Dr. Vlachopoulos’ Student, Donna Strickland, Awarded Nobel Prize in Physics

Physics laureate Donna Strickland, left, receives the prize from King Carl Gustaf of Sweden, during the Nobel Prize Award Ceremony, at the Stockholm Concert Hall, in Stockholm, Monday, Dec. 10, 2018. Photo: (Pontus Lundahl/Pool Photo via AP)

STOCKHOLM, Sweden – Donna Strickland, PhD, received the Nobel Prize in Physics on December 10 in Stockholm at the Nobel Prize Award Ceremony and Banquet. The award, for her work on chirped pulse amplification, was shared with her doctoral adviser Gérard Mourou of France. For unrelated work on optical tweezers, Dr. Arthur Ashkin of the United States was also awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics.

Dr. Strickland in 1979 was a postgraduate student with Dr. John Vlachopoulos in fluid mechanics. Dr. Vlachopoulos is currently a National Council member of the Canadian Hellenic Congress (CHC). Strickland is the third woman to receive the Nobel Prize in Physics after Marie Curie (1903) and Maria Goepert Mayer (1963).

Dr. Costas Pappas (Nuclear Physics), CHC Vice-President, Administration & Secretary, Governmental and Public Affairs (Ontario) said, “I remember Donna, because at the same time, in 1979, I was working with Professor Bertram Brockhouse (Nobel laureate in Physics 1994) at the University. I met Yannis Vlachopoulos in 1972, during my postgraduate studies and since then we are friends and it is my honor.”

“John, congratulations, we are proud you are with us, fighting for our national issues,” he said in statement, adding that the CHC is based on values.

The Canadian Hellenic Congress is a national democratic communal institution that represents, advances, advocates, and promotes the interests and concerns of Canadians of Hellenic descent and Hellenism in general. The Congress is the national voice of Hellenes and their communities and/or organizations across Canada.

Left to right: Canadian MP Fayçal El-Khouri, MP Emmanuella Lambropoulou, Senator Hon. Pana Pappas Merchant, Hon. David Lametti Deputy Minister of Technology, CHC President Dr. Theodore Halatsis, and Dr. John Vlachopoulos. Photo: Courtesy of Canadian Hellenic Congress
Left to right: Zoi Iliopoulou CHC National Council member, CHC honorary president Hon. Jim Karygiannis, and CHC National Council members Dr. Costas Pappas and Dr. John Vlachopoulos. Photo: Courtesy of Canadian Hellenic Congress
CHC National Council 2016-2019 (left to right) (Some members absent): Stavros Dalakouras, John Vathis, John Vlachopoulos (professor of the Nobel Laureate in Physics, Donna Strickland), Penny Kontos, Anastasios Baxevanidis, Nick Christoforidis, George Papadakis (current president of Pan Macedonian Toronto), Theodore Halatsis (CHC president), Costas Pappas, George Manios, and Zoi Iliopoulou. Photo: Courtesy of Canadian Hellenic Congress
Former MP of Greece Stelios Papathemelis visited the CHC Convention in 2018, among those present were John Vlachopoulos, George Manios, Theodore Halatsis, Nick Christoforidis, and Costas Pappas. Photo: Courtesy of Canadian Hellenic Congress
Dr. Costas Pappas, Dr. John Vlachopoulos, and Dr. Nick Markettos, members of the CHC National Council. Photo: Courtesy of Canadian Hellenic Congress
Dr. John Vlachopoulos posted the news of his student Donna Strickland’s Nobel Prize on social media. Photo: Courtesy of Canadian Hellenic Congress