“Smoke-Free Greece”: Behrakis’ Life-Saving Contribution

FILE - George Behrakis stands near his program’s sign, “Smoke Free Greece.” (Photo: courtesy of George Behrakis)

In my travels from New York to Athens and back, when arriving at the airport in Athens the first thing that catches my attention, and I imagine yours as well, is this striking difference from New York, one that really grieves me: the large number of people who continue to smoke.

Moreover, it is interesting that unlike New Yorkers, who often smoke in “secret”, Greeks – women and men alike – do so flamboyantly and with pride, like the movie stars …

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  1. Putin has a progrm where the minimum age for smoking is raised every few years until all smoking is banned

  2. Greece could ban it out right but doesn’t, doctors smoke inside hospitals teachers and KIDS smoke inside schools, not hard to do 100 % ban growing, import export selling consuming any tabacco products. Smugglers shot on sight in person, trucks or boats…slogans posters dont work, all wishful thinking..Oxi To Tabacco…Now Vape products too.

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