How Trump is Different from Reagan and Why it Matters

President Donald Trump listens to a question during a news conference in the East Room of the White House, Wednesday, Nov. 7, 2018, in Washington. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

The Democrats’ gaining control of the House is of little practical matter in terms of policy and legislation. They will not repeal Obamacare, but neither did the Republicans. They may try to reverse the tax cuts, but will never get past the Senate, which has bolstered its Republican influence. As for immigration reform, as long as there are ample non-Trumpians in both houses and both major parties, that too is going nowhere, save executive orders from President Trump, which will …

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  1. His support may be deep but it is not widespread. Ronald Reagan and Jonathan Livingston Seagull share the distinct honor of being the two biggest frauds foisted on the American public in the second half of the 20th century. Trump is clueless, ignorant, believes in nothing but himself, which makes him potentially more dangerous than an idealogue because he doesn’t even do what he thinks is good for the country, only for what makes him popular with his base. He and Hillary Clinton as a pair are certainly the worse choices for president in the same election in at least 100 years.

    1. I must agree with you on this one …Repanidi 1908…. however ,,,,, you left out one thing…common to Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton…and for that Matter … John McCain, lindsey Graham … and most of the congress of the United States and military….. they are all Anglo White supremacist….who have maintained a foreign policy. of regime changes of the independent countries of the world ….not compliant to the economic, political , and military control….of these degenerates…. and their organized crime families in England , Israel , and Saudi Arabia!

      Today… he just announced that he would pardon Saudi Arabia ….for not only the murder of a Journalistic civilian of the Washington post, but the war crimes bombing with the United sTates …which the UN has charged… which has killed thousands of citizens from Yemen, including an estimated 85,000 children!

      All this for the Glory to America … Greek Masons and the American people’s interests…. which means their is no limit to crimes against humanity….if it represents the interests of America! This is indictment of a criminal government …running an organized crime family of countries ….and a protection racket for doing the job of representing the interests of the United States…or I mean the Anglo White supremacist ….that now have hijacked our country!

      Yes , you are right Repanidi 1908…..anybody, who can state…that the interests of Israel…have to be accounted for ….in taking actions against Saudi Arabia…who he now confesses has been in Alliance with Israel …to overthrow the governments of the Middle East and to start a war with another of the religious infidels that have governed libya ,Iraq, Syria, Yemen , Somalia etc etc and now Iran, and has led to the killing of Orthodox Christians in those countries …is a traitor to Americans…and more importantly, still in power…. because he is just part of this Anglo White Supremacist Secret Society…a long as he continues …the foreign policy …which he claimed he was going to stop!

      Repanid 1908….the lesson to be learned … is has never been any difference between not only Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump….but every president that has been elected since , 1776!

      The are all Anglo White supremacist… on a mission … like their brothers from England and sponsors….to impose racist hate crimes wars on the world …. to impose their supremacy over the lives and cultures of foreign countries like Greece and Cyprus!

      Today, these same secret societies …. now systematically…own both fraudulent parties …and our choice will always be between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton …. all taking an oath of office …for the preservation and control of the world by a bunch of degenerate racist empire!

  2. ” only for what makes him popular with his base. ” Could it be that that is what is good for the country….oh the horrors that ideas and models outside the coast liberal establishment have value.

  3. Trump and Obama owe their election to the same cause: Hillary.
    Neither the left nor the right face up to this.
    Cover your face with a newspaper in the subway and listen to people.
    Most blacks want to feel the back of Hillary’s head for horns.
    Even her strongest supporters don’t trust her.

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