American Jewish Committee CEO Interview: “We Will Not Be Cowed or Intimidated”

FILE - People stand on the stairs of Sixth Presbyterian Church as the crowd spills up the hill and down the street for a vigil blocks from where an active shooter shot multiple people at Tree of Life Congregation synagogue on Saturday, Oct. 27, 2018, in the Squirrel Hill section of Pittsburgh. (Stephanie Strasburg/Pittsburgh Post-Gazette via AP)

David Harris, CEO of the American Jewish Committee (AJC) since 1990, spoke to TNH about the recent mass shooting at a synagogue in Pittsburgh, PA. The interview follows:

TNH: There have been three recent incidents – the shooting in Pittsburgh, a swastika and racial epithets drawn on a Broooklyn  brownstone, and similar anti-Semitic graffiti at a historic Brooklyn synagogue, prompting the cancellation of a political event scheduled there. Are these all some type of message from extremists?

DH: Yes, we know there …

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  1. There is nothing unique…. to the mass killing of Jewish faithful in their house of worship… in a country that leads overwhelmingly in the world in mass murders ….which for 2018….has risen to almost one per day…by a country …. that calls itself exceptional, and is dropping one bomb a day , on some country of the world ….. to spread their exceptional values and way of life!

    TNH….is there any difference…. in the depravity of humans, who terrorize and murder innocent faithful in the Orthodox churches of Egypt , Syria, Iraq, and Christian churches in South Carolina etc etc., than the those committed by the leaders and representatives of the United States government … in directly, or thru proxy armies of religious Sunni Muslim religious fanatics …. who have burned Christian and Muslim mosques…and murdered their faithful ….. just to overthrow a government in Syria….because they are Shia Muslims ….not Sunni Muslims following the doctrines of Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE ….where freedom of Religion does not exist! All these state sponsors of Terrorism ….are allies of the biggest Terrorist organization….the United States!

    So TNH…. what you need to do …is write …who is the educator and tutor …for mass murder and slaughter …which is televised and proudly presented to all the extremist and fanatics …on how to deal with the enemies of America!

    How about it ….TNH….while your democratic congressman ….rant on gun control in America…. they are the first to approve the sale of the most lethal weapons in the world …to Saudi Arabia…and representing the number 1 customer in the world for the purchase of U.S military hardware….which has knowingly been distributed to the Sunni Brigades like ISIS and Al Queda…. to arm and fund the terrorism on the Orthodox churches of the Middle East!

    Today…it is estimated that over 22 million people have been victims of mass murder, since, the end of World War …. by the exceptional country of America!

    All of these …were against non Anglo Evangelical countries of the world and ethnically foreign countries ! All of them represent the actions of White Supremacist fanatics…like George Bush Jr. …who was never held accountable for the mass murder of 600,000 Muslims and Christian faithful in Iraq…only by the Greek Orthodox Clergy of the church of the Nativity in Bethlehem ….who have banned these religious extremist … George Bush Jr. and Tony Blair from ever entering the church of the Nativity for the slaughter of men , women and children in Iraq!

    It is also ….the Orthodox and Catholic churches of Syria …who have indicted and demanded that the U.S. and Israel …stop arming and supporting these religious fanatics who were burning their churches and killing their faithful… just to overthrow the government of Syria!

    Today , the Jewish state of Israel …. continues to break all international laws of war…by bombing Syria and attacking those troops attempting to liberate these religious radical Sunni Muslim terrorist … and the country … who wishes to have the U.S …commit mass killing on the country of Iran …is also the hospital ward for many of these terrorist brigades!

    So TNH…. the outrage by the Jewish organizations …that they are the victims of Terrorist and anti – semitic religious fanatics is incorrect!

    They like the Christian churches …are the victims of the actions of their governments…who are the gold standard in racism and discrimination …in clearly demonstrating …what it takes to eliminate an enemy…of the white supremacist degenerates in now run our government!

    So I would suggest… to our Jewish brothers… that they, like the Orthodox christians of Syria… take a trip to Washington and Tel Aviv…. and let them know …that their foreign policies of waging perpetual wars …and mass killings …is killing us all!

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