Tsipras to Visit Russia; to Meet With Putin and Medvedev on Dec.7

FILE - Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras , right, and Russian President Vladimir Putin address to journalists during a joint press conference after their meeting in Athens, Friday, May 27, 2016. (Orestis Panagiotou/EPA via AP)

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras will meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin and Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev on December 7 during his official visit to Russia.

According to sources, the further strengthening and deepening of the bilateral cooperation on financial, energy and cultural issues along with the dialogue on regional matters will be on the focus of the visit.

The visit of the Greek prime minister is held 190 years since the establishment of the diplomatic relations between the two countries underlining the close relations between the two countries which are based on strong relations of friendship and respect between the people as repetitively has been underlined by Athens.

Tsipras will be accompanied by Alternate Foreign Minister George Katrougalos, the general secretary of international economic relations of the Foreign Ministry Yiannis Brahos and other officials.

According to the same sources the prospect of Russian investments in Greece and the possibility the Greek exports to Russia to increase is expected to be discussed. The role of Greece as pillar of stability and safety in the Balkans and the eastern Mediterranean, the Cyprus issue and Russia’s stable position for a fair and viable solution, the prospects for Libya and Syria and the relations between EU and Russia, will also be discussed.

Moreover, Alternate Foreign Minister George Katrougalos will be in Moscow on December 5 to participate in the Greece-Russia Joint Ministerial Committee meeting. The meeting was due to take place earlier in 2018 but it was postponed in the shadow of the worsening of the relations between the two countries in August.


  1. Someone should get Alexis Tsipras a tie as an early Christmas present so he can wear one for an important meeting for a change.

    Hope the meeting goes well.

  2. Apparently…. Alexis… now realizes that his meetings and subordination to the ruling parries of the U.S. and EU…have not worked out to well…..and clearly,,,,have put him in a position of early retirement, hopefully,in Greece!

    Maybe… just maybe … he has learned , that as a member of Nato…even he can play the political game of using the super powers , like , the master …Mr. Edrogan…to negotiate and extract …. economic , political , and military concessions…which represent the interests of Greeks …not them!

    Importantly…. he is demonstrating to the U.S ….that attempting to blackmail Greece …to not purchase oil and gas …from the enemies of the Anglo White Supremacist members of the boys in Washington and London…… not the rest of the world ….will not be tolerated…. by Greece any longer!

    Furthermore, it is clear that the EU is attempting right now …to separate form the …boys in Washington and london…and change from representing U.S interest …to European countries interest…which now include … actively working with Russia , Turkey, France and Germany …. to end the Syrian war …without U.S dictate and presence….. and to consider a separate EU army …without U.S. participation!

    The bizarre criminal foreign policy of the United States has been exposed … and their tearing up of the Iranian agreement …. which stoped development of Nuclear weapons and brought Peace to the world …and the support of Saudi Arabia war crimes wars in Yemen and Syria with Israel and the United States …and peaking with the murder of 45 children of Yemen being mutilated in a school bus and representing an estimated death of 85000 shia Muslim children by the U.S and Saudi Arabian coalition …looiking to take control of another country of the world….compounded by the breaking of International agreement and laws ..by placing U.S. embassy in Jerusalem …. and supporting the massacre of 61 unarmed civilians in Palestine ….and finally , recognition that Benjamin Netanyahue ..is the real deal dictator and fascist …who has recently been charged with bribery …in attempting to do …what the U.S media has done …sell themselves off to the ruling party of America!

    What the EU…also knows…. that their is an alliance of rogue countries of the world …called the U.S.,. England , Saudi Arabia, and Israel ….representing the richest countries of the world … who have merged to control the Economic , Political , and military assets of the world …for power and money!

    Hopefully, Mr. Tsipras …now recognizes …that with there loss in Syria …and failed efforts against Iran …the U.S is losing its grip on the Middle East…. and apparenty, is placing its money on starting something in the Ukraine…which no country of Europe …wants any part of ! Including Mr. Tsipras!

    On the contrary… Mr. Putin , the created boogeryman …has been brilliant diplomatically….and shown great patience in …confronting the U.S. and their bizarre foreign policy …by not getting baited into a cnflict ,but just allowing the rest of Europe …. see for themselves….who the real threat to the stability of the world are!

    A good start though… and hopefully….some good will come from it….that represents the benefits to Greece and her interest…not those of just Russia!

    Finally, since Russia is just one of 7 permanent members of the UN. Security council …they have a lot of say …concerning anything that is done in the world …by the UN! This would be a good time for Tsipras …to discuss the Cyprus situation …and start preparing for unification of Cyprus with Greece…if the Turks…. refuse to surrender Northern Cyprus peacefully!

    Clearly, Russia could make a big differencre. in legitimizing this action … and you can bet your last dollar….that the U.S … would be forced to earn their stay in Greece, just like Russia!

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