Last Night While the Nation Slept

Friends and neighbors gather for a candlelight vigil in front of the home of Brent Taylor, in North Ogden, Utah. (Rick Egan/The Salt Lake Tribune via AP)

Monday night, November 5, while most of us slept, two senior Army leaders and a solemn accompanying cadre of others, made a silent, sad, nighttime journey to receive the remains of one of their own, a U.S. soldier killed in Afghanistan, Major Brent Taylor of Utah, a husband and father of seven young children.

Major Taylor, the victim of a Taliban “insider attack,” was repatriated at Dover Air Force Base in Delaware. Both his family and his Army family were present, …

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  1. While we sleep and shamefully ignore …. the consequences of a fascist foreign policy created and orchestrated by a bunch of sick Anglo White Supremacist from the United States and England … to control the economic, political and military control of all the independent countries of the world!

    While we sleep and shamefully ignore … the purveyors of war … to forment wars…. and ultimately drag the entire world into another World War….as they did …in World War 1 and 2….just to destroy any country that represents a threat to their economic and political dominance!

    While we sleep and shamefully ignore… the deaths of innocent american soldiers , not dying for the people of America and their families ….but a bunch of degenerate aristocratic billionaires and their corporate money brokers … to monopolize the world resources and power!

    While we sleep and shamefully ignore… the rape of our treasury ….to fund an occupation and war in Afganistan…. which has cost trillions of dollars for …over 18 years…. for what!

    Who benefits…. no one except a bunch of White Supremacist in our government and their financial benefactors…Saudi Arabia, England, Israel and the rest of the Sunni Muslim religious racist countries of the UAE, Qatar and Turkey!

    What they have in common with their masters …is they have the money …. to impose their attrocities on the world …like Yemen , Syria, libya, Iraq and now attempting to start a war with Iran … and continue to search for more blood …from the people of the world!

    While we sleep and ignore … what Vietnam taught us about … the capability of these Anglo White Supremacist …whose record of occupation and suppression of independent foreign countries thruout history…. and is the founding father of this Racist group… the Royal Family of England!

    While this group of Anglo White Supremacist …. calls their racism and bigotry … Exceptionalism ….. to make them entitled to wage economic , political, and military war against those countries… who fail to see….. the benefits of turning over their countries and cultures to these …degenerate lost souls, they could care less …about humanity …. and are so ideologically brain dead… that taking down the entire world ….to meet their goals …is completely on the table!

    However, when we wake up…. the reality will set in …. that our immigrant families … simply came to this country to make money…..and embraced by a bunch of Anglo White Supremacist …. to provide what migrant workers provide today…cheap labor needed for the growth of the Industrial growth of the rich and famous!

    When we wake up …. the reality will set in ….that America has always been ruled by a Secret Society of Aristocratic billionaires of white supremacist … from the very beginning of its establishment in 1776!

    Major Taylor… or the soldiers of the American Civil war, World War 1, World War 2…. etc etc…. are merely the disposable peasants ….of these white supremacist in their never ending wars ….to control the economic and political control of the entire world!

    Why doesn’t TNH….ask the simple question ….of what returning Vietnam Veterans were asked after realizing that they were not welcomed back as patriotic Americans fighting for America….but baby killers and murderers?

    The question …”Do you know what you were fighting for in Vietnam” the answer was … No! All we did was kill a lot of people…who had never did anything to me”

    However, the realization will be even more shocking to know…. that these same billionaires also controlled the media… to lie to the American public …to impose a favorable atmosphere …to sleep silently … to wage their personal wars!

    Today, the false narratives about Iran, Russia, and China…are all indications of future plans by these ….and I call them degenerates…because only these people can be capable of such crimes against peace and humanity! And in the End ….TNH and the Mainstream media …have been the criminal accomplices to these crimes…in perverting the truth …to us!

    Unfortunately, a sleeping and corrupt society will continue to cheer on their crimes….and in the end …. like the citizens of Dresden , Germany… will be to late…to find out what they were cheering on …was wrong!

    1. For the sake of fairness, American foreign policy is independent of who is at the helm
      and transcends political ideology. Simply put, it is driven by perceived national interests.

    2. So you think its fair …that a foreign policy of the overthrow of the governments of the Middle East and the world ….since the end of World War 2….which has killed an estimated 22 million human beings…. by Anglo white supremacist billionaires …..whose dream of Anglo Saxon dominance and culture is no different than the Ottoman empire of Muslim Sultans because it has bipartisan support of a congress…who are merely paid employees of this degenerate ruling class…and explicitly required to represent their interests…..and not the National Interests of the people of America and the world….which is peace!

      By International Gallup Polls of the countries of the world …. “The Greatest Threat and danger to world peace in the world …is the United States of America”

      Therefore, are you suggesting that it is in the National Interests of the people of America and Major Taylor….. to commit crimes against peace…. which has led to the deaths of brave American like Major Taylor in foreign countries, and citizens of those countries!

      Therefore, are you suggesting that it is perfectly acceptable to you….that waging economic, political, and military war on countries around the world who have done nothing to the security and peace of the American people …like Russia or China….or Iran …. represents the interests of the American people! No it only represents the interests of Anglo white supremacist and their media propaganda machine…to maintain the economic, political , and military rule of the world…and make all countries capable of threatening that rule …enemies!

      You are right, it is not the elected President of America …who runs the foreign policy of America….and the foreign policy of this country….has been in place and maintained by every president….including Donald Trump …which is the overthrow of every Independent country of the world ….not compliant to the economic and political rule of the United States….and it white supremacist billionaires!

      Importantly, if not them ….then Eleos ….who do you think …. run the U.S. government of Foreign policy…. and decides on the National interest of the people of America! I just told you……but I would welcome your answer!

    3. Mike, while it has always been self-evident that you are a buffoon who loves to hear himself talk and who is in need of therapy based on your delusional rants, you reached a new low by characterizing our nation’s war dead as “disposable peasants”. You are utterly and thoroughly despicable and you are not a man. You are an awful sub-human who doesn’t deserve the fruits of this nation or the protection of its military.

    4. Hey Captain Hook…. who is the sub human? You …a racist white supremacist … who believes….that killing 20 % of the population of the foreign country in Korea in 1950, killing another 3/1/2 million people in Vietnam , and now when you add another 3 1/2 million in the wars of the Middle East which include Afghanistan, libya, Syria, Iraq, and the poorest country in the world Yemen …. and in starting economic warfare ….not only against the enemies of your Anglo white supremacist members of our government but now our own allies …if they do not comply with making Spiro’s enemies …. their own enemies!

      Only White Supremacist war criminal and Sub humans ….believe they are protecting me and the people of America … dropping one bomb every 12 minutes on a foreign country of the world!

      No ….Spiro… unlike you ….and your Greek Secret Societies … whose names are written all over these crimes against humanity……I am not satisfied with enjoying the alleged fruits of this nation …if the price I pay is ….by remaining silent to crimes against humanity committed in my name!

      Spare me and the readers …. of your indignation …of what you and your fellow white supremacist consider …our soldiers!

      Apparently , Spiro … you were not around for the Vietnam War … and watch good friends die … black and poor whites ….while the wealthy Anglo White Supremacist in our government were getting , deferments for their children!

      Why do you think … a military draft was changed in the middle of the Vietnam war …based on the year and date you were born, and picked like a lottery number draw ….because the peasants finally understood who was dying for these degenerates….. and it was not the Aristocratic Elitist! No , Spiro longer could the rich and famous …elude the draft by sending their kids to some university … and hope ….that poor and uneducated american peasants would do the dirty work of the criminal war in Vietnam!

      Why do you think …we have a volunteer draft…because this was the best way … to be able to continue their planned illegal wars and crimes….which would shield their Harvard business school graduates from fighting ….and more importantly…. eliminate protest and resistance to their wars….since, no one with any sense…would go freely to their deaths for these white supremacist leaders and representative in foreign lands …we have no business being involved!

      Therefore….they have eliminated all protest to any war ….since, no one is mandated to join the army, and fight wars they know are illegal!

      Finally, to understand further the depth of control of our media…. Today, a journalist of the New York Times has called out the New York Times for deliberately changing an article …which accurately reported …that is was the Israeli government forces who attacked the people of Gaza with military raids and bombings…..and killed civilians, which then led to retaliation of rocket attacks in Israel!
      However, the New York Times …. falsely revised the article …obviously from orders by the White supremacist financial benefactors …to suggest that the Israeli’s were attacked …and they retaliated against the people of Gaza!

      So Spiro…. you and TNH and Mass Media …are the subhumans …who have distorted and misrepresented information …. that has allowed brain dead people like you to support White Supremacist Global interests and make their enemies ….our enemies !

      Again Spiro …what would Peter Pan be… if there was no Captain Hook! So please .. .I need you …and so do the readers!

    5. I am not suggesting, implying or insinuating anything.
      In contrast, you have engaged in a thermal runway soliloquy.
      Perhaps a trip down to Antarctica would cool down your thoughts.

    6. Just answer the question …. who do you think runs the foreign policy and government of the United States….. and decides what you call the perceived national interests of America …. that lead to the Candle Vigil of a brave and innocent Major Taylor….and millions of citizens of foreign countries of the world!

      Who decides ….in the National Interests of America… on the arming,funding, and recruiting of Terrorist religious fanatics to overthrow government of the world …who then use them to kill not only the enemies of this government but Christians and even our own soldiers?

      Who decides …in the national interests of America …to make Saudi Arabia …the number one customer in arms sales of the United States…and then in the National Interest of Spiro and the other white Supremacist….plant a Lockheed Martin inc …made in America missile into a school bus of 45 children of 10 years old in a foreign country called Yemen and add 45 families holding Candle Vigil ….. and then have Spiro …tell the readers …that we should appreciate the fruits and protection of our military?

      Only Subhumans ….and their supporters …. who allow the New York Times to sell and cheer on the killing of 600,000 Iraqis based on blatant lies…. and to continue everyday …to misrepresent the intentions of our government and their collaborators around the world!

      Eleos … ignoring the significance and seriousness of this article …. and representing the facts as to who …actually is responsible for the death of Major Taylor …. may be painful to you and Spiro…but would make me derelict to preventing more Americans deaths …including our own families ….if we remain silent to what is going on …around the world!

  2. Then I can assume your answer …to my question….as to who is responsible for the death of Major Taylor…. and foreign citizens of the world …. is the Alphabet soup entity of the Federal government…which is defined as the makeup of the C.I.A , FBI, NSA, State Department ….and all the other Bureaucratic agencies of our government …who now answer only to a bunch of Secret Society of Billionaires, Corporate Barons…. and the financial benefactors …from some of the most religious extremist groups of lobbyist ever assembled in America….to fulfill their interests …and not the interests of 99% of Americans!

    However, it is you…Eleos….knowing this ….who can sleep peacefully … and remain silent to not only the crimes against humanity….but , even to the rape of your own money …to the tune of 6 trillion dollars …to wage war against the world, for the past 25 years… just to occupy any country ….getting in the way …of the interests of a select bunch of white supremacist …who are now marching us ….into more wars …including one that may permanently put us all to sleep!

    And spare me … I didn’t know…because the controlled Media …has lied to us! You just don;t want to know!

    1. Hey Eleos…..while you remain in hibernation and sleep for 10,000 years….another 3 brave American soldiers were killed in your name , last night…. in Afganistan!

      Another 100.civilians and children… in Yemen died in your name!

      And while you continue to sleep…. Anglo white supremacist and their followers like Spiro….are preparing you for a more permanent nap in your name!

      We can only wish …you were right …. that the good lord….freeze this world for 10,000 years to stop the slaughter and atrocities against the humanity of the world being committed in your name …. while you sleep peacefully and silently!

      Since World War 2….while Loras,Spiro and you doze off… one of your Greek Secret Society chapter meeting…. it is estimated that 37 nations of the world have been bombed and attacked by the Anglo White Supremacist of America ….and over 20 million humans murdered …in your name! Sleep on that…. and continue to dream about the Glory to America….and how much blood money you have all secured!

      It is clear … that you obviously…. have been sleeping during the Greek Orthodox Masses every Sunday…if you are even Christian !

      If you are Greek Orthodox….then you are right …. the Patriarch and Archbishop of the Greek Orthodox Church should be removed …and the entire church reformed!

      Have a Nice Nap… and do us all a favor …don;t set your alarm!

    1. Hopefully, the Alien Starship came down and retrieved him. Either that or some veterans caught up with him in an alley, poor thing.

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