Is the Best Hope for the United States a Conservative Democrat Revitalization?

The United States Capitol in Washington, DC. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite, File)

Our country is held hostage by an endless battle between establishmentarian Democrats and Republicans. The former are forcefully being ushered out of Congress, one elected official at a time, by a new breed of Democrat: self-proclaimed socialists who are undoing conventional norms at blazing speed. They scoff at the now decade-old notion that Barack Obama was a socialist. “Ha! You though he was a socialist? He’s Barry Goldwater compared to us!” they might as well say. “He denied being a …

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  1. Scaros …lets be clear….what you have running for office ..are neither Democratic or Republican conservatives or liberals…they are a new breed of communist and fascist …all rolled up into one political party ..which is owned and run by Anglo White Supremacist racist …determined to control the economic, political and military sovereignty of the world! These billionaires have little growth opportunity in America …other than providing them with the power to fuflill there intrenational Global agenda!

    For instance…47 democratic candidates for the recent mid term elections .were all former members of the C.i.A and State Department of the United States …and fully funded by the owners of America…to continue to overthrow governments of the world ..who do not comply with turning over the sovereignty of their countries to these white supremacist in our government!

    It is so bad …. that they are even attempting to overthrow the current elected U.S president Donald Trump…who just doesn’t get it …making America first …does not mean …making the American people first …only making the richest people on the Planet ..from the U.S, England, Saudi Arabia , and Israel first!

    No what the democratic party has to do …is get more real liberal politicians like Eugene McCarthy or George McGovern….are any other former senator to speak up like the old days against the Republican and Democratic Hawks…or in most circles…now flat out Fascist and racist with no interest in America …only building up new markets and property .around the world! That;s why you have 27 trillion dollars in debt…and a criminal budget of 800 billion dollars for your military …to run a Police State!

    While the Greek Secret Society of Mason cheer on everything these degenerate do ….like John McCain and the Bush family…..who consider themselves Republican conservatives …but the informed know as NEO CONS….or as I stated now Fascist….the democrates are now controled by Neo LIberals ….or to the informed simply communist..who align themselves with the Fascist …for one purpose only…and that is in pursuit of global domination by a ruling party of Billionaires white supremacist!

    However, Mr. Scaros …I do commend you that you have identified that their is a need for change in the Democratic party..but we differ in what direction!

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