Tsipras Says Turkey’s Seas Bombast Upsets Regional Stability

FILE - Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, looks on during the arrival of former President of France, Francois Hollande, prior to their meeting in Athens, Friday, Nov. 16, 2018. (AP Photo/Petros Giannakouris)

ATHENS – The Greek Foreign Ministry said Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s increased provocations over the Aegean and Eastern Mediterranean and plans to drill for energy is increasing a risk of conflict.

“The Turkish provocations undermine the stability of the region at a crucial juncture and demonstrate the paucity of Turkey’s legal arguments,” the ministry said in a statement, with Prime Minister and Radical Left SYRIZA leader Alexis Tsipras also the Foreign Minister with the departure of Nikos Kotzias, who quit after the Premier backed Defense Minister Panos Kammenos over him in policy disputes.

The statement – Tsipras doesn’t give news conferences or take questions from reporters, with ministries operating through press releases – came after Erdogan, upset that Greece planned to extend its sea borders in the Ionian from 6 to 12 miles and with foreign energy companies drilling for oil and gas off Cyprus said he wouldn’t tolerate it and would authorize Turkish drilling.

“The reckless behavior of Greece – supported by European states – acting together with the Greek-Cypriot administration is a danger and above all a threat to themselves,” Erdogan said a day after Cyprus announced that energy giants Total and Eni had jointly bid for another license to explore and exploit oil and gas reserves off the island.

“We will use our rights under international law and conventions to the end. And we are determined to put anyone who wants to stop us in their place,” he warned.

The Foreign Ministry in Athens however insisted that Greece “is not going to be influenced by the neighboring country’s outbursts of aggressive rhetoric,” said Kathimerini.

“On the contrary, as a factor of stability and security in the region, Greece will continue, in collaboration with its allies and partners, to defend international law and its own inalienable rights,” it said, adding that “the rest of the Eastern Mediterranean countries recognize that energy must be a bridge of dialogue and cooperation in our region. Instead of insisting on threats and on its illegal claims and challenges, Turkey ought to adhere to this responsible stance.”

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  1. Hey Tsipras…. maybe you should watch a real leader …Vladimir Putin…. teach you what the leader does …to protect the sovereignty of his country …and their territorial and water rights..from the U.S and Nato puppet regime of the Ukraine!

    Like you Tsipras…. the hand picked leader and card carrying Oligarck and member of the Nazi Party…. by the State Department of the United States … has an approval rating of less than 8% in the Ukraine….and since, he took office…by coup….the Ukrainian economy and rights of the Ukraine ..have nose dived!

    However, he will not be reelected … like you Alex… and has decided to provoke an international incident by violating with military naval ships of the Ukraine …the territorial water rights of Russia… and in so doing deliberately put in harms way … Ukranian sailors and guess what ….intelligence officers , who happened to be on board!

    To this end… while he did the predictable … while not a member of Nato or the Eu…called on Nato …to guess what send Naval Fleets into the territorial waters of Russia ! Of course . the U.S white supremacist supervisors of the Ukraine…immediately condemned Russia …for Aggresive action …against their vassal state the Ukraine!

    Hilarious… Tsipras and Greece … demand respect for the territorial and water rights of Greece and Cyrpus…but is part of a organized crime family called Nato …who support the violation of the territorial and rights of the independent country of Russia by another undeclared member of Nato …like Cyprus…the Ukraine!

    Unlike Alex and the ruling parties of Greece …. Vladimir … does not have to ask for the permission of the United States and Nato … to excercise the sovereign rights of independent countries of the world …to attack and capture military vessels from foreign countries who breech their territorial borders….without permission!

    According to Nato…. Turkey has every right to fly over Greece, challenge the water rights of Greece and Cyprus … since, the have demonstrated …. as stated by a real leader …Mr. Putin …”That the U.S and Nato …would even tolerate…Mr. Porshenko …in eating babies ..if supported the connivance of the U.S and Nato!

    You Alex and the leaders of Cyprus …are traitors to Greeks… and hopefully…. when you lose the next election … you move to Brussels , london, or Washington .. your real home!

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