The Resignation of Archbishop Demetrios is Said to Be Imminent

His Eminence Archbishop Demetrios lights candles at Kimisis tis Theotokou Church in Brooklyn before the Great Vespers service on August 14. Photo: Michalis Kakias

ΒΟSΤΟN – The resignation of Archbishop Demetrios of America seems to be imminent – a matter of days – according to what has recently transpired at his meeting in Geneva with His All Holiness Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew as The National Herald revealed on November 21.

Patriarch Bartholomew requested the Archbishop submit his resignation on his own.

Although no official announcement was issued about the meeting, TNH has learned the following:

First, it was Patriarch Bartholomew’s initiative to invite Archbishop Demetrios to Geneva for the meeting. The Archbishop knew about this meeting since Friday, November 16 and shared this information with Archdiocesan Council Vice Chairman, George Tsandikos, and chief secretary, Alice Keurian.

Second, the Patriarch has already urged the Archbishop to think about, and place above everything else, the interest of the Archdiocese of America, the Church in general, as well as the Ecumenical Patriarchate, and thus, has asked the Archbishop to resign willingly. Up to this point, the Archbishop has refused.

The Patriarch did not want to remove Archbishop Demetrios without having secured his resignation. Therefore, he called the Archbishop in one final time in an attempt to convince him that “the time has come.” The Patriarch reportedly told him that he has shown a lot of patience and that the Church in America should be allowed to move forward. He also added that they have cooperated harmoniously in the past and that he should depart with dignity and not wake up one morning as a former Archbishop of America or be transferred to another Metropolis. The Patriarch asked Archbishop Demetrios to facilitate the process by submitting his resignation, making it clear to him that the decision to replace him has been made.

The Archbishop attempted to refute the Patriarch, reportedly saying that everything has been taken care of at the Archdiocese. He mentioned what was discussed at the recent meeting of the Archdiocesan Council last month, including the misleading statements of some of his officials about the finances of the Church. However, the Archbishop failed to convince the Patriarch, who knows well the true nature of the issues of the Archdiocese.

High ranking ecclesiastical officials from the Ecumenical Patriarchate told TNH that the Patriarch has decided to proceed, but that he wanted the change to be done in a respectful and conscientious way.

Regarding the hierarch who will be elected to replace Archbishop Demetrios, nobody seems to know with certainty, except for some speculations. The appointment of a locum tenens should not be ruled out.

TNH has learned that there is a small group of appointed laymen of the Archdiocesan Council, as well as some Metropolitans, who have advised the Archbishop not to resign.

The teleconference of the Executive Committee of the Archdiocesan Council is expected on Monday, November 26 at 3 PM. The Archdiocese has leaked that the teleconference will not deal with the Archbishop’s resignation.


  1. Why doesn’t the Patriarch resign? He is in worse health than the Archbishop, he convened an “ecumenical council” that was boycotted by Russia, has now enflamed the Ukrainian situation, and manages an Ecumenical Patriarchate near bankruptcy (after all if they weren’t in dire financial straits, they wouldn’t continuously come hat in hand to church in America). And if the situation in America is so horrendous, then isn’t he ultimately responsible as we are not an autocephalous church? He isn’t resigning because our church isn’t a parliamentary system and nor should the Archbishop.

    1. Patriarch Bartholomew won’t resign because he is greedy and selfish and the only way he can keep his lifestyle for a dying church in Constantinople is to clutch on to the purse strings of th GOA. I suspect he already spent all of his bribe from Ukraine.

  2. This might be a situation in which the writing of a news article can not only cover an event, the news article can also affect the event. Now that a big headline about an upcoming resignation has hit the National Herald, the Archbishop may be moved to delay any actual resignation. announcement.

    1. And what is he going to accomplish? Vanity, all is vanity. His “legacy” is nonexistent, and his failures surpass his Ego. With all the disasters that he has created, his lies and cover ups, the stubborn fantasy that “all is good and fine,” for the Archdiocese, HCHC School, St. Nicholas shrine and many other ministries, he proves to be delirious and beyond salvation. The accurate Data of his failures betrays him.
      Time to go with dignity, if there is any left to the man who has openly declared that he is “Poor and Homeless.”

  3. In the end, you have to ask yourself:

    “Who cares who stays, who goes, or who’s in charge ?”.

    Demons are demons.

    The GOA and its “mother” are dead carcasses, to be picked over by the buzzards circling above. Don’t waste your energy on any of them.

    “Let the dead bury the dead”, said The Carpenter.

    I’d just as soon read a few Bible verses, some of the Psalms, and sing a few patriotic American songs, maybe even the Battle Hymn of the Republic.

    Enough already.

  4. What a disaster! This once glorious Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of North and South America, was once a well respected and a glorious Church institution. It all began with the forced resignation of His Eminence of Blessed memory, Archbishop Iakovos, by his sister’s godchild, the present Patriarch. This once Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of North and South America is now a mere skeleton of what it once was!
    Congratulations Patriarch Bartholomew for being successful in the denise of this once glorious and well respected Archdiocese! You single handedly, are personally responsible for bringing down this once fine Church institutionl. In your 25 years in power, you have done the unthinkable! Thank goodness for your so called unabiding love for your American Eparchy. Yes, your largest and most financially supportive Eparchy! Unfortunately, your actions speak much louder that your empty and meaningless words. It seems for you, the bottom line is, divide and conquer. Rather than buildng by love and caring! You should be ashamed of yourself. Your record speaks for itself! Anaxios!

    1. Greatly Saddened, yours is one of the most eloquent and powerful posts I have read on this forum! I wholeheartedly endorse your sentiments because you have said it better than I could have. Anaxios Bartholomew, anaxios. Repent and resign!

  5. There is much truth to be said of the Greek saying … “The fish smells from the head down!” So far, under Patriarch Bartholomew, two Archbishops have been forced to resign, and with what we have been led to believe by most recent reports, an imminent third is to do so within the next few days! Perhaps, just perhaps, this Patriarchate should consider doing the same for the benefit of this American Eparchy! Try leading by example!

  6. Meanwhile, it seems the Archdiocesan Council and Leadership 100, has remained silent on the possible resignation of a third archbishop from the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America! I guess silence is golden and how sad is that!

    I purposely did not include the illustrious Order of Saint Andrew, Archons of the Ecumenical Patriarchate, due to the fact they walk lockstep with whatever the Ecumenical Patriarch desires!

  7. The Archons raised a tremendous amount of money at their annual banquet this year and have now delivered their tribute to Constantinople in order to effectuate regime change. They are all concerned about Bartholomew and want to ensure they appoint the next Archbishop. It will be most amusing if Bartholomew accepts the archon tribute and then declines to install a newly obedient Archbishop.

  8. Hillarious that this is all framed as Bartholomew’s concern for the church in America. If he were so concerned, why has he permitted an AWOL metropolitan with other serious problems to remain in Denver for the last decade? Because Denver doesn’t deliver the cash, New York does. Byzantine games indeed.

    1. HI Nick and the rest of the Resistance.

      Would love to know more about Denver.

      Everyone on this forum is on the same page. Before this article feed goes away we should all exchange contact info. Its the same group of us posting anyways so I am reaching out.

      LMC, SPIRO, Greatly Saddened Spartacus left me a message and would love to chat with you guys.

  9. The scariest question is who will come next! Another sycophant whose sole job will be to bow and scrape to Black Bart? Methodios the Dictator? Evangelos the Tyrant and Glutton? Our choices are weak.

    1. Correct … perhaps this is an indication of the poor preparation of the candidates for the priesthood, and even worse, for the office of hierarch.

      How is it that there seems to be a commonality with a certain type of personality that many of the hierarchs seem to possess? One of arrogance, despot, dictatorial and tyrannical. Could this possibly be just a coincidence? Unfortunately, I tend to doubt it. It seems to be part of the DNA of many of the hierarchs. It’s as if they are better than rest of us. Where is the true love of thy neighbor, especially for their fellow brother clergy?

      As for humility, I think it is near non existent with these hierarchs. It seems once enthroned, they forget and lose touch with their fellow brother clergy and the general laity. They seem to get the air of arrogance and begin to talk down to their fellow brother clergy, as well as to their sheep and flock! How fast they seem to forget where they once were and where they came from! Boy, how things all of a sudden seem to change!

    2. Most of the players in the Orthodox world are “ego” motivated, touting – even arguing about their historical positions and places with mid-evil interpretations of archaic and anachronistic rules and “canons” to support their insanity. A Greek Orthodox church of America in deep decline is the cross we bear as Orthodox Christians – a direct result from the insanity playing out before our very eyes.

  10. I agree with you my friend, but most people still think that Demirirous and Bart are the ones calling the shots. Remember it’s LEADRLESS 100. Leaderless, Faithless and the Archons of Nothing are all Social Clubs without Crosses. The Greek Chruch is drowning all around them, and they keep awarding themselves and throwing 300K parties for doing such a great job with the church.

    1. Spartacus … I coudn’t agree with you more! Unfortunately, for the most part, we really do not have churches, but rather ethnic cultural centers with a cross slapped on top. How sad is that?

      In addition, these so called church groups seem to be nothing more than a place where elites gather and tell one another how great they are and have special prayers said for themselves. These groups seem to me to be far from “Christ Centered!”

      And, yes, I also feel these groups seem to be “Leaderless!” Because, if they truly were leading, they wouldn’t allow the demise of the Church here in the USA, by these foreign hierarchs, who seem to be totally clueless with the working of a parish, not alone an entire Archdiocese!
      God help us and have mercy on us!

  11. The bottom line is, we here in the United States of Anerica, need a Church which is first and foremost “Christ Centered!” I respectively repeat once again … “Christ Centered!”

    One which is free from cultural, ethnic and foreign dominance and control. A single united Pan Orthodox Church, where its hierarchs are approved and elected from within and who truly care on the outcome and wellness of our Church here. Not from a group of hierarchs in a far off land, who have absolutely no idea with the everyday running of our Church!

    All I have been hearing for at least the last 20 years is how there are only 2,000 Orthodox Christians in all of Turkey. Meanwhike, here
    we have parishes that meet or exceed that number. For example: Saint Demetrios/Saints Catherine and George in Astoria, NY and Saint Nicholas in Flushing, NY!

    This Patriarch has shown time after time, his lack of care and concern for our Church here in the USA! In my humble opinion, he has been a total failure. When will this laity finally take a stand and say they have had enough with permitting these foreign hierarchs to dictate what happens here in the good ‘ol USA! How much more damage will it take from the Ecumenical Patriarch to say, “no more, we have had enough!” It seems time may be running out and only time will tell what will be left after this Patriarch is finished. This Patriarch will go down in history, but for all the wrong reasons. Just a friendly reminder … it is God’s Church, not his!

  12. All people don’t age the same. I am 74 year old and I can feel the aging process daily.
    With all due respect let someone young smart and energetic head the church. Don’t wait till a person get so old that can’t remember their name and give them the very important and big responsibility as to be the archbishop and CEO of our church. It aint going work.

  13. The US Government is taking over now. God is going to sit this one out. It stopped being a Greek Chruch over 20 years ago. The ARCHO only cares about Greek Millionaires not us. And the Greek Millionaires only care about themselves and the awards they buy for the parties, because they did nothing to deserve them. All they accomplished is State and Federal Investigations, a Bankrupt church, and a Money Laundering Scam called the Saint Nichalos Shrine run on the most sacred ground in the United States which has become a Global Embracement. Bravo guys great Job! I am sure that Leaderless 100 is going to give themselves an aword for that accomplishment also.
    The Archons Of Nothing, are a bunch of old white men all wearing black uniforms who march around and go to secret meetings. Nothing disturbing about that all. I love the pictures of them all huddling together holding candles and leaning in towards their bank in Turkey.
    And the Morons keep quoting us scripture? For some God only knows the reason the Greek community keeps drinking the kool-Aid, and the Greek Millionaires “the leaders” of our community are having a grand party honoring themselves on the deck of the Titanic. These Greeks are to disgusting even for the Jerry Springer show!

  14. The things I’m reading from many angry people are pretty dead on and accurate but also very harsh for those good priests across the US who really do care about the church and it’s success and well being. I’m saddened and angry by what has transpired with our archdiocese here in the US and as concerned as all of you are for the churches future. We all pretty much agree as to the failures of our leaders since Iakovos was forced out. Had we all backed Iakovos back then today we would have a United Orthodox Church of America with a membership of 5 million and growing. We need our churches , Christ commanded us to create them, we need to gather together as a group and pray together, receive communion and even coffee hour and socials .. even if we have to start over as an independent archdiocese with new churches free from a patriarch who’s hands are bound by the Turks who are still enemies of Greece and Christianity , we cannot give up. Satan never sleeps and is working against us 24/7. We Have to get it right with the next archbishop or we stop the money flow, as a first step.

    1. “Had we all backed Iakovos back then today we would have a United Orthodox Church of America with a membership of 5 million and growing”
      Spot on, and lets not forget Bartholomew’s vindictive outer of Iakovos, which started the decline.

    2. 2nd generation you just made the greatest comment of all. Not that the others aren’t true, they are, but this my friend says it all. Archbishop Iakovos was the real deal, he had his shit right!!!

  15. We need to get real here, brothers and sisters. We were never great and revered. We had some good moments under Athenagoras, Michael, and Iakovos; but we never won a Super Bowl. An aged and corrupted Iakovos, by 1988 and all his hoopla about Dukakis as the savior of the race and religion (with his Jewish wife and Congregationalist children) followed by 22 years of Stupid Spyridon and Lying Demetrios, left us hollow, broke, and in disrepute. The priests have their share of the blame. None of them wanted to speak truth to power, too many of them wanted to “out-Greek” their fellow priests. They spewed the party line and played it both ways, never once imagining where this was headed. The worst of the clergymen became bishops, metropolitans, and patriarchs. The cream didn’t rise to the top. Greece, meanwhile, became and is the ridicule of the civilized world. And the Laity was complicit in all of it, right down to the latest awards ceremonies. We deserved what we got. That’s where we are today. There was not a single point of failure. There was a complete systemic failure at every level. The next guy in is like a captain of a sinking Greek ferry where current Greek law, inspired by communist unions, requires the captain to leave the sinking ship first, not last. THE END.

    1. Hay Spiro,

      Did you ever notice that no one ever mentions the 17.5 million the ARCHO spent on Sexual Misconduct Payments? Please don’t tell me that they used the STOLEN millions from the Sant Nick Shrine account a 9-11 fund to pay that bill and keep the predator priests in the church. Let’s just let the Feds sort all that out for us.

      Ephesians 5:11 “Take no part in the unfruitful works of darkness, but instead expose them.”

    2. Yes, add that to the bill of attainder. Good catch, Gladiator. And there are still predators in the ranks, even in the Metros.

    3. Supposedly the money paid out for clergy sexual misconduct came from insurance and the deep pockets of a few Greek-American multi-millionaires. Ironically, perhaps, those millions were paid for transgressions by a few priests who were removed from the ranks of the clergy. As for who and how many remain, that’s an open question.

    4. The GOA didn’t have an insurance policy until after they had paid out over $6m. The policy they finally got has high premiums, high deductibles, and many pre-conditions to coverage. Insurance companies are not stupid. “Insurance paid for it” is not an accurate answer.

      Then, go back to the days of diocesan bishops, before Metros, One Metro embezzled diocesan money and built a villa in Greece for he and his gay lover. To avoid scandal, GOA negotiated a life estate for the lover and a reversion of the property after the lover’s death. I don’t know if GOA ever saw a nickel of the money. There are a dozen stories like this. That’s where our money went. Iakovos was in charge, he covered it up. So much for his greatness !

  16. Not sure many if any pedophiles or gay priests remain on the payroll. Social media, cell phones, and a very angry public have made it very risky for them to act out on their desires. What we need is for some brave clergy to stand up to the metropolitans and stop the waste. Evangelos of NJ now flies monthly to Constantinople on our dime.

    1. You can bet your bottom dollar there are plenty of boys in the band running in the ranks, as well as drug dealers and abusers, wife abusers, alcoholics, and gamblers. Priests, as a profession, are just as sick as any group, maybe more. Don’t you remember the HCHC seminarian who was running a meth lab? He’s a Deacon in the South now. No kidding.

    2. Jason, if you know these “facts,” have you made them known to the Metropolitan of the South? If not, You are contributing to that Deacon’s activities. No kidding!
      We have to correct and clean Our house, our church and the GOA, so we can save the $$ Millions that “Spiro and others allege,” have been paid to lawsuits for sexual misconduct.

    3. The Deacon is now in a different Orthodox jurisdiction where they value ethnicity over virtue. His bishops know. Some victim needs to file criminal charges.

    4. There are more than a few gay priests in the Archdiocese. That is well known. However, being homosexual does not automatically make one a pedophile. There are straight people, male and female, who are pedophiles. Of course, there are also those gay clergymen who carry on relationships that are known but nothing is done as well as straight clergymen who do illicit things sexual and not. Then again, there are gay clergymen who are above reproach.

  17. Since everyone on this comment section is in agrement, and its the same group of us that keeps posting untill the next article comes out. I would love to have a chat with everyone of you true Greeks. Its time we all
    connect with one another, so I am reaching out to get this group started.

    Respect to all.

    PS. All of us getting toghther would be the best dinner party ever!

  18. This story keeps being posted with updates. But, as I maintained on here the other week, the publicity might be moving the Archbishop to delay a resignation.

    If the National Herald really wants to see a resignation, why not give the issue a rest for a couple of weeks and then see if a resignation is gracefully delivered?

    1. That’s what GOA wants. “A rest”, so it will go away. NO !
      Persistent, fast, direct outrage is the only action.
      No donations at Christmas. Starve out the whole GOA.

    2. Golly, all I said was a couple of weeks. In the long scheme of things, a two-week time of quiet might be a good investment if it could get us good leadership for the upcoming decades.

    3. I thought a few weeks of silence might actually speed up a retirement announcement.

      No one on here wants to be silent though, so let us see what our frequent comments get us.

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