Political Rancor Grows Over Greek Student FYROM Protests, Sit-ins

(AP Photo/Giannis Papanikos, FILE)

ATHENS – Major New Democracy opposition leader Kyriakos Mitsotakis and Movement for Change (KINAL) chief Fofi Gennimata have joined in condemning high school sit-ins conducted bu students that critics said are being used by the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn to oppose a government deal to rename the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM).

Mitsotakis said he backed the rights of students to protest but not to occupy schools, a common practice in the country over a range of issues and a favorite tactic of many in the ruling Radical Left SYRIZA today when they were young.

Mitsotakis said “every Greek, and every youth has the right to protest” against the deal to rename FYROM as North Macedonia, giving away the name of an ancient Greek province, ironically first agreed by his father in 1992, the late former Premier Constantine Mitsotakis.
“New Democracy was, is and will always be opposed to every form of (school) sit-ins. Others built their political careers on such sit-ins,” he said in a swipe at Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras who was a teen leader orchestrating similar protests in high schools.

“Nevertheless, closed schools mean closed minds, and I would not, under any circumstance, want well-meaning patriotism to become the tinder of a barren and extreme nationalism in the hands of certain deft hands,” Mitsotakis said, the business newspaper Naftemporiki reported.
The Prime Minister’s office countered with a response that, “Others emerged through social struggles (i.e. Tsipras) and others with the help of their father and sister,” a reference to the late Constantine Mitsotakis and one-time foreign minister and Athens mayor Dora Bakoyannis, the father and sister of the New Democracy leader.

Ironically, SYRIZA is unhappy with the school sit-ins because they’re tied to the right-wing instead of the left, with Education Minister Costas Gavroglou said Golden Dawn is trying to recruit students, as the Leftists have been doing for decades.

Gennimata, who led the now-defunct PASOK Socialists who vanished after backing austerity measures antithetical to its alleged principles and joined in a center-left movement, tweeted that, “Genuine patriotism was always opposed to hate and nationalism,.” She added that, “We’re closing the doors to fanaticism and divisiveness; we’re listening to the concerns and sensitivities of our children, but with schools open”.

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  1. First of All… Mr. Mistotakis…the students …are occupying I assume … A public school facility payed for by the Taxpayers of Greece… or their parents… which means it is their property …no different that a “National Park’ they are free to occupy… and sit… run by the State! If they wish to sit in their public schools … and say whatever they want … it is their right!

    What Mr. Mistotakis objects to …is the message … which the government and its media…have attempted to discredit them … and their message! This is no different …than falsely accusing Russian diplomates of colluding and meddling in what these students are expressing, or collaborating with the monks of Mt .Athos…for the same reasons! These are simply …. the actions of a corrupt government and media!

    To give you an idea…. yesterday… CNN News …. one of the fake news collaborators …and mouthpiece of the Anglo white Supremacist secret society of billionaires …to promote their global agenda’s ….has blatantly, and racistly…fired Black News Contributor of Cnn….for expressing the truth about the attrocities being commited by one of the favorite financial contributors to the Corrupt U.S government…the Jewish State of Israel! Mr. Hill … had the audacity to make a speech to the U.N. human rights assembly …which is not …within… the allowed narratives of CNN… which are selling wars in the MIddle East, Ukraine, anti-Russian propaganda… Russian Collusion and Meddling … Anti Iran …but Pro Israel and Saudi Arabia …. war games in the Middle East!

    In his speech, Hill carefully explained all the ways in which Israeli Apartheid practices (my word, not his) devastate the basic human rights of the 5 million Palestinians living under Occupation. Not only are the 20 percent of Israeli citizens who are of Palestinian heritage second class citizens (and, increasingly, third class citizens), but those kept under the jackboot of the Israeli military in the Palestinian West Bank and in Gaza are kept stateless and without even the right to have rights.

    These crimes, epochal and unparalleled in our own time, are being committed by Benyamin Netanyahu and his henchmen in plain sight, violating every principle of agreed-upon international law in the post-1945 period. (I say unparalleled because I know of no other government on earth in the 21st century deliberately keeping millions of persons stateless and depriving them of citizenship. Some countries give minorities a citizenship many of the latter do not want, but they still do have a passport and property rights). Israel occupied the Palestinian West Bank and the Gaza Strip in 1967 and refuses to relinquish them or grant citizenship to the inhabitants, ensuring they remain in the twilight zone of statelessness. They are by far the largest stateless population in the world, (Undocumented migrants are not stateless since they have citizenship in their home country). The Nazis made Jews stateless as a prelude to the Holocaust.

    When you combine … the fact that Netanyahue …is being charged with Bribery ..of the local Newspapers..to sell his and the U.S. lies to the people of not only Israel , but the world …and the actions described by Mr. Hill…it is pretty clear …. that most High School and College Students …would protest and occupy their public schools…if they actually …cared about their fellow citizens and their rights!

    Mr.Mistotakis… seems to ignore the fact…that extreme tactics to express and bring attention …to extreme criminal conduct …like Mr. Netanyahue … who is glorified by the Media and his financial supporters…. is necessary …by the students of Greece…. to bring attention to acts of Treason …by corrupt members of the Greek government!

    Civil disobedience ..has always been the only means of getting the attention of the people and government …to know …what in their name … is criminally …being imposed!

    Call it what it is ..Mr. Mistotakis… thsese students …are doing what you cowards do not do…..show urgency and seriousness …to acts of treason…. and do what the independent press like CNN…decide who has a legitimate narrative or not!

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