It’s Time for the Rest of Us to Start Worrying About Trump

President Donald Trump speaks during a news conference in the East Room of the White House, Wednesday, Nov. 7, 2018, in Washington. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

The time has come when we need to worry about the Trump presidency – especially those of us who have not been worrying until now.

That has been made clear by this week’s events.

If these words sound to you as like those of a “liberal commentator,” think again.

Unless you consider the Wall Street Journal “liberal,” heed what it said in a recent editorial:

“Mr. Trump crossed over this week from considered disruption into a degree of political volatility that has the potential …

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  1. He has attacked the media. He has called for the jailing of political opponents. He has called a federal judge unqualified because of his Mexican heritage. He has attacked the judicial system to such a degree it brought a rebuke from the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, an almost unheard of event. He has said he knows better about military affairs than the generals. He disagreed with the unified opinion of all the US intelligence agencies that Russia interfered in the 2016 election while stating publicly he believed the dictator Vladimir Putin. He decided to remove troops from Syria without the advice of intelligence and military leaders. He has said his base will revolt if he is removed from office. He has said he thinks it’s OK to run for a third term. He turned his recent visit to the troops in Iraq into a political rally while he insulted the troops by lying to them about pay raises.

    He likes the leaders of Russia, North Korea, China and Turkey because they all have one thing in common: they are absolute dictators.

    And all this without touching on the immoral and unethical aspects of his personal and business activities.

    Where is the support, confidence and ethical and moral leadership we have the right to expect from our leader? Sadness and embarrassment rule the day. What legacy will we be leaving our children and grandchildren if we nothing to stop this madman?

    It is both possible and probable that he is the least qualified person in the history of this country to hold the office of the Presidency.

    1. Repanidi…. what I worry about you…and have noticed….your rants against the Orthodox Church and its leadership .and the elected leader of America ….are no different than those used against all the foreign leaders of the independent countries of the world …that we have bombed, invaded, assassinated , overthrown their governments…and inflicted thousands of deaths on the people of the Middle East …including Orthodox Christians! These rants include describing these leaders ….as Dictators , Alolph Hitlers, racist , baby killers etc etc!

      Importantly,,,,, in the end …you basically condemn him for what he has said, not what his actions did, to make him the worst president in American History after two years …not being guilty of some act of treason or misconduct like using the oval office of the White House …as a brothel for his sexual relations and pleasure like the great former President of the United states…William Clinton, who was actually almost impeached for a number of reasons , but more importantly…sexual and abusive behavior of women in his home state of Arkansas!

      While you condemn him for what he has said…you suggest that he is worst than …George Bush Jr …..who actually lied to the people of America based on your vaunted C.I.A intelligence degenerates …who Trump does not listen to …to kill 600,000 Iraqis!

      While you condemn him for a number of reasons…but more importantly,,, you suggest that he is worst than …Barack Obama ..who with Hillary Clinton actually lied the people of America suggesting that the leader of libya…. was committing genocide against the jihadist rebels of Saudi Arabia , Turkey, and the U.S and then criminally destroyed the lives of all libyan by bombing and supporting the tribe which have forced the migration of decent libyan to the shores of Greece! to compound that …it was Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton …who appropriated 1 billion dollars in the recruiting and funding of terrorist religious jihadist in Syria ..who would be responsible for the murder of thousands of Orthodox Christians ..who were protected by Dr. Assad the leader of Syria … and targeted by Obama for removal from office!

      How pathetic …the only thing you can actually accuse Trump of doing …..and not just saying …is the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Syria….and joining the likes of Neo Nazis and war criminals …like Lindsey Graham and other swampsters in declaring this act ..” A sad day for America” !

      No repanidi. it is a sad day for white supremacist and racist …who like you …consider the world under the authority of America …and entitled to occupy forever ..any country they land on !

      And Repanidi…should we be surprised by your rant …since …your attack on the Orthodox Church …without any foundation and based on smoke and mirrors accusations to create an illusion of misconduct by our church clergy…to serve you interests, but is nothing less than pathetic…in criticizing the withdrawal of soldiers from Syria …who may live another day …to have a Christmas Diner with their families and children ….rather than another illegal day of occupation and killings in a foreign country, that never gave you permission to invade their country!

      And there lies …the problems …and instead of saying what Donald Trump has said …let just say …that you represent white supremacist racist and war criminals who have actually done things ….like kill 31/2 people in the middle east …based on the actions of dictators like the Bush , Clinton and Obama families ..who make Adolph Hitler look like pussy cat in crimes against humanity!

      And to support this …Surveys of the people of the world and countries ..”Make America the greatest threat to peace and humanity in the world” based on surveys conducted in 2014…and prior to Donald Trump being President! Now that is what Repanidi …. support over Donald Trump!

      Additionally over 78 % of the population of America ..considers” the Government of the United States corrupt thru and thru.”…..all this before Donald Trump became President!

      So Repanidi …you should not worry about Donald Trump …you should really worry about your mental faculty to even recognize what we should be worrying about … the real enemies of the world …which are TNH and their corrupt media establishment …that has made a fool of you…and played you like no one has ever seen in the life of this country!

    2. Bill Clinton was impeached. By the House of Representatives. But he was found not guilty by the Senate. He was not impeached for any sexual or moral misconduct. They are not impeachable offenses. He was impeached because he lied under oath.

      I realize it is difficult for you to understand that there are people who know more about the goings on of the Orthodox Church than you do but it is the truth. I don’t rant against the Church. But I do know that funds were misappropriated by some one in the
      Archdiocese and we have yet to learn who did that. This not to say that someone stole money. They betrayed the trust that many sincere and pious members of the Church placed in the Archdiocese’s effort to make a lasting monument of Orthodox witness in a most important place in our country. As for the Archbishop, you may not know it, or accept it, but there are those of us who know, not assume but know, that nothing goes on in the Archdiocese, nothing is decided or done, without the knowledge and consent of the Archbishop. We are still waiting to be told who transferred the money from the St. Nicholas fund.
      As for your opinion of me being made a fool of, well, what can I say. I know a lot of smart and intelligent people and no one has ever even assumed I’ve ever been made a fool of.

    3. Repanidi….as far as William Clinton…it is a fact that he used his oval office as as brothal …with Monica Lewinsky… an intern … and it is a fact that he was charged with raping a women in Arkansas …who formally filed charges!

      However…as you admitted correctly…unlike Donald Trump ..he put himself as President of the United States to lie under oath and if you need to reminded …. on a Nationally televised address to the American people … and as President of the United States….stated I have never had any sex with” that” woman in the oval office!

      Repanidi …you remind me of a voter in New Jersey … who ranted about Donald Trump, just like you , or TNH writing an article about worrying about Donald Trump actions, and deliberately voted for the Democratic Senatorial Candidate for New Jersey, simply because they wanted to punish Donald Trump! TNH …ran a banner headline as to why they endorsed Robert Menendez and promoted him for the senate seat of New Jersey!

      Robert Menendez….was indicted for 18 counts of bribery , fraud , and receiving gifts from a member of the Jewish lobby! One of those Gifts ..was the providing of underage Teenage prostitutes in the Dominican Republic! Additionally …he attempted to circumvent the court order to prevent the prosecution of his Jewish doctor for Medicare Fraud…which unfortunately for the Good Doctor failed…. and will be serving a long jail sentence for fraudulently stealing millions of dollars from Medicare!

      He like was found guilty of these crimes by the Congress and Censored, and required to return all monies, which was taken care of by the Jewish lobbies …he really works for …despite being a member of the fraudulent secret society of Ahepa! But avoided prison …due to a HUNG JURY of one vote …on a technicality!

      So REPANIDI…. while you spit out emotional hate accusation of Donald Trump …taught to you by a propaganda media ….for what he says ..but is not guilty of anything he did…you support people like Robert Menendez …who have actually done things which …YOU REALLY SHOULD BE WORRIED ABOUT …AND NOW THANKS TO TNH AND YOU …HAVE LEGITIMIZED PUBLIC CORRUPTION!

      Only Aristocratic elitist and white suppremacist can possibly …make a public statement …that we should beleive you stating that there are people who know more about the goings on in the Orthodox Church than me or anybody else making an opinion!

      To those who know …and have been executives and financial managers of multinational corporations with billions of dollars……the allegations against the Archbishop and the Church for whatever appropriations the make as a private enterprise, and in any manner they wish…if due to need or anything which may constitute an emergency need to function as an organization! Let me help you….are you so knowing …that governments borrow money from the Pension funds of state employees or fail to appropriate money to Pension funds as mandated …and ultimately,, issue bonds to pay off their debts! Put up or shut up….about the Archbishop …file a lawsuit against the Archbishop and make your charges ….but don’t hold you breath ….if you think you are going to get some criminal indictment!

      Just like the Russian collusion and meddling case …which only the media can conceal the depth of depravity of the Justice Department and Robert Mueller …for destroying the lives of hundreds of citizens, who have been prosecuted for lies …that have nothing to do with any connection to Russia gate …and represent systematic punishment for not lying , and providing information to indict the elected President of the United States!

      REPANIDI ….you can honor yourself and your supporters …as the all knowing source of truth..but you unfortunately, can not impress me or anybody else…unless you support it with facts …not just your word!

      I do not defend Donald Trump …only recognize….if he fails to keep his promises …we are all doomed and the only thing we need to worry about …is what will be left for the children of the world …after you get your wish replace Donald Trump….and this degenerate government …evokes nuclear war on us!

  2. Hey Mr. Diamantaris ..why would any Amereican worry about a President…who may have demonstrated that he is fulfilling his promise to end the war crimes foreign policy of regime change perpetrated on the people of America by a collaborating Aristocratic elitist Press representing Anglo White Supremacist racist billionaires who have entered and removed the governments of at least 6 countries in the last 7 years…and are bombing at a rate of 1 bomb every 12 minutes of the day some independent country of the world with drones , missiles, illegal phospherous bombs etc etc! In total their are almost 12 foreign countries of the world that have or are being bombed both covertly and openly, and have killed thousands of civilians….among them the poorest like Yemen, Somalia, Sudan …and which Black Alliance organizations have been exposing as racist war against the world!

    How can you worry about a President , who ended a covert 1 billion dollar arming of terrorist rebels in Syria by the C.I.A …who acknowledged that most of the recruited and trained jihadist did join ISIS and Al Queda proxy armies , who wound up killing of thousands of Orthodox Christians in Syria!

    The perpetuators of these criminal support of terrorist was Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton…who were the beneficiaries of loads of money from Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE etc etc …in the Clinton foundation…to support their middle east religious war against NON SUNNI MUSLIM

    How can you worry , ,,,,about a President who wants to remove troops from Afghanistan and Syria …and is criticized and condemned …as Unamerican by the press! Image that … bringing back American troops who are illegally and crimininally occupying and possible dying in foreign countries …which represent no interest or benefit to the interests of 99% of the population of America!

    Today… the debt of the U.S treasury is rising at levels never seen in our history…at 27 trillion dollars ….and built on the foreign policy of military political , and economic warfare …. imposed on the enemies of not the Amreican people …but a population of less than 1 % who now have hijacked our Congress , C.I.A , Justice System, State department …and just about every other department of America …with the political appointments by their stooges the Clinton , Bush and Obama families ….who are with their moles waging war on Donald Trump …simply, because he is not part of the power famiiles of degenerates who have amassed the state of affairs …which now threaten even Nuclear war with Russia , China, Iran and about 8 other countries of the world!

    I would be concerned with a media …like TNH….who promote hostile relations with Russia , China , and Iran….with little regard to the genocide it can inflict on our Western societies…while supporting the barbaric destruction of the Middle East by the United states , Saudi Arabia, England , Turkey, and Israel!
    I would worry that the American people and Greek American community continue to be fooled and distracted by the media … from the cruel and criminal Global Agenda of a bunch of white supremacist who have acquired control of our communications industry and industrial War machine …to trample on the foreign citizens of the world …. and are nothing more than corrupt rogue policemen …spreading a myth..that they are the saviours of the deomocracies of the world … and so exceptional…that we not worry about them!

    Donald Trump may be a lot of things …but compared to the Criminal attrocities and destruction against humanity by his predecesors …who should be prosecuted for their crimes agianst Peace and Humanity, which only the media …can conceal and suppress ….is the least of our worries!

    What we should worry about …is whether ..our democracy can be overthrown by another Regi1me Change plan which now includes our elected President ….by what we affectionately call the Swamp Deep State, Fascist , Communist alliance …who have already been the un -elected ruling secret society party of America for centuries …but have come out of the closet to retain their power and control of America!

    What we should be worried about …is whether we will continue to allow the media …to fool the Public so easily … without indictable criminal liability for their part in not only selling wars to overthrow the governments of foreign countries …but their part in overthrowing the elected leader of America! ..

  3. We have three words when describing the character of a person, moral, immoral and amoral.Trump belongs in the third category.

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