Nuns Leave Monastery in NY Alleging Abuse

Abbess Foteini and nun Theonymphi at the All Saints Greek-Orthodox Monastery in Calverton Long Island New York. Photo: Facebook

NEW YORK – Abbess  Foteini and nun Theonymfi have temporarily left the All Saints Monastery located in Calverton, New York.

On October 9, 2018, their lawyer, G. Michael Stewart (“Mr. Stewart”), sent a letter to the Hellenic College/Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology where they both studied, as well as to the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese alleging “harassment, intimidation, sexual impropriety, sexual assault, failure to report domestic violence and failure to keep them safe.  This representation further includes, but is not limited to, claims of harassment, interference with their livelihood, intimidation and failure to keep them safe against the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America.”

The National Herald is in a position to know that this issue has reached the Ecumenical Patriarchate in Constantinople, but it has been ignored thus far.

Nun Eisodia has come from Greece and now dwells at the All Saints Monastery while Sister Foteini and Sister Theonymfi are on sabbatical.

No reply was issued by Holy Cross School of Theology or the Archdiocese.  Mr. Stewart and his colleague, Ellyn Hurd, sent another letter dated November 28, 2018 with copies to the members of the Eparchial Synod and the Executive Committee of the Archdiocesan Council stating that they “would appreciate a response and would like to attempt to work to a solution on behalf of the firm’s clients.”


Below please see the letter:

November 28, 2018

Hellenic College Holy Cross 50 Goddard Avenue Brookline, MA 02445

Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America Archdiocese Headquarters 8-10 East 79th St.

New York, NY 10075

RE:      Elizabeth         Ann     Brandenburg   (n/k/a Sister Foteini)

His Eminence Archbishop Demetrios:

We previously wrote to you on October 9, 2018, to advise you that this law firm represents Elizabeth Ann Brandenburg (n/k/a Sister Foteini). To date, no response has been received from you, your board or your attorneys. We would appreciate a response and would like to attempt to work to a solution on behalf of the firm’s clients. We have cc’d the Board on this correspondence in an attempt to make certain we are communicating with the appropriate person(s). We were unable to locate an address for members Elaine Allen, Louis Kircos, Constantine Caras, and Maria Stefanis. Please make certain they receive a copy of this letter and our previous correspondence. We do not wish to offend anyone by not including them in the correspondence. We look forward to your response.


Michael Stewart

Ellyn Hurd

Partial view of the All Saints Monastery in Calverton New York


  1. What an embarrassment! I believe that Bartholomew is crooked and corrupt and Demetrios senile by now. What else could explain the embarrassment that these leaders heap on our Church over and over again.

    Ask Bartholomew how he has fulfilled the great commission of Christ in Turkey? How many Turks has he converted to Christ? We have all seen him bless Turkish tanks, but how many Turks has be brought to Christ?

    He interferes and makes an unholy mess in Ukraine and treats America like King George treated the colonies, and pontificates on the environment, but has not lifted a finger to fulfill the great commission in his own country. Bartholomew needs to resign and hang his head in shame.

    1. Michael …I think you are on target with Bartholomew…he also ..failed to support the Patriarch of the Greek, Coptic , Syrian Orhtodox church of Syria, lebanon, and Jerusalime with Catholic Christians ..who traveled to Washington D.C. and met with John Mecain, President Obama ..and Ted Cruz… to demand that they stop arming their proxy armies of Sunni Muslim jihadist who were attempting to overthrow the elected government o Syria! These armies were murdering Christian clergy and faithful…burning their churches … and as you said …sponsored and equiped by 1 billion dollars … publically admitted to by Donald Trump who stopped this act of terrorism and Saudi Arabia and Turkey ..who right now are occupying parts of Syria ..with those tanks!

      As for the allegations…. they are no different than those agaisnst a Catholic Bishop in India ….who refuted them .. and provided evidence …that these Nuns ..has been having affair with a marries man ..and were dismissed from the order! He alleged that this was vindictive lies by these nuns…lin response to their dismmisals!

      Therefore, it has been common prsctice of corrupt lawyers …to represent or orchestrate false narratives ..unsupported by evidence…in order to extort huge compensation packages!

      Their is no limit today … to what people of capable of doing … including as you all call him …Bart!

  2. No one can discount the possibility that “money changed hands” to effectuate the re-instatement. This has been a known practice in seeking promotions, transfers, and for escaping serious punishment.

    Who knows if the nuns are authentic or crazy? You can’t discount anything.

    What you should know by know is that the whole church is corrupt top to bottom. It’s going to take pure and resolute hearts and spirits ( and not piety) and its going to take parish by parish knife fighting—tough and unrelenting attitudes—to turn this around. No hesitation, no sissified hand kissing , ass kissing, “yes your Eminence “, SLAVE mentality.
    And if we’re excommunicated by phony corrupt hierarchs and priests, we suck it up, say our prayers and keep on fighting. Face the enemy. No retreat.

    1. Jason you are correct on every level. Your statement reminded me that for centuries Ottoman Sultans filled their coffers by ousting Patriarchs and collecting bribes from the candidates to replace them. Bartholomew learned corruption well from his Turkish masters. I suspect some of the Turkish tanks he blessed in Syria last year were certainly used in the invasion of Cyprus a few decades earlier. A venal corrupt man.
      And yes we need to fight his Anerican minions, our lazy corrupt Metropolitans, tooth and nail to take back our Church. It won’t be easy. They have become addicted to our donations like heroin and few of them could survive back in the real world.
      If they want to excommunicate us for standing up to Black Bart no worries, many of us Greek Americans are already on the verge of going OCA, a truly American Church. ROCOR is also very spiritual and the Serbs have wonderful bishops. I am sure there are homes for all of us in many parts of canonical Orthodoxy while Black Bart drifts into schism

    2. Michael, thanks, but here’s the thing. It’s not clear if other jurisdictions would accept the publicly “excommunicated” of which I would gladly be a part. Nevertheless, we should learn to do what they did in 1920 when there were no (or few) priests. They gathered and prayed aloud Matins and Vespers. I’m good with that if the clergy chokes and doesn’t follow. Let them get their checks from Bart and Demet then. Someone in this whole food chain has to grow a set of balls. As always, it has to be us lay men and women because there is no real spiritual prophet-leader like Old Testament days. Everyone in church authority is compromised and corrupted or “afraid”.

  3. Unforrunately, this is what happens when you take someone from a foreign country, which just so happens to be anti-Christian and, has very little, if any, pastoral experience!

    I have been told for at least the last 20 or some odd years, that there are only 2,000 Greek Orthodox Christians living in all of Turkey! Come on now, what do these “boys” in black there know about running a “real” active and vibrant Parish, not alone an Archdiocese or Patriarchate?

    This Patriarch, in his 25 years in power, has done nothing but caused heartache and pain here in USA! He doesn’t seem to have the vision, nor the where with all to do what is best for his flock here. And yes, his actions have spoken volumes on his lack of care and concern for his largest and most financially supportive eparchy!

    Let’s face it, until we here in this country finally get some worthy and well qualified candidates for hierarchs, then and only then, we just may happen to see a change in things. The first and foremost important thing is to be able to be free from foreign interference. To be able to select and elect hierarchs right here from within, without needing approval from a so called “defunct” empire which fell some more than 500 years ago. Once again, the choices seem to be slim to none. At present, it just so happens to seem the choices are the least of the worse! Now, how sad is that?

    And yes, Michael, what a great point. I too wonder just how many souls has the Patriarch and his band of Metropolitans evangelized and brought to Christ and to the Eastern Orthodox faith, not only from his country of Turkey, but for that matter, the entire world?

    What we need here in the USA, is a “Church” which is actually “Christ Centered!” Not, just in words, but in actions as well. A “Church” which is free from all ethnic, cultural, foreign intervention and control. One that answers to its own here in the good ol’ USA. The time has come for the “Church” here to be Pan Orthodox. One that puts “Christ” first and foremost, rather than ethnic and cultural affiliation! Until this happens, I for one, sadly do not see any change happening for the better! God help us and have mercy on us all!

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