders in a raid on Turkey proxy armies in Syria !

    However, I know …you are not allowed to buy Russian weapons…without economic sanctions from America and if i am correct …the Hellenic Secret Societies of stooges …the self declared representatives of the Greek community .was promising to stop the embargo of Cyprus to buy any military weapons from the U.S and its allies!

    No luck …even after 40 years ..and the Cypriot government sits back and laughs!

    Hey Alex… why don;t you send a couple of f-16…into Turkish waters or on their borders …what do you think will happen ?

    I think you need to have a talk with your Greek buddies in Cyprus ..and get together ….and do something ..the one thing that would create a nightmare for Turkey and America…the unification of Greece and Cyprus.!

    Can you image that Greece …with the right to throw British bases out of Cyprus , and taking over manning the floating aircraft carrier called Cyprus !
    All you have to do …is get a referendum by the people of Cyprus approved to unite with Greece…like the Russian population in Crimea did …and it is legal by U.N charters!

    How simple and how novel …to demonstrate to all Greeks …how really independent you really are !

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