Hungary Looks at Cyprus Gas to Diversity Energy Supply

Hungary's foreign minister Peter Szijjarto, left, and his Cyprus counterpart Nicos Christodoulides talk to the media after thier meeting at the Foreign House in Nicosia, Cyprus, Friday, Dec. 14, 2018. (AP Photo/Petros Karadjias)

NICOSIA, Cyprus (AP) — Hungary’s foreign minister says Cyprus’ offshore gas deposits could become an alternative energy source for his country, which is seeking to diversify its natural gas supply beyond Russia in order to bolster its energy security.

Peter Szijjarto says Hungary “constantly seeks alternative solutions” and that his country considers as “realistic” the supply of gas from Cyprus’ Aphrodite offshore deposit.

He said an agreement signed with his Cypriot counterpart Friday will ready the groundwork for Cypriot gas “over the medium term to play a role” in the energy supply of central Europe.

Szijjarto also said that Hungary is willing to share its advanced technological know-know with Cyprus in order to help the east Mediterranean island nation with its water shortage problems.

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  1. Wow…I am so excited to hear that Hungary …welcome new supplies of gas from the country of Cyprus , but was never interested in Cyprus and its water problems ..till now!

    How exciting … if and when oil production is actually found …Hungary has stated the obvious ..we will buy oil for anyone …depending on the best deal in town…and guess what …if Russia provides a competitive price for oil ..Hungary will buy all their oil from Russia …unless Nato leader U.S….exercises her control of the independent countries of the world….and demands their oil purchases to the U. S fracking oil producers or where their corporate oil marauders….have control of the production!

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