A Different Approach to the Ecclesiastical Discussion about Ukraine

FILE - Patriarch Filaret, head of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Kiev Patriarchate, conducts a service at the Volodymysky Cathedral in Kiev, Ukraine, Thursday, Oct. 11, 2018. (AP Photo/Efrem Lukatsky)

Lately, many things are being written about the granting of autocephaly to Ukraine, mostly from the side of the Church of Russia, which seems to have rallied all of its media outlets in order to convince the Orthodox world that they are in the right. Unfortunately, however, together with these efforts, many historical inaccuracies are being promoted—innocently and unintentionally I would like to believe—and much false information is being disseminated, revealing a state of panic and reactions “kata synarpagin” as …

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  1. Let us look at who supports Ukrainian
    1 former Vice President joe Biden
    Who as a senator supported the destruction
    Of Orthodox Serbia and Secretary of State
    Mike Pompeo. That secular and non
    Orthodox officials are sticking their noses
    In a purely ecclesiastical matter is telling.

    2 The Uniates of western Ukraine are
    Supporting the Ukrainian schismatics.
    Through the Uniates the Vatican hopes
    To convert Russia.

    Russia has been helping to rebuild churches
    In Syria and has stopped the genocide of
    Christians and others in Syria.

    Two thirds of ukrainian orthodox are
    Happy remaining under moscow.

    The above commentary fails to address
    The real grievances moscow has. Russian
    Canonists have done an excellent job
    Citing the canons specifically violated by
    Constantinople’ s actions.

    With all due respect to his grace his
    Commentary has not even touched the
    Real and substantive grievances put
    Forward by moscow.

    And last week the Kiev government
    Seized the church of Saint Andrew
    Belonging to moscow and gave it to
    The ecumenical patriarchate. How
    Christian it is to steal a church.

    Many local churches have urged the
    Convening of council to settle this.
    If the bishops of the ecumenical patriarchate
    Want to press their case they should do so
    At a church council attended by all
    Orthodox churches and not on the
    Op Ed pages of newspapers.

    1. Thank you Theodoros….for fully highlighting and writing for the readership … the Truth….which cannot be accepted by the supporters of the Anglo White Supremacist members of our government ….whose only foreign Policy objective ….is to make the enemies of this group ….the enemies of the world…which includes Russia!

      The actions by Bartholomew and the Ukrainian Church …are simply…. despicably complicity to :Black Mail ” by the Anglo White Supremacist Secret Societies …who no run our Government …. and who are the ‘ Off Spring ” of their ancestors … the Anglo Empire of England, Canada and Australia….who have reorganized with their new Anglo supremacist leaders of America ….to dominate the Economic, Political , and Military control of the Sovereign Independent countries of the world!

      Russia …. is one of those countries .. who has not surrendered her sovereignty …. and has obstructed …these Anglo white supremacist empire….in defeating their proxy Sunni Muslim Religous jihadist armies called ISiS and Al queda …..to overthrow another country of the Middle East like Syria …..not compliant like Greece ….to the control of the British , U.S . Canada , Australia…with allies Saudi Arabia and Israel alliance!

      Hence, the empire , if we all haven’t noticed…have initiated a campaign of Anti Russian Propaganda campaign …to isolate and punish Russia for their interference …in their Global Agenda of wars and destruction to recapture their former colonies of their British Brothers!

      Therefore…. the created enemies of these Anglo White supremacist members of our government ….include Russia….and hence…anything that supports Russia is also a threat to their plans!

      Consequently…..the Orthodox Church …is the dominant religion of Russia …. and therefore, all the countries of Eastern Europe represent threats to the take over of their countries due to the religious connection and sympathy they have with Russia! It is the objective of these Anglo degenerates to eliminate any relationship Russia has with any country …but especially those who have a influential Orthodox faithful!

      To this end….there should be no surprise by former Vice President Joe Biden’s intrusion on the separation of the Russian church from the Ukraine!

      This is the same guy …who ordered and had Victoria Nuland ….state department deputy… set up with the then U.S ambassador to the Ukraine … the leadership of the Ukraine…two weeks before the coup of the elected leader of the Ukraine … and put in Neo Nazis leader Victor Porchenko…and who provided Porchenko with 1 billion dollars in loans ….if he got rid of certain judges …who were investigating the Oligarks , like Porchenko …. for corruption!:

      Poroshenko, is worth $914 million, according to Bloomberg Billionaires, is no fool: He got the $1 billion loan guarantee and replaced Shokin with a stronger loyalist. . In more than two years of playing this game with Biden and his other Western interlocutors, he’s become a virtuoso…. at complying with the Anglo White Supremacist … who keep him power…as long as…he continues a hostile policy towards Russia!.

      Furthermore…. Joe Biden … is not ashamed that two months after the overthrow of the Ukrainian leader by the United States and Nato… his son .. Hunter Biden ….was awarded a huge salary …for being hired by the Burisma energy company… as a board member and consultant…despite the fact he had no experience in gas and oil industry! This company is connected to it owner ..who is one of those Oligarks under investigation for corruption …and who allegedly hired paramiltary thugs to orchestrate the demonstrations …leading to the coup of the elected leader of the Ukraine …and who refused to take any EU Bailouts!

      In conclusion …it was in the interests of the U.S government and their Anglo white supremacist …Joe Biden , Mike Pompeio, Victoria Nuland….and John Bolton…who if you colored his mustache black…looks like his Idol ….Adolph Hitler…separate the church of the Ukraine from Moscow!

      Furthermore…. there is a better chance that Neo Nazi leader Porchenko…. followed orders… and probably …black mailed the leaders of the Ukrainian Church…..thru any means …only the clergy of the church can tell us… to initiate any relationship with Russia!

      AS for Bartholomew… we can conclude that he has already surrendered the sovereignty of the church a long time ago …to these Anglo White Supremacist …who probably have made him a member of their protection racket …in order to get him to comply with their demands!

      Which is why…. going to church and being an Orthodox Christian …. only requires us to worship and teach our children … the truths of the master of us all.. Christ! Bartholomew and his Archbishops…. are simply tolerated caretakers… no different than a traitor to Christ …for 30 pieces of Silver!

      And if their are those who question this …. then you must also question …in the face of the evil …we see in our world …. that their is no devil !

    2. For Theodoros and Michael….I am posting my response to the propaganda interview.. between TNH and the Ambassador of the United States to Greece …one SS diplomat Mr. Pyatt.

      Importantly…confesses to ordering the Bartholomew to separate the churches of the Ukraine from Russia… it also …supports the contention that the Fascist regime in Washington …condideres the orthodox church an enemy of America ..or more accurately ..Anglo White Supremacist … in their efforts ot take over the sovereignyt of the independent countries of the world! It also lays out what we need to do … confront this new depraved world order as follows …..

      It just doesn’t get better than this .. another dillusional, sick, demented Anglo White supremacist… who blatantly …thinks we Greek American and Greeks …are so inferior and easily fooled ….that we still buy…thier mantra.. that only America … can protect the world by taking over her sovereignty! And TNh … the representative of the Glory of America …the fraudulent self proclaimed representatives of Greek Americans and Hellenism … the Secret Society of Ahepa Masons…is rewarded for its service by Mr. Pyatt …to the degenerate government of the United States ….not Greeks…by providing some sort of credibility to this secret society of brain dead ..mini dictators .. with an agenda… that promotes who ever is in power …of the United States…just to network ..their future careers and money!

      Thank you , Mr. Pyatt ..by clearly, demonstrating how the mind of a Nazi or Secret societymember of Ahepa and TNH operate… they do not even hide their intentions …because it is no longer necessary… they are in complete control of our country and their vassal states of Europe! We are impotent to stop them!

      ;Mr. Pyatt …just confessed … that it was in the interests of the United States to destroy the historical relationship of the Orthodox Church …between the Russian Orthodox Church and the Ukrainian church …because Russia is an enemy of a bunch of Anglo White Supremacist calling themselves leaders of the United states … and a fascist regime, now at religious war with Orthodox Christians ..and with their installed Neo Nazi regime in the Ukraine…forced not only the Ukrainian Orthodox Church to separate with Moscow … but had Patriach Bartholomew …the leader of the Greek Orthodox Church in Turkey..to surrender the Orthodox Church sovereignty to our only master … Christ …to the U.S. degenerates to enforce and make legitimate .. the breaking of our church laws … and the legitimate … breakup of the Russia and Ukrainian churches!.

      In his own words as follows: Mr. Pyatt… is accusing the Orthodox Church and our Christian faithful of being allies of Russia., but more specifically… the leaders and government of Russia… and get this…part of a conspiracy … to overthrow the democracy and the installed government of Neo Nazi by Victoria Nuland and the State department of the Unites States!

      “Russia appears to be using the Church as a means to undermine Ukrainian democracy, and we will continue to call out those attempts”.

      The only thing more demented that the U..S government …is Greek Americans and Americans…who shamfully remain silent and uncaring … in whose names … this country is dividing the world thru racism, religious warfare ..like the one they have been using with Saudi Arabia …to destroy anybody ..who is an obstruction to their attrocities for world dominance!

      Here is what you should conclude and act upon if you are Greek american and Greeks…as follows:

      One …we should demand the removal of all U.S. and Nato bases from Greece and Cyprus…since, it is clear …that they are at war with the Orthodox Population..who the consider to be enemies of not only the state of the Ukraine …but the United States! We now know why they have had no problems …in bombing and murdering the people of Serbia, Syria, Iraq, Palestine , Ukraine …who are highly populated by Orthodox Christians….in their war crimes take over of those countries…because they have a relationship with Russia! It is also clear that that the Orthodox Clergy and monks …of Athos …were falsely targeted by the Tsipras government and the U.S … to demean them and portray the Orthodox Church as enemies of the the state of Greece….and allies of Russia! And we can now understand…why Mr. Tsipras … is following orders , like the governement of the Ukraine…to divest the clergy of the Orthodox Church from the budget of Greece!

      We should demand …that Archbishop Bartholomew …either reinstate Moscow and the Ukrainian Church together …or remove himself from the Orthodox Church..on charge of conspiracy to corrupt the tenets of the Orthodox Church. with the government of the United States and Ukraine!

      We should demand … that the U.S and Ukrainian government .be charged with conspiracy to violate the laws of the constitution of the Unites states … in discriminating against … the basic rights of practicing Freedom of Religion ..by falsely accusing the Orthodox Church of complicity and collaboration …with the waging of war by the Russian government on the country of the Ukraine …and Greece!

      We should demand… that supporters of this U.S regime … like the Greek Secret Society of the Ahepa Massons…. should be charged with collaboration , with members fo the U.S government … to create the narratives and champion …what Mr PYatt has testified to ..in attacking the religious freedom of the Orthodox church ..in Syria, Serbia, Greece, Egypt , Ukraine and America…. in ordert to wage economic, political, and military war against the enemies of members of the United States … not those of Orthodox , Christians of the world …or for that matter … all the independent countries of the world… be immediately removed from all the Orthodox Churches of America.and the world .. and stripped from any position of the parish boards of our churches ,unless they resign their membership from this illegitimate front for Neo Fascist in the government of the United States! Furthermore …the recruiting pool for this Secret Society has been the .. very altar of our churches … among uninformed Greeks parishioners….and therefore, they should be prohibited from .. entering any Orthodox facility…to sell their society..including their false support of Greek hellenism and tributes to Greece events..which are frauds and simply.. trying to misrepresent their organization as the …leaders of the Greek community… which Mr. Pyatt …would like to continue … to falsely use …as support for his criminal foreign policy in Creece and around the world!

      Finally, do something for America and the world …call up your corrupt congressman …and tell him ..you no longer fool us …as to whose interest you represent…and it is not Anericans! Charge them with complicity ..in subverting our amendments relating to “Freedom of Religion”!

      Demand the de funding of the 800 billion dollar miltary war crimes budget .. the removal of all U.S bases around the world ….. the removal of U.S troops from Syria, Iraq, Afganistan, Yemen, Somalia, and the list can go on forever! Demand the prosecution and indictment …of members of the State Department, C.i.A and Pentagon for treason and crimes against peace and humanity!

      This is the last line of treason by Mr Pyatt…that as Greek American…we should think ..out of respect ..to our ancestors from Greece.. who came to America , not to give up their honor and heritage to America..but to just get a job … like all the immigrants ..to provide for their families!

      Speak up and defend our ancestors and their hellenism.. which Mr. Pyatt… clearly has been hijacked by corrupt and depraved organizations… who clearly do not support them …as follows…and what TNH ..mujst come to grips with .. we are no longer fooled by your false narratives…we actually now question them!

      AS testified by Mr. Pyatt… in his Ahepa sponsored and THh ..propaganda effort for the “Glory of America…….

      :’ AHEPA also had space in our pavilion. So I would just encourage you to sustain the momentum and support as the U.S. government does as well’

      Congratulations Ahepa… you certainly have a place in our government …but you have no place in our Greek civilization or community!

  2. This article is pure crap, written by a Constantinople bishop with an agenda. I am 100% Greek and lifelong GOA. I have no Russian friends or connections so no axe to grind. And even I can see that Constantinople has sinned greatly against the peace and unity of the Church and our brother Church of Moscow. All for a $25,000,000 bribe from the nationalist Ukrainian junta. Repent Bartholomew while you yet have time.

  3. One thing which amazes me in this glorious 21st century is the fact we try to resolve our issues, not in a rational, enlightened way, but by invoking an outdated way of thinking of thousands years ago, based on the so called “Apostolic Canons,” supposedly composed by the Apostles! By “Googling” Apostolic Canons you will be surprised to find that they are a fake, heretical, misogynistic and in every way anti-Christ compilation of rules originating in the 4th or 5th centuries AD! For obvious reasons, they were assigned to the Holy Apostles to be accepted and believed. Any serious student of history, is aware of the conspiracies, fake stories and myths that were incorporated even into decisions of church councils, even the ones we accept as ecumenical. To continue applying those standards and measures in today’s world is inexcusable blaspheme and sin!

  4. Apostolic means that the canons were in the
    Tradition of the apostles not that they were
    Written by them.

    In any case all canons were ratified by councils
    Some great councils, others regional and
    Local. The Orthodox Church being conciliar
    In its structure takes them very seriously
    And is guided by them and the process
    Of conciliatory.

    We are seeing what happens when the
    Canons are disregarded in Ukraine.
    The Russian church is being ripped
    Apart and the churches of Serbia and
    Greece may be next.

    The canons provide for law and restraint
    In the church. Disregarding the canons
    Makes it possible for the potential of
    An ecclesiastical dictatorship to emerge.
    Unfortunately this is what is happening
    Since the local orthodox churches are
    Unable to restrain the phanar from
    From grabbing ecclesiastical territory
    It has no right to and from grabbing
    More power for itself.

  5. I agree with Leonidas that the “Canons” of the church are the root of most problems in the Orthodox Church. I would recommend that you get a copy of them (the “Rudder”) to read and see how anachronistic and non-sensical they are according to the truemeaning of Christ’s message. They only help the hierarchy to validate their existence and frame of mind!

  6. I have a copy of them.

    In the application of canon law there are
    Concepts such as akribeia and economia.
    Strict application when possible but
    Exceptions are made in modern circumstances
    That were not foreseen.

    I am of the Opinion that our problems
    Emanate from the misbehavior and
    Policies of patriarchs, bishops etc that
    Are not called out by the other
    Patriarchs and bishops.

    The rudder has long lists of offenses that
    Disqualify people for holy orders or demand
    Their deposition And/or laicization.

    If the church took these canons more
    Seriously and applied them then they
    Could consider revisiting and reforming

    With regard to the article posted above
    For example. Here is a crisis that would not
    Have come about if the phanar had not
    Disregarded several canons.

    Do the canons necessarily make things
    Perfect? No, but things would be a lot
    Better if they they were not repeatedly
    Ignored by hierarchs who find them

    Another example, if we followed the canons
    There would be one church in America
    And not several jurisdictions.

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