Who benefits from the attacks on the media?

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The phrase “fake news” no longer requires translation in any language of the World.

It has passed into the international lexicon as a condemnation of the media.

It refers to outlets that, supposedly, not only make errors, but which lie and make up the news.

However, the question must finally be asked: Who ultimately benefits when the media that criticize the policies of a political leader are scorned and those who constantly and on everything praise him are applauded?

When the media is scorned …

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  1. Who benefits Antonios … the financial benefactors of the media benefit …which include the White Supremacist racists leaders of the financial sponsors of all those ads and the beneficiaries of the Propaganda machines …that have now taken over most of the media outlets of the world!

    Corporate multinational organizations, Wall Street , the Industrial Military complex…Secret Societies and lobbyist, and a government who is funded and now owned by these degenerates ..who believe …a lot of money ..entitles them to the ownership of the world …and considers humanity insignificant to their agenda of greed , power , and control of 99% of the worlds population!

    Who benefits from you today…War Mongers , traitors , cheats, war criminals, and freaks …who portray themselves as the new standard of living of America and the world! And is promoted …as “REALITY T.V.!

    Today , Diamantaris and his free press…are the main driving force ..in the fight against Fake News….by working with the government to censor …the real news networks who have been exposing the “Fake News” of CNN , The New York Times , and Washington Post …who have out of desperation come out of their closets to expose ..who and what they represent …in the election circus of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, the Russian Collusion narratives ….and the selling of wars and attrrcities of a corrupt government!

    Mr. Diamantaris …there is a reason why less than 14% of America trust you and your media stooges….if you haven’t noticed…or more appropriately ,,,have in your power to conceal!

    But like your financial benefactors and supporters from the Secret Societies you promote….your article has no credibility …other than remind all of us…how disillusion you are …to beleive that all of us are still fooled by your “Fake News” narratives!….

    To the informed…you are merely an entertainment spectacle …to pick out the many distortions and manipulation of the english language to sell your bias narratives …that benefit not the mass of people you reach …but a small group of private aristocrates and their interests!

    Today, … real journalist, like Julian Assage of Wiki leaks is confined to the Ecqueorin Embassy…and subject ot possible arrest by the US for providing actual documented news and evidence of criminal behavior of the people you represent in the U.S government!

    All this because he released real and truthful news …which you and your cohorts .conceal from the Public !

    Today, Social Media and newspapers are censoring and prohibiting posts and comments that are solicited by these newspapers ..if they do not represent the approved politically correct views of the government and the media !

    So Antonios,,,,, you are rapidly losing your control of the populace …as they are now sourcing those you wish to oppress!

    The sad part …is that it is you …who even if you tell the truth…will sadly be ignored , and that is the greatest crime of the media today!

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