Thank You, Paul Alexander

Paul Alexander (Pavlos Alexandrou)

I had arrived early for my appointment.

As I often do, I opened our newspaper’s website on my phone to see what was happening in the world.

I wish I had not.

My eye went to the section where we publish the funerals:

Paul Alexander (Pavlos Alexandrou) from Atsiki, Lemnos.

Paul, a man whom I had not seen for some time but never forgot, because he once helped me, was gone.

Paul, was one of the executives at Olympic Airways in its heyday, during Aristotle Onassis’ …

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  1. Thank you for your editorial: Pau Alexander was a close friend to my father and mother. I can recall when my father passed away, Paul was one of the first calls my mother received.. How he found out, I can’t remember, but we live in San Francisco. I can remember coming into JFK on our way to Athens, and Paul was always waiting for us to escort to the Olympic lounge, and then onto our Olympic flight. God Bless this man and his family.

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