With US Making Inroads, Russia Offers Greece Military Links Too

FILE - Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras , right, welcomes Russian President Vladimir Putin before their meeting in Athens, Friday, May 27, 2016. (AP Photo/Petros Giannakouris)

As Prime Minister and Radical Left SYRIZA leader Alexis Tsipras – a former Communist Youth leader – is seeking a stronger alliance with the United States and allowing joint military operations on Greek soil, Russia now wants to offer military co-operation as well although it also wants to sell missile defense systems to Turkey at the same time.

Russia’s Ambassador Andrey Maslov, told the Russian news agency TASS that as Greece is already armed with Russian-made military equipment that Moscow wants to expand and strengthen its ties as the Greek government is said to he favorable toward allowing another American base.

“At present, cooperation in this area is developing largely through the maintenance of the Russia-made weaponry that Greece already has,” Maslov was quoted as saying. “There are no complaints about our equipment from the Greek side since it has proven itself to be good and high-quality.”

“We in turn are open to stepping up cooperation in this area and are ready to discuss new projects,” he added.

That came as Tsipras was preparing to go to Moscow to meet President Vladimir Putin although Greece earlier this year ejected two Russian diplomats accused of trying to scuttle Greece’s deal to rename the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) and open the door toward entry into NATO and beginning European Union accession talks.

Russia was opposed to deal that was brokered with the help of then United Nations envoy Matthew Nimetz, an American lawyer who had failed to find a solution for nearly two decades and broke off talks for three years before resuming them amid speculation the US was keen to get another country into NATO as a bulwark against Russian interests in the Balkans.

Russia is looking to expand military and technical cooperation with Athens and is ready to discuss new projects, Maslove said, adding that the flap over the diplomats is over.

“Today, relations between our countries develop normally and preparations for the Greek Prime Minister’s visit to Moscow are the best proof of improving ties,” he said, according to TASS.

“We have been cooperating constructively with our Greek colleagues in preparing for the December summit, we are also making plans for the future. I believe that the July chapter in Russian-Greek relations has been closed,” he said.

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  1. First of all…TNH…stop your distortions…to imply that Russia is some sort of Communist system ..when the communist party .. represents less than 10 % of the political parties of the Russia Federation! Additionally, identifying continuously … Mr. Tsipras …as a former communist youth leader … not the leader of Greece in meeting the Russian leadership…is disgracefully another example of how the Media ..is simply… a biased representative …of a bunch of Anglo White supremacist …who wish to discredit anybody…that does not toll the political anti Russian narrative … which is to …obstruct any legitimate relationship with their enemies …not those of the world!

    Good Job…TNH… but then again, you give me so many opportunites to expose your distortions and lies …for the Glory of America! I mean … while you can call Mr. Tsipras corrupt …and identify him as a Communist …and what do you expect from someone ….who meets with Russia but, do not identify …the leaders of America …as Republican Neo Con fascist …who are part of Secret Societies … meeting with the like of Saudi Arabia…who dismember journalists and hire religious fanatics to destroy countries like libya, Iraq, Syria, Yemen and Iran!

    To informed Greek Americans…..we are not fooled by your narrative …that Russia is selling Nato member Turkey … anti ballistic missile systems …which somehow …suggests in your demented mine…that Greece.. should be wary about any relationship with Russia …since, they also support the enemy of Greece… Nato Ally Turkey!

    Like a good supporter of the Anglo White Supremacist countries of the U.S and England… you consider Greeks inferior and stupid …and unable to comprehend you propaganda message… and call you out for another distortion!

    Specifically, the stupid readers… know…that unlike the traitors to Greece .. the U.S and English regimes.. are the number one suppliers in the world of lethal weapons …to countries like Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar etc etc. Importantly, while the U.S provides Turkey …with all the “OFFENSIVE” weaponry which they have used not only in the invasion of Northern Cyprus, but now recently Iraq, and Syria …which they also have taken territory from Syria … and defend their terrorist jihadist in IDlib, Syria with American illegal occupation forces! What TNH …does not mention , while Russia only sells anti ballistic missile systems to Turkey and Greece…and which the U.S has hit Turkey with economic black mail to stop this deal ….they also have stocked in Turkey …about 20 Nuclear warheads in violation of Nuclear Proliferation treaties ..which actually, allows Turkey …to be trained to use them in an emergency war against their enemies!

    What Mr Tsipras should do … is demand that Russia , upgrade , the anti ballistic missile systems …and equal to what the S-400 missile systems are capable of doing .. and which is being sold to Turkey…and for that matter …most of the non -controlled independent countries of the world by the U.S. Why…because , the Patriot anti defense system of the U.S …is not comparable…something they do not want ..the people of America to know….since, it could create doubt … as to the merits of continuing their hostile attacks on the world and Russia!

    The next thing he should do …is tell the U.S ..to remove its bases in Greece….and provide Greece with the most advanced offensive military equipment they have…including some of those defective F-35’s they are planning to sell to Turkey…if they don’t buy those anti ballistic systems form Russia! By the way… the same offensive weapons…should be sold to Cyprus…like they do ..to the Jewish lobbies of Israel!

    Just think ..between Russia and the United States….Greece, can shoot down…those Turkish intruders over her shies ..and actually ,,defend the sovereignty of Greece! Why do you need U.S bases …when you will already have the ability to defend your country… and not be made an enemy of the enemies of the U.S!

    Lastly… Mr Tsipras.. should spend a lot more time meeting with Mr. PUtin …to watch a real leader …diplomatically…deal with rogue and criiminal regimes like the U.S , Saudi Arabia, Turkey , Ukraine, and Israel,…and how he protect Christian orthodox populations like those in Syria! Something …the Anglo Evangelicals white supremacist of America…have murdered ..in Serbia, Iraq, Palestine, Syria, etc etc!

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