The Khashoggi Affair: What’s In It for Erdogan

FILE - A man holds a poster showing images of Saudi Crown Prince Muhammed bin Salman and of journalist writer Jamal Khashoggi, describing the prince as "assassin" and Khashoggi as "martyr" during funeral prayers in absentia for Khashoggi who was killed last month in the Saudi Arabia consulate, in Contantinople, Friday, Nov. 16, 2018. (AP Photo/Emrah Gurel)

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, alone among the protagonists in the Khashoggi Affair, has profited from the tragedy.Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (MBS), the de facto if not yet de jure, ruler of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, has defined himself as a petulant and brutal autocrat resembling a sort of incompetent version of Saddam Hussein.His ill-conceived plot to kidnap/kill/dismember (pick one or more) an innocuous critic would be the stuff of a Marx Brothers movie, were it not so …

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  1. Patrick Theros…. the in house fake news journalist of TNH…. representing TNH family of corrupt and criminal organizations … and former employee of .the State Department of the U.S, and the former ambassador to the acknowledged state sponsor of Terrorism…… Qatar……who with Saudi Arabia and Israel …have sponsored the ISIS and Al Queda Sunni Muslim brigades who have murdered thousands of Orthodox Christians in … their collaboration with the State Department to overthrow the governments of the Middle East …. not compliant to the economic , political , religous and military control of the wealthy oil barons of the world, and the demented” Glory to America” Ahepa Greek Secret Society of Masons…who Mr. Diamantaris …subjects the readers of his newspaper …with their fraudulent representation of Greek Hellenism…… has again produced an article …that if nothing else… again demonstrates why we in America have remained silent to the actions of a rogue bunch of Aristocratic Anglo White Supremacist trampling over the lives of the people of the world …..but necessary, because we must protect the world from itself!

    No…. Mr. Theros …it is not Mr. Edrogan who has profited in the murder of Mr. Koschoggi by allegedly MBS, but, the purveyors of war and government regime change artist of the United States…. and their collaborators …TNH and Mr. Theros!

    Apparently, Mr. Theros ….lack of due diligence ….and wrling scripted Narratives from his buddies in the State Department … never sourced what the Washington Post did for their ….murdered employee!

    So let me help TNH and Mr. Theros as follows… and take a shot at what ….. the organized crime family of the United States, England , Israel ,and Saudi Arabia …..the new world order alliance to dominate the world … may have had in mind, ….to maintain their march for future conquest!

    According to reports, the hit team had a lieutenant-colonel forensic pathologist together with two members of Saudi intelligence (GIP), members of the Saudi Air Forces and Army!.

    Why the need for such a large team of assassins from the military Saudi intelligence apparatus together with several members of MBS’ security detail? (Were they dispatched on the orders of MBS? Their participation had an immediate impact on the media campaign against MBS).

    The gruesome details of the operative at Saudi Arabia’s consulate in Istanbul were released by Turkish sources, triggering almost immediately an unusual gush of media propaganda. Far-reaching geopolitical implications. What is the ultimate objective of this unfolding propaganda campaign?

    Regime change?

    Undermine Saudi Arabia’s intent to purchase Russia’s S400 Air Defense system?

    Last year ,,, Donald Trump worldwind trip to the Middle East … was concluded with the 110 billion dollar deal for Saudi Arabia buy U.S. weaponry … a major contract for the U.S. military industrial Complex!

    However, Recently, MBS…has shown reluctance to purchase these weapons …. and has actively begun looking to purchase Russian anti ballistic weapons …especially the Russia S400 ….like Turkey! Furthermore , it was appearing that they would only appropriate half of the agreed monies for the U.S arms.

    Additionally, MBS…has been entertaining a relationship again with Russia …. and has elicited the wrath of Donald Trump….who has been quoted, like a true fascist….that the Saudi leadership would not last one day …. without the U.S. bases in Saudi Arabia!

    So when you add it all up… with the historic connection between Saudi Intelligence and the C.i.A… come up with a new narrative by many independent

    Screenshot Business Insider, October 8, 2018

    The way Khashoggi was killed by a military-intelligence team must have been carefully planned in Riyadh prior to the operatives’ arrival at the Saudi consulate in Istanbul? This is a matter to be carefully verified.

    Angered by Saudi Plan to Purchase Russian S-400, Trump Admin Exploiting Khashoggi Disappearance to Force Saudis to “Buy American”
    Was Saudi intelligence involved in the operation? Two members of Saudi intelligence (GIP) were allegedly part of the hit team.

    Was there foreknowledge? According to the WaPo report, Langley was aware of the assassination plot but US intelligence visibly did not act:

    “The United States had also ­obtained intelligence before Khashoggi’s death that indicated he might be in danger. But it wasn’t until after he disappeared on Oct. 2 that U.S. intelligence agencies began searching archives of intercepted communications and discovered material indicating that the Saudi royal family had been seeking to lure Khashoggi back to Riyadh.

    It should be understood that Saudi Arabia’s General Intelligence Presidency (GIP) and the CIA not only exchange classified information, Saudi intelligence has consistently acted as a de facto subsidiary of the CIA, going back to the onset of the Soviet-Afghan war in 1979. The CIA has its staff in Riyadh operating out of the US Embassy, as well as military-intelligence personnel on location collaborating with their counterparts at Saudi Arabia’s GIP.

    According to the Washington Post, the US had prior intelligence that Khashoggi’s life “might be in danger”, but at the same time they were unaware of “this intelligence in advance” of his killing. Sounds contradictory, read it carefully:

    ” Two U.S. officials said there has been no indication that [CIA] officials were aware of this intelligence in advance of Khashoggi’s disappearance or had missed any chance to warn him. (WaPo, November 16, 2018, emphasis added)

    So Mr. Theros…apparently, if the Washington Post is correct…. while Mr. Edrogan may be a scandroul …you should be reminded….that he is still a member of the Organized Crime family led by the United States…called Nato…and has been a loyal subject …who may profit from this …by getting the U.S. to end their sanctions on them !

    Again Mr. Theros…. you have provided another glimpse ……to why members of the country of Austria…. wish to pass legislation to allow the criminal prosecution of Journalist who continue to fraudulently misrepresent information which …can incite hostile wars, or conceals information which allows criminal and illegal actions by the elected governments of Austria..and for that matter Europe!

    Again Mr. Theros… you have provided another glimpse …as to why …. journalist Julienne Assage of Wiki leaks have been persecuted and impriosoned in an embassy of Equador ….because he provided the information which should have led to the prosecution of the leaders of our Government … and their aristocratic collaborators! In his case….the proven Truth …represents a threat to the ruling Fascist Regimes of the United States, England, Israel and Saudi Arabia…all Mr. Theros and THN allies!

    Where are you Spiro
    We need to hear from another resident white supremacist Greek Secret Society masons …to defend one of their Glory to America…..story tellers!

    And while you are at it ….maybe you can tell the readership … .what the response of Donald Trump to this debacle …now means….to the standing of America in the world…and why all U.S and Nato bases should be dismantled from every country of the world….who now understand that the U.S. is a rogue nation threatening all the countries of the world …. to protect the interests fo the richest people of the world!

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