President George Herbert Walker Bush, We’ll Miss You

FILE - In this Dec. 18, 1970, file photo, newly appointed United Nations Ambassador George H. Bush smiles. Bush has died at age 94. Family spokesman Jim McGrath says Bush died shortly after 10 p.m. Friday, Nov. 30, 2018, about eight months after the death of his wife, Barbara Bush. (AP Photo/John Duricka, File)

Americans have never elected a President because of his foreign policy achievements.In fact, with the notable exception of Lyndon Johnson who decided not to run after the Viet Nam War turned into a quagmire, no President has ever lost elections for foreign policy failure. More’s the pity. The greatest foreign policy President of my 55 years in the field, went down to defeat after a single term despite having masterfully managed the end of the Cold War, organized a coalition …

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  1. No …Mr.Theros …former employee of the State Department and C.i.A…. which George Bush Created, developed … and appointed hsi baptised demon ..which we call the Swamp or Deep State of assassin and war criminal ….will not be missed by the informed …just like you would not be missed!
    Hey ,,, Mr. Theros… why don’t you write an arcticle about the abuse of the US installed Neo Nazi regime in the Ukraine ….who just blackmailed the Ukrainian Orthodox Church on behalf of his former Bush appointees in the State .Department to break a historical relationship with the Russsian Orthodox Church …because you and your Anglo White Supremacist masters…. have accused the Ukrainian Ortthodox Church of collaborating with the Russian Orthodox faithfull and government of Russia in threatening the democracy of the people and government of the Ukraine !

    This last time ..we so this tactic…was when the jewish population of Germany …was accused of collaborating to threaten the people and gpvernment of Nazi Germany … to take over their government and their democracy!

    Mr. Theros… you fit right in their as a Nazi Collaborator…in selling your trash… and fooling the general population of Greece and America… to continue your support of the takeover of the sovereignty of the independent countries of the world and Europe !

    In Austria ..they are working on possible prosecution of Journalist like you …for their fake news and propaganda lies ….. which has reached epidemic proportions!

    Do us all a favor …go back to your fraudulent Greek Secret Societies .. and your funded think tank … and more importantly…make yourself more usefull …by returning to your State Department of war mongers and chaos for the….Glory of America !

  2. Hang in there Mike. Consider the author is a former ambassador himself who probably leached off the U.S taxpayer much like his suddenly “kindler, gentler” Republican hero who “served” as 2 term congressman, ambassador to the UN, Chief U.S. liaison to People’s “Republic” of China, CIA mafia Don, vice- President, and President; traveling in Secret Service protected limos to useless get – togethers in Middle East quasi – fascist dictatorships such as Qatar, and finally DC, until the day he was buried.
    Mr. Theros conveniently omits that the Saddam Hussein was lauded, and least tacitly supported, as a secular, albeit imperfect, Baathist leader where Christians and Jews worshiped unencumbered during the war with Iran. In fact, Tariq Assiz (Foreign Minister – If memory serves ) was Christian.
    The fawning hypocrisy from the left suddenly praising papa Bush is head spinning amazing.

    1. Your post , Greece …should be the basis for the forward to a publication of a new book …Pentagon Paper Part 2!

      Mr. Theros .. was the U.S ambassador to Qatar… who during his state department tour.. was one of the Acknowledged state sponsor of terrorism… with Sunni Muslim state sponsors of terrorism Saudi Arabia, UAE, Turkey, Israel and the United States… in Syria and Iraq! This information was derived from the department of defense intelligence …and featured in E-mail releases of Hillary Clinton memos…right before…she approved the largest shipment in history of lethal weapons from the United States to Saudi Arabia!

      Mr. Theros .. if you haven’t noticed has been featuring all the scripted state department narratives to provoke hostility in Syria against the leader of Syria …who the Orthodox Christians rely on protect them from the proxy armies of the United States!

      You make a great observation concerning the lefts complicity! But as you can see… the media’s complicity!

      This is a result of the Anlgo white supremacist members of both parties united by John McCain and Hillary Clinton..who have a common alliance .. when it comes to Global domination …which is a foreign policy of government overthrows of all the independent countries of the world …not compliant to the economic, political, and military control of these group of degenerate Anglo white Supremacist !

      It is no coincidence ….that the foundation of this alliance to execute this Global plan…are England , the United States, Csnada and Australia ..all off spring of the British White supremacist colonialist ! When push get to shove …they are the real actors in the war crimes bombing …which has now reached one bomb every 12 minutes of the day! There allies are the Media degenerates representing the upper one percent of America and the world ..who have a vested interest in this domination and the riches countries like Saudi Arabia, Israel and Qatar and the othe rSunni Muslim oil money boys!

      I know it is difficult ot grasp ..but this is an Organized Crime family which has no precedence!

      The American public does not have a chance in responding to these hijacking of our country…because they are lied to everyday …by an evil …that only demonic devils can produce!…

      It is getting much worse…because Russia and China …represent the only resistance to these animals…and will not surrender their sovereignty and rights to do business with ever they want their interests! America is in trouble ..Putin has made mince meat of them diplomatically not getting baited into conflict ..that could have been evoked by the provocations of these degenerates!”

      Today,,, the blackmailing sanctions on the EU and countries of the world , if the do business with Iran or Russia..are failing miserably …. and countries like India , China , Pakistan etc ..are no longer trading in U.S dollars , but local dollars ..which circumvent the U.S sancton! The impact on the people of America ..are going to happen soon… and the fear…is this desperate select preverts will out of frustration and anger inititate a war with somebody!

      It is clear .. informed citizens like you are growing …and we need to inform others and call our corrupt congressman let them know …we are getting more informed about their treason! This will scare them …. and they will begin to sell out on their fianncial benefactors!

  3. By allowing the reunification of Germany, Bush gave his father’s nazi banking partners everything they lost in both world wars, and reopened their carolingian crusade against the heresy of photios.

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