Thessaloniki Mayor Boutaris: I Experienced it, had Enough, Goodbye!

Yiannis Boutaris. (Photo: MotionTeam/Fani Tripsani, file)

THESSALONIKI – The decision not to run again was easy, said Thessaloniki mayor Giannis Boutaris during an interview with Athens-Macedonia News Agency at his office in Thessaloniki.

“I experienced it, had enough, goodbye!” Boutaris said. He added that he is touched by the reaction of the people after his decision to withdraw from local politics became known and also proud of what he has achieved during his eight years as Mayor, for example the Holocaust Museum that is currently under construction. However, he said, he is also frustrated over projects he did not manage to carry out.

Asked how he would grade himself as Mayor, Boutaris said that when it comes to improving the life of the people he would not give more than 7 out of 10, citing bureaucracy and other reasons as stumbling blocks.

On the 2019 local election, Boutaris said that Thessaloniki needs a mayor with a vision and added that his administration’s work cannot be reversed. “It is a river that will continue to flow,” he said.

Finally, Boutaris made it clear that he is not interested in running for either the national or the European election.

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