Halkitis’ Book Out in Time Chronicles Gay Male History

Dr. Perry Halkitis, the new Dean of Rutgers University School of Public Health. Photo Courtesy of Dr. Perry Halkitis

Dean at the Rutgers School of Public Health Perry Halkitis said his inspiration for Out In Time, his upcoming queer history book, came while he was writing his last book, The AIDS Generation.

Halkitis, who was born in New York to Greek immigrant parents, attended St. Demetrios School in Astoria, and is a former New York University Professor, wrote that one of the themes that emerged were the generational differences that exist between cohorts of gay men. ”It become apparent that this generational divide was a missed opportunity for gay men of all ages to learn from each other. Also the men of my generation seemed to believe that coming out was substantially easier nowadays that it was in the 1980’s and before. But in working with many young people… I have come to understand that that there are many similar challenges of gay men in coming out and negotiating their identity.”

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