Bartholomew Gives New Extension to Demetrios

FILE - His Eminence Archbishop Demetrios of America. (Photo by TNH/Costas Bej)

BOSTON – Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew notified the Holy Synod of the Phanar on Tuesday, November 27 that he has accepted the request of His Eminence Archbishop Demetrios of America for an extension of his resignation until Easter. This development was made during the second round of meetings in Geneva on Tuesday, November 20, as The National Herald exclusively revealed.

Specifically, the Patriarch asked the members of the Holy Synod to swear not to repeat what was discussed during the meeting for …

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  1. This game has been going on for a long time. The world knows Dimitrios is out. However, the question remains: What does Dimitrios have up his sleeve that prevents the Patriarch from acting swiftly and decisively?

    1. Lets not forget that it was the Patriarch’s forced resignation of Iakovos, the division of the Archdiocese into Metropoli, and his unwise appointment of Spryidon, that was the foundation of today’s problems.

    2. Fellow frustrated compatriots, what I suspect that Dimitrios has up his sleeve are the Millions unaccounted for SNCNS that Fr. Alex K boldly told us on 12/12/17 he collected; namely $ 37,398,316 and another $11,193,443 balance not collected from brings the total pledged to $48,991,760.
      Where is Mr. Psaros, Tsandikos, Kyrkos, Mrs. Walsh, Allen and the rest of the Archdiocesan Finance Com. The Metropolitans, especially Alexios, who made claims that cost him painfully at the Clergy-Laity, to explain again where the money has gone?
      Why are they all silent about the $237,438.00 collected for the fire victims of Attica, Greece but were directed to a Patriarchal office in Athens to be distributed by their office. Directed by whom? Distributed where? Where is the Accountability and Transparency that the GOA has been falsely preaching, but is not practicing?
      There are more financial atrocities, be it at the School in Brookline, the St. Michael’s home, the Camp deals in NY and the many other unknown to us, the “fools!” dealings. There are more, but the “poor and homeless guy,” that happens to be the Archbishop, refuses to deal with facts, reality and above all the truth. All those who surround him and allow him to continue his pathetic ministry, are conspirators and will be judged for the collapse and ultimate bankruptcy of the GOA. Shame to them and to us who are letting them achieve this travesty.

    1. Yes we have let them make fools and asses of us. We support their luxury lifestyles while Bartholomew stuff millions of Ukrainian bribes in his black dress. God rescue us from Bartholomew the Corrupt.

  2. Wow Linda aren’t you a big fat mess. Bet not very pretty either. Only good at name calling. No not Russian here, 100% Greek and disgusted with our corrupt Patriarch.

    1. Don’t insult a woman’s looks, Michael, or I will be tempted to come find you and make you look like a woman. When she said “Russian troll “, she means that your comments are those of someone who parrots (trolls) the Russian propaganda, not that you are ethnically Russian. You need to get out of your own way and understand language before you post. Apologize to her now, if you’re a gentleman.

    2. You are not too bright yourself. Calling someone a troll instead of challenging the value of their opinion makes Linda a dumb girl at best, a troll herself at worst. You are not any better, a real tough guy hiding in the Internet. Little Jason.

    3. Michael
      I noticed your propensity for calling woman as witches or fat.
      Must be because you’ve never been with one..

  3. Friends play nice. Not every one is up to speed on the ARCHO’s crimes yet. We all want the same thing in the end and to get rid of all of them once and for all. Lets keep sharing info, please provide names and any other interesting things you would like to share and be “looked into.” I respect you all and thank you for giving me my Greek pride back.

    -Jason Bourne or anyone can you give me any names and dates regarding Denver. Man has that Metro been flying below the radar for like 10 years.

    -Michael “luxury lifestyles” no kidding my friend. The morons had a total of 37 different corporate credit cards. I know all about the BEYOND lavish trips and spending they roll bigger then Rock stars.

  4. The Met in NJ is very talented with a great voice and has great chanters with him wherever he goes. He is also extremely rude and bullies the priests and the parish councils when he visits. Our parish in NJ gives $80,000 annually no matter what. We need a new roof it leaks into the church. A new front entrance which leaks into the electric room below and blows the fuses which we’ve now covered with plastic. Our entrance is covered with plastic and looks like a gypsy compound. A few donors asked to establish a chapel inside the churches lower level which was met with resistance, probably because a donation wasn’t made to the Metropolis first. They were turned off and so am I. And I’m committed to this community!

    1. How sad is it when this is the quality or better yet, the lack thereof in this archdiocese. It seems to continue to get worse, with no hope in sight. Unfortunately, it seems there is no qualified bench to select from! It has come down to the least of the worst! God help us and have mercy on us all!

    2. My parish gives 6 figures to the GOA and it too needs repairs which now require more debt. Read in this same issue of TNH about Holy Trinity Chicago. Raped, pillaged, and foreclosed. JeffDiner now describes the same story in NJ with His Immenseness Fatangelos ,The Abused and Abusive Glutton Child.

      Here’s the deal: Demo Trakatellis negotiated a stay of execution until Easter by promising to raise $40 million. They have to go see Putin if they want that kind of money and turn it into St. Vladimir in his honor.

      Absolutely no one in the US trusts Demo or his Metros or anyone in the GOA or Greece or Bart. Case closed unless the do something illicit to raise the money, which is entirely possible with this ass-clown show known as GOA.

    3. And if the Archbishop manages to raise the $40 million does anyone really think he won’t use that as a reason to stay on?

  5. Hay Spiro,

    The ARCHO would never do anything ilicit. (Pause of uncontrollable laughing)
    These Morons keep turning left into the Iceberg! Good news is the community starting to wake up
    see reality finnaly. 20 years late, but better late then never I guess.

    Now for some fun Saint Nick Facts.

    -its only 3,700 SQ feet, and 37 ft tall. Smaller then the average McDonald’s
    -80 million now and it’s the most expensive building per square foot in New York
    -only 911 buliding project that is not finished.
    -its not a church and can’t be called that. It’s a shrine so all religions can come and give donations to them.
    -it looks more like a Mosque then a Greek Church.
    -the Cross around my neck is bigger then the one on the top of the building.
    -they spent over 17 million before construction even started.
    -its now called a National Embarasment by everyone.
    -no one enen Leaderless 100 is stupid enough to give them any more money. Well Leaderless 100 and the Arcons are.
    -The ARCHOS audit report never said where the missing money went. That was the purpose of the audit!
    -it has been shut down for over a year and it’s covered in plastic in the center of Manhattan.
    -it is being State and Federal invastagated:)

    I wish them all the best of luck.

    1. That’s $21,000 a square foot. This makes them a laughing stock. Central Park West and 5th Ave might be $ 5,000 a sq ft new build. Truly a comedy starring World Class Idiots.

    2. Divide 80 million by 525 parishes and you get $152,380.00 that each parish can use to build ministries,repair buildings and help the needy.

  6. Funny how you took this article off the site map.
    Fake news from reading toilet stains instead of tea leaves.

    1. A common pattern with TNH, when things get too super-charged about the deleterious effects of Greekness, the articles are buried. ZHTO TO ETHNOS, is the paper’s motto.

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