Georgiana Katsonopoulos, 27, Found Dead in Glen Cove Apartment

Georgiana Katsonopoulos who was found dead in her apartment in Glen Cove New York. (Photo: Facebook)

GLEN COVE, NY – Georgiana Katsonopoulos, 27, was found dead in her Glen Cove home on November 6 by law enforcement officers.

Her building’s security manager notified the Glen Cove Police when he noticed a strong stench from the building, which as it turns out was her decomposing body. The National Herald has learned that she died two to three weeks ago, but apparently no one was found who had attempted to communicate with her during that time.

Her father is from Aigio, Greece and her mother is of Italian descent.
The cause of death remains undetermined, and the Glen Cove Police stated that toxicological results have not been completed as yet.