The Greek School’s Christmas Celebration at Holy Trinity in Bridgeport, CT

Photo: Courtesy of Holy Trinity

BRIDGEPORT, CT – On December 19 the Church of the Holy Trinity of Bridgeport, CT celebrated Christmas with the help of its young friends. The Greek afternoon school organized a Christmas celebration and filled the hall of the church with a festive atmosphere.

The students of the school, with the help of their teachers, Eleni Limperis, Ioanna Bakes, Christina Kalogeris, Ioanna Loizou, Konstantina Syriou, and Maria Kalogeris had prepared an evening full of Christmas songs and carols, poems, religious chanting, and narratives from the birth of Christ. They gave the best of themselves making their parents, grandparents, relatives and friends very proud.

Limperis, a teacher and the director of the Greek school, wished everyone Happy Holidays and congratulated the children without neglecting to thank their parents and grandparents who helped the children learn their poems.

Photo: Courtesy to the TNH.

The priest, Father Georgios Livaditis, congratulated the children and the teachers and wished everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. In his speech he mentioned “Most of the kids here have at least one parent that doesn’t speak the Greek language and this is amazing. We are so blessed to have this program of this school and I truly believe that it’s a hidden treasure that we need to speak about and tell our neighbors about it. Our school should be packed because the result of what I’m seeing is amazing”

Photo: Courtesy to the TNH.

The president of the PTO Irene Rountos also congratulated the children and teachers, expressed her warm wishes for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, and offered Christmas presents to the teachers.

The festive event ended with the children singing “You Better Watch Out” and Santa Claus entering the room, filing the faces of the children with smiles and excitement. Santa Claus took photos with all the younger and older children and offered gifts to all his young impatient friends.

At the end of the event, the PTO offered a lovely buffet of sweets, coffee and hot chocolate.