Analysis: Patriarchal Humanity and Tolerance

Finance Committee Chairman Lazaros Kyrkos is showing the budgets of past Clergy Laity Congress while Archdiocesan Council vice chairman George Tsandikos listens. TNH/Theodore Kalmoukos

The sequence of events of our ecclesiastical affairs are indubitably of historic significance …

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  1. Your reporting is a disgrace, and you just loss my subscription. How can you blame one man for the mess that we are in, Take your Turkish Puppet !!! and go to Hel!!!!!l

    1. I strongly disagree with your assessment that “Your reporting is a disgrace…”. In fact I would say that over the years Mr. Kalmoukos has been as spot on as anyone could be who covers a dysfunctional institution. I would say that the disgrace is in the “sycophants” who have held positions in the Church and let it get to this point. No one has faith in the institution, only the Faith. A Faith that is being perverted by the Ephraimite followers working to overrun the Church. Our beloved Church is dying a quick death and you wish to shoot the messenger.

    2. The messenger is a child of the patriarch, first and foremost, because that keeps us in symmetry with Greece. How do you think he always gets the best info? When America steps out of line, the propaganda machine is there to whack them.

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