Letter to the Editor: Praise for Article on Kassapidis

Bessie Kassapidis. Photo: TNH/Kostas Bej

To the Editor:

Thank you for the wonderful article, Kassapidis – Her Lifetime of Memories which appeared in the Nov. 17 issue. Mrs. Bessie Kassapidis is an inspiration to women everywhere for her dynamic spirit and her dedication to her husband and family. She embodies an ideal we should all aspire to and is a credit to the community. Mrs. Kassapdis reminds me of the strong women in my family who packed up everything and came to America for a better life. They combined the best of both worlds, keeping the traditions while taking advantage of the opportunities for education and advancement their new country offered them and especially offered their children. I shudder to think where the community would be without women like Mrs. Kassapidis. Thank you for sharing her story.

Anna Z. Haralambou

Seattle, WA