Letter to the Editor: Greek American Community Should Demand Justice

FILE - In this Dec. 15, 2014, file photo, Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi speaks during a press conference in Manama, Bahrain. President Donald Trump says the U.S. will not levy additional punitive measures at this time against Saudi Arabia over the killing of Jamal Khashoggi. (AP Photo/Hasan Jamali, File)

That the Jamal Khashoggi murder case deserves attention, let there be no doubt. Loss of life of any innocent individual deserves concern. But the United States Congress is using the sad and ugly situation in “political” tactics, rather than the humane conduct it demands.

The U.S. Congress is condemning the King of Saudi Arabia for the murder and for the horrible death that this “permanent resident” of the United States faced, and demands punishment for the guilty parties who committed this heinous act.

Yet, the United States Congress remains mute about the 1,619 Cypriots — including five Americans, one a 16-year-old Detroit native — taken hostage in the internationally-illegal Turkish invasion of the internationally-legitimate nation of Cyprus 44 years and 4 months ago.

Why the double standard? Turkey commits practically daily the kind of crimes committed against Jamal Khashoggi. Yet, the Turks, via their Foreign Minister in Washington last week, are boasting of Turkish involvement in bringing the case to light, in accordance with the Turkish Foreign Minister’s statement that the world must not let such crimes go unpunished.

Wake up, Congress, for if you really mean you care for “America’s values,” then you all should slam Turkey with sanctions until they return the remains of the 1,619 hostages they murdered, and get their internationally-illegal occupation troops out of the internationally-legitimate nation of Cyprus.

As for the Greek American Community: Rise and demand justice!


Dean C. Lomis

Newark, DE


  1. Well said.. Mr. Lomis…. do you expect the Glory to America ..Greek Secret societies , TNH, and the Aristorcrates of the Greek community or American Society …to care about the death and murder…of a journalist…..who not only insulted Donald Trump but the Saudi Royal family for their war crimes …and who continue to wag war against …those enemies …who have refused to surrender their sovereignty of their nations to them …like Iraq, Afganistan, Syria, Libya, Somalia, Lebanon.. and bombing another Shia populatiion in Yemen .. by these supporter of the Sunni Muslim Brigades called ISIS, Al Queda , Al Nustra and Jihadist religious mercenaries who have murdered or injured 3 1/2 million human beings in the Middle East….and have raped the treasury of the United States … to the tune of amassing a 26 trillion dollar debt !

    Do you really believe… that Anglo White Supremacist that litter our government care less about Greek Cypriots or the people of the Middle East …who are considered merely expendable collateral damage… in their pursuit of power and domination of the world!

    Heck …forget about the journalist… what about the bombing of the poorest country of the world ..Yemen!

    Do you expect the Greek community …who apparently, the government of the United States ..is represented by the Glory to America ..cult of demented Greek Secret Society of Ahepan Masons…which TNH …continues to splatter over its Newspapers…. and who the ambassador to Greece , Mr Pyatt…has praised for having a place in the government of the United States to rise up… only when the people of this government wishes to hear …from these Secrets Society..to do what is in the best interests of their Anglo white Supremacist masters!

    To give you an idea… a petition which made the U.S complicit with the invasion of Cyprus with Turkey… as has now become public… also ..held them responsible to get Nato ally Turkey out of Cyprus …but more importantly… demanded that they enforce economic sanctions and enforce a military arms embargo on Turkey…as they and Nato have done against Russia for their annexation of Crimea…although ,,,Russias did it legally and thru a referendum…unlike the Turkish ethnic and religious cleansing of Greekd from their homes in Northern Cyprus ..by their Nato allies Turkey!

    I personally offered this to the Secret Society of Ahepa Masons …to join in this effort …to have the U.S and Nato …clean up there mess in Cyprus ..by supporting these actions to force the withdrawal of Turkey from Cyrpus! This was rejected by this fraudulent secret society….and buried .. because it was not in the Interests of their Networking beuracates in Washington! So the hypocracy of the United States and Nato was buried… and their double standard of justice …depending on who their friends and allies were and are needed to fulfill thier interests! They also ..buried the Public Relations nightmare for the U.S and Nato…who have fooled everyone …by selling a myth …that all these wars in the Middle East… were required to protect the civilians of the world…when all they have ever been …but criminal invasions of foreign countries with proxy religious armies to take control of their countries!

    This country does not wage a war on terrorism..they wage it in support …of Terrorist like Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar ..UAE…and their enemiee….which I would recommend you read my post … in response…to the TNH propaganda.interview by Mr. Pyatt …ambassador to Greece from the United States…that is being featured on this Sercret Society Newpaper, which should tell you who the real enemies are of America… and it might surprise you to know…it is us…the Ortiodox faithful!

    Mr. Lomis …you are a very honorable man .. and you represent what this entire society of made in America Greeks and most Americans … shamefully have lost… and that is a christian who actually cares about his fellow human… and speaks up… and can not understand… how no onr is standing up for the victims of evil and degenerate behavior!

    In the face of overwhelming depravity.. by the government… should you be surprised … that when you have a society ..whose interests is making money …to watch NFL football games… and wildly… screams with emotion of outrage …when their team does something wrong…but remain silent to the murder of humans being …that is estimated to be around 22 million since Vietnam .you .can hardly be expected to give a dam about Greeks in Greece or Cyprus!

    1. All this from Secretary of State and Grand Masonic Prosecutor of Nothing, Michael Jokekos. Insane stuff. Paid by the word ,I guess.

    2. I would recommend …that the Greek Secret Society of Ahepa Masons …and TNH…. print a disclaimer …that Spiro …is not a member of their society or subscriber to TNH… since,,, his responses ..are embarrasing !

      Continuation of response …which neither refute with facts..any of my presentations… but only make the reader .. determine .the merit of my arguments …by committing to the judgments of my character by Captain Hook or better identified as Spiro… in not worthy of any organization representatives!

      Spiro . no one will take you serious ..if that is your intent …however… you may just be a 8 year old kid …playing with some sort of toy!

  2. Read Lawrence of Arabia how Bedouin kill and eat lame camels.
    For them the journalist was just another lame camel.

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