Trump Looks Presidential Next to Pelosi and Schumer

FILE - Vice President Mike Pence, center, looks on as House Minority Leader Rep. Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., argues with President Donald Trump during a meeting in the Oval Office of the White House, Tuesday, Dec. 11, 2018, in Washington. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

On December 11, President Trump invited Democrat leaders Nancy Pelosi of the House of Representatives and Chuck Schumer of the Senate into the Oval Office for a discussion/debate about how to avoid shutting down the government over disputes about funding for Trump’s longstanding condition of building a sufficient wall on our Southern border. What made the exchange particularly interesting, and refreshing, was that it was open to the press.

It is no secret that in the …

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  1. All of the Republican ideas are based on incentive because they believe in original sin, but Orthodox, like China’s Confucian Social Credit Counters, believe man is perfectable and incentives are corrupt. Take a look at the web site for Hillary’s and you will find it looks a lot more Orthodox than Trump’s The pope made Charlemagne emperor because St Irene was a woman, but George Demacopoulos tells us St Irene is the mother of the modern welfare state. So all you misogynists who could not countenance Hillary or Dora are the uniate carolingians! This is why Orthodox need to proclaim Hillary Clinton a living saint because of her wondrous miracles and examplary life.

  2. Mr Scaros ..what did you expect the new world order of organized crime families to look like… Bonnie and Clyde, and Al Capone ..or John Deringer … Bugsy Segal!

    No … these war criminals and thugs…representing white supremacist billionaires ..are exactly ..what kind of presence to be portrayed to the American people .. to provide the Public with the illusion that these people are just regular guys and you and me …who in reality would make Lizy Borden look like a Sunday School teacher…not a knife wielding butcher of her family!

    Tomorrow or the next day… these guys and girls will be making plans with their mob bosses from Saudi Arabia, Turkey, England, and Israel…to create and forment another war …or assassinate another journalist to continue their unimpeded Global Agenda…of hegemony…and simply…care less if they kill the entire population of the world …to do it!

    1. So…do you think it was Presidential …when Donald Trump …terminated the Covert recruiting of Terrorist Sunni Muslim religious fanatics …who joined ISIS and Al Queda brigades to overthrow the government fo Syria ..and kill thousands of Orthodox Christians…which was funded by 1 billion dollar C.I.A approved expenditure by Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton …the Butcher of LIbya. Iraq, and Syria, with Nancy Pelosi and Chucky Shummer …the in house champions of Mr. Netanyahue and Israel…who maintain an “Open Air Prison” of Palestinian …and have made them the acknowledged “Apartheid State” of the Middle East!

      So …do you think it was Presidential…when Donald Trump fulfilled his promise to stop ISIS in Iraq and Syria …which neither Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama …ever tried to do but support them , and then Donald Trump as promised announces he is planning to withdraw all troops from Syria…and take American troops out of harms way!

      However , Repanidi… your obsession and devotion to the communist wing of our government….which fails to recognize…that they are no different than the fascist wing of the Republican Party…in promoting a Global Agenda …of taking over the economic,political , and military sovereignty of the countries of the world …. and can best be highlighted in the words of Hillary Clinton in her butchering of the people of libya …and Syria …as to why she would never be presidential material!

      After coordinating the bombing of libya…and supporting the regime change of the libyan government…Hillary Clinton …confesses to the assassination of the leader of Libya… by declaring after she witnessed the sodomizing and the cutting of the Throat of the elected leader of her proxy armies of terrorist religious mercenaries …the following …”We Came , WE Saw, He Died”

      Between Willie Clinton, George Bush and Jr. and Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton….they have amassed the greatest crimes against humanity ever seen on the face of the earth…that has littered the landscape of Europe and the Middle East..and the world!

      Is it Presidential …when the entire world …and countries of the world … consider America …”The Greatest Threat to World Peace and mankind”…….. International Gallup Polls….. and the American people ..consider the Government of the United States …to be Corrupt thru and thru!

      So the call UnPresidential…. was elected to be Presidential…. to clean up this swamp of Un Presidential characters …who earned all the honors …accorded to war criminal and murderers….and done before Donald Trump …even had the opportunity to show his Presidential effort!

      Repanidi … you hypocracy is legend your support of criminal regime change policies based on Presidential distortions and lies …and you attack on the regime of the Greek Orthodox Church is no different …to overthrow and discredit …those who fail to hand over their sovereignty to the likes of Anglo white supremacist like Hillary Clinton …who you apparently idolize ..just because …you in what the New Global order demands!…

      Donald Trump …may be a lot of things ..but on his worst far better than than the degenerates before him …whose achievements have been enabled by people like you …and your other hypocrites!

  3. With 17, count ’em 17, investigations of him, his swamp, and his family, going on in the background, he has no time to even try to resemble a president, much less act like on. He will go down as one of our worst presidents ever.

  4. Let’s see.
    Is it presidential to:
    *flout the rule of law by saying he could shoot someone on the streets of New York City and get away with it;
    *claim a judge is not qualified because of his Mexican heritage;
    *attack the judiciary to such an extent he receives a rebuke from the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, an
    almost unheard of occurrence;
    *attack the free press;
    *want his political opponents jailed;
    *ignore the assessment of all intelligence agencies as to the validity of Russian interference in our elections
    while supporting the opinion of the dictator Vladimir Putin;
    *publicly claim he knows better than the generals who command the troops he is responsible for as
    Commander in Chief;
    *impulsively decide, without input, to remove troops from Syria and Afghanistan, a decision that causes the
    resignation of his Defense Secretary, a 4 star Marine general and then send out the sociopath, Stephen
    Miller, to spout a diatribe about “the” wall to distract from the issue;
    *blatantly lie that the Defense Secretary retired, when in fact he knew he had resigned;
    *use a non-profit, supposedly charitable family trust, for political gain;
    *say that people will revolt if he is removed from office;
    *apparently not know the meaning of sedition and treason;

    Apparently Mr. Scaros skipped Civics classes in middle school.

  5. If the game is “let’s find fault with the sitting president,” then Donald Trump is an easy target. After all, unlike professional politicians, he makes no effort to hide his shortcomings. Therefore, if smoother politicians, whether JFK, Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton, or Barack Obama, had their dirty laundry publicly aired, then it is no surprise that there’s plenty of dirt on Trump.

    For those who think a president needs to be the nation’s moral leader, a person of impeccable character befitting admiration and emulation, there’s really not a whole lot to choose from. John Tyler and James Garfield come to mind as presidents close to that description, but all of the aforementioned presidents, as well as the ones on Mount Rushmore – Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, and Teddy Roosevelt – all would have fared AT LEAST as poorly as Trump under today’s 24/7 media microscope in terms of “scandalous” behavior.

    A good way to understand Trump – if one cares to step away from his or her TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome) and attempt to look at the matter more objectively – is to consider an experiment conducted by Bill Cosby – long before that iconic actor’s disgraceful behavior was brought to light.

    Cosby ate a bunch of raw onions and garlic and then conducted interviews with adults. Obviously, his breath was unbearable, but none of the adults said a word. He then interviewed a bunch of children, all of which, in stark contrast, made a point of telling Cosby how awful his breath stank.

    We have become too conditioned as a society to be phony. Not to tell it like it is. Sure, Trump may “lie” to us, but he tells us ahead of time he’s going to lie to us. His lies are categorical denials. He’s like the kid who got into the chocolate cake before dinner and, when interrogated by his parents, with chocolate frosting still plastered all over his cheeks, says: “I didn’t eat any of that cake.” But that same kid would tell Bill Cosby “go use some mouthwash, your breath stinks.”

    It is precisely that honesty that we Trump supporters find refreshing, and even though most of us would never lie ourselves, we cut him an unbelievable amount of slack, because he has turned establishmentarian politics on its ear.

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