Byzantine Period Paintings at Atelier Omiros Inaugural Exhibition

The artist’s sons Paul Hriso, left, and Emmanuel Hriso attended the opening with Marlene Saile, Curator and Executive Director of Atelier Omiros. Photo by Stevie Debe

BEDFORD, NY – Atelier Omiros introduced the atelier as the home of the artist who was known as Omiros, with its first exhibition of his paintings from his Byzantine period, where he painted the iconic holy stories as an artist living in the 20th and 21st centuries, over 500 years after the end of the Byzantine Empire. The opening impressed the art lovers in attendance with the dynamic works on display.

“During Omiros’ Byzantine period, he captured the divine so holy and pure that it speaks in the colors of spirit,” said Marlene Saile, Atelier Omiros Curator and Executive Director.

Omiros Chrisopoulos was born in Constantinople in 1927, part of the Greek minority and an Orthodox Christian, and became an artist in spite of the fact that he had lost his sight in his right eye at the age of three. He later moved to Paris where he spent 40 years. From 1979 to 2007, Omiros embarked on one of the greatest visual pilgrimages of his pictorial language, when he painted a collection of paintings in the Byzantine style. In this period of his creative life, he captured the stories of the divine in his unique way. Omiros passed away in 2010, leaving behind an impressive body of work, though he only sold to private collectors.

Following his passing, his family and long-time close friend and art dealer decided it was time to share Omiros’ work with the public.

The art exhibition opening at Atelier Omiros. Photo by Stevie Debe

Atelier Omiros Founders Marlene and Peter Saile are happily married and work together in the world of the arts. Marlene is an art historian, curator, collector, and cultural law attorney. Peter has been Omiros’ private art dealer since the time he came to America in the 90s, and an art collector who grew up surrounded by major master art. Together and with Omiros’ family, they are bringing the magnificent and exciting Omiros oeuvre, from the 20th and 21st centuries, to a wider audience with Atelier Omiros in Bedford.

Atelier Omiros

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