The Quest for a United American Orthodox Church 

The Greek Orthodox Ecumenical Patriarchate in Constantinople. (Photo by Eurokinissi/Christos Bonis)

Today, approximately five million Americansidentify themselves as Orthodox. They do so withpride fortheir faith’s spectacular growth in America, its parishes and places of worship, and for the thousands of converts who regularly join them at religious services.

The progress of Orthodoxy in America since its arrival 200 years agohas been impressive, but all is not well today.  As is the case with many other Christian denominations, Orthodoxy is confronted with declining Church attendanceand a variety of other religious and secular problems. …

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  1. The GOA is 160,000, the OCA is 73,000, AOCA is 20,000. The ghetto parishes like Astoria can be Metochion parishes. The 28th canon of the 4th ecumenical council firmly puts all diaspora under the Oecumenical Patriarchate. The OCA and Antiochians are largely in western Pennsylvania. ROCOR largely in upstate NY. The Jerusliacs and Gnisiacs in Brooklyn. The GOA is largely in major cities: Flushing NY, Charlotte NC, Houston TX, Gleview IL, Salt Lake UT, and also Detroit,Cleveland, Boston, LA, Las Vegas, Phoenix. The rural parishes have no idea what Orthodoxy is, they exist only as museum gyro theme parks for the sake of quaintness. They think nothing of holding whoresapiko dance exhibitions right on the altar. The best the GOA can hope to be is a gateway to western Christianity. American Orthodoxy is an oxymoron. Orthodoxy talks about autocracy and St Gregory’s sacred monarchy, while America stands for Constitutional Anarchy and the Anarchic Tradition of the American Revolution. Orthodoxy is the successor of the Evil Empire that killed Christ and stole His religion. Byzantine Irridentism violates the 1952 McCarran Walter Act.

    1. Those numbers are 100% accurate and Dennis lives in a world of “we are 5 million” in size which is a fake story of growth perpetuated since the time of Athenagoras. Start there, fellas. We are a thimble full of believers.

      Ours is an inconsequential, no impact, non-inclusive, Greek island village style, and now insolvent, voodoo-like, inexplicable-to-America religion which is led by corrupt hierarchs and staffed by a demoralized, abused clergy where it’s every man for himself.

      Every branch of the institution is in crisis. The archdiocese is swimming in a river of scandal, extreme narcissism, and lies.

      Parishes are a missed festival away from going in the red. The infrastructure throughout, buildings and churches proper, are now 50-75 years old, and badly in need of maintenance and replacement. But the pews and treasuries are emptying in most parishes and the archdiocese can’t and will not “man up” to confront this shameful self-created situation.

      Who are we kidding?

      Lastly, ain’t Michael’s brain and his stream of unconsciousness something to behold? Greece, Afghanistan, Saudi, Syria, Marines, white supremacy, suicide vests and nuclear bombs, just to name a few of the topics he answers (even when not relevant). Phew !

    2. Welcome Back ,Captain Hook,…. and I know ….it is not relevant to you…. as to the consequences of a declining Christian populace….and specifically, the Orthodox Church in America….according to you!

      And it is not relevant to you ….. that the values of the Orthodox Church…and true followers of Christ….have been replaced by your values, and your Ahepa Masons…..which worship …. degenerate Freaks and Atheist of our government …to not only commit crimes against peace and humanity….but to now even ….destroy the country blindly worship!

      Spiro….it is you .. and your cult followers …who worship at the altar of evil and corrupt freakes of our government ….. and consider it noble and humane to commit the crimes….you highlighted in your post!

      Of course, you see no relevance, between the decline of Christianity and Orthodoxy in America …..whose values … do not tolerate …what you support!

      You see no relevance….in the values of Christ ..being replaced by the values of …. the new supreme beings of this world … in Washington and Brussels. whose values include …subjugation to one ruling body, validity of crimes against peace and humanity…. and a culture ….than no longer possesses a moral concious to think for themselves!

      It is you … Spiro…who has no relevance… when you hypocritically question the values and legitimacy of the Orthodox Church in America….but do not question the legitimacy of the culture and values of America….who threaten the entire peace of the world!

      If you did ….then you would see the legitimacy and relevance of what I write …. and recognize… that the entire culture of Christianity…has only been relevant ….when the Orthodox church was established, while the Anglo Evangelical Christian church …has been a cultural fraud, since , it was established….in America!

      Here’s the scoop… Captain Hook…. Christianity has never been a legitimate part of America … just another tool of war …. to somehow justify …the legitimacy of their criminal culture for the rest of the world!

      Spiro… you are simply …one of those fraudulent Christians … who make up the culture of America…and cheers on with your Ahepa Masons… the saviours of the world … to threaten the peace of the world!

      So …now you understand…why….I plan to get out of this cesspool of hate!. .

  2. To Gaekas,
    We are no longer a diaspora, as the vast majority of American Orthodox have no desire to return to the homelands of the ancestors in Greece, Eastern Europe, or the Middle East.
    You also seem to have a profusely incorrect understanding of the orthodox community in North America, as you seem to suffer from the East Coast ethnic ghetto mentality and don’t understand what happens on the other side of the mountains.
    As for civil rule, Christ him self said his kingdom isnot of this world, and to render unto Cesar, that which is Cesar’s,and unto God, that which is God’s.

    1. Second Generation …. I happen to agree with you ….on just about everything you said in your post….except while you may be right…most Greek Americans are probably not planning to move back to Greece or Europe, I for one….are making plans to move my family …after 120 years back to my great and grand parents country of Greece! And I would highly recommend ….for all Greek Americans Christians …who still believe in the values of the orthodox church….they all go back … and start trying to repair a beautiful country … who does not spend its time … supporting an Anglo white supremacist culture ….that considers destroying Nation and dropping one bomb every 12 minutes a day on some country of the world …. humane!

      Today, we watched the mass murder of 12 innocent people , simply, having a leisurely night out! They were wiped out by a former Marine who served in Afganistan. Significantly, this now the 302 nd ….mass murder in America in just one year…or almost one a day! By far, the exceptional America …who exports this mass murder….. by dropping one bomb every 12 minutes of the day on a foreign country of the world, while its alleged Christian majority of White Supremacist Anglo Evangelical Christians …. who believe that they are so exceptional …. that they can cheer…. and say amen …to punishing and bombing the independent countries of the world for their lack of understanding ….that only their country knows what’s best for the people of the world ….and they are prepared to commit genocide and war crimes to prove it !

      Second Generation ….you cannot be an Orthodox Christian, and be part of a satanic culture …. that produces mass murderers…. like George Bush Jr. ,Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Donald Trump and those who target churches, Synogue, and mosques…. as we have witnessed! They are all the same …no different …just ask the parent of the 45 children of Yemen…. who were going to school in their school bus… and were mutilated …like so many other children, in Iraq, libya, Syria , Afganistan by a Saudi Arabia , U.S coalition missile made in America….all havng something common ….they were murdered by a foreign country in their country!

      While , there are many who identify themselves as Christians…. they are frauds…and now worship the values of a country as dictated and accepted from a talking head of the rich and famous..from the new manager of the human race …the free press …not God!

      Believe me…. there are very few souls from America …who are going to make it ….as you accurately…. described …into .a kingdom ….not of this earth! .

      Only about 1 % of the world … are Christian….the rest have surrendered what America really is ….and was to our immigrants….. simply, a place to make money…nothing more or less!

      And for that …they payed a hefty price … in being exploited to build their railroads and industries ….and have them and their children fight their wars…… and make money for them…lots and lots of money!

      Well …. my family has payed them back in full …. time to go back …like my Great Grandparent did to Greece… who obviously were ahead of their time …in recognizing ..what really mattered to the purveyors of destruction and war!

      When you recognize …that these mass killing are not the only symptoms …of a decaying society, but the immoral killing of humans around the world, the complete collapse of integrity, compassion , honesty and any real form of sensitivity to the needs … of a fellow human being ….then you , this is not the place you want to be!

      Today….The Freaks and degenerates littering our government….are so gone…that they cannot contain themselves…. in packing a Suicide Vest of Nuclear Bombs… and preparing to detonate it …soon!

      Yes…. go to Greece….where, I know the people at least … may not be rich in money and power …. they are rich in how to celebrate life …not destroy it!

    2. G boy—“celebrate life, not destroy it ?”. You mean with highest abortion rates and lowest birth rates in Europe? Greece, that is. She celebrates 50% unemployment, too.

      Besides being wrong, you are just plain stupid. I am fascinated with your unique claims of knowledge of both Christ and Satan and also suicide detonation devices.

      Are you sure you’re not one of them old Jeeehovaahs Witnesses? Or maybe you’re Ted Kuzcynski in supermax?

    3. Hey, Spiro… thank you for again demonstrating how the Ahepa Masons, with TNH….. have fooled and misrepresented the populace of the Greek faithful of our church….and our country!

      Today, Spiro … the face of you and your secret society of Greek Mason and TNH….is now Senator Robert Menendez…. who you made a member of Ahepa and endorsed him…despite the fact that he was indicted by his own party….for taking bribes, gifts. and call girls and found guilty in Congress from a major contributor, to circumvent an investigation into Medicare fraud….which the contributor ultimately has been sent to jail for years ….for extorting millions of dollars from the medicare system fraudulently

      So let me provide you with some statistics…as to who …you also support Spiro …in destroying people of the world …. and why all Greek Americans should go back to our real culture …Greece!

      According to the United Nations’ 2013 report, only nine countries in the world have a higher reported abortion rate than the United States. And ….where the Glory to America degenerates reside….the U.S. government and the Ahepa masons…in Washington , D.C. representing 38.6 % of the abortions in the United States.

      Abortions per thousands of population
      Greece 7.2 (2007) 5.0 (1999)
      Switzerland 7.1 7.3
      United Kingdom
      14.2 17.0 (2005)
      United States
      19.6 (2008) 20.8 (2003)

      14.2 19.7 (2003)
      13.7 (2009) 15.2 (2003)

      I have listed …. The perpetuators and alliance of Evangelical Anglo racist countries who have perpetuated the Nato wars …. And continue to be the core… representatives of the white supremacist freaks who now control their counties ….and continue to wage war against the independent countries of the …not compliant to their control and dominance!

      Importantly, Captain Hook Spiro….you again… do what you Ahepan Masons …do best …distort and suppress information which …exposes your ignorance and deceit …to continue to promote the efforts of these thieves to …. Erase not only the culture of Greece, but its church….and the values ….which are not in compliance with those of the exceptional and superior …Anglo Nations !

      I choose the Greek Orthodox Church and its faithful….and not because of the edicts of Bartholomew and any pope …but the values that are embodied in the church…which include how we are as Christians , are supposed to worship Christ…not by a bunch of fraudulent white supremacist… whose foundation of values are artificially constructed for marketin a profit making business enterprise of religion! ….

      Therefore, I will take my chances with the original Christians of the world . and their church, and I choose Greece…because it celebrates life not by how rich she is now….but in following Spiro or alias Captain Hook….. the truth …that it is the meak…who will inherit the Earth! Something you would have no idea about Spiro…. Since I said before….their only about 1 % of the Christian world …who would even qualify for elevation …and neither you or I … are worthy!

      All Greek Americans…should get the heck out of America …. And escape from a rapidly, fascist and totalitarian culture ….that is abusing the world …. And if you bothered to notice ….dropping one bomb every 12 minutes of the day …on some country of the world!

      But Captain hook…. The best number you left out… in making the Glory of America …number 1….is that since the end of World War 2…. The people of America …should be proud to know ….that in spreading their exceptionalism….they have murdered …..over 22 million foreign people of the world ….not of the Anglocan Evangelical Saviors of America …or the U.K. and Canada!

      Now you know ….why….it is time …. To leave this myth of democracy…… and I prefer to live in a country… whose cultures and values… are real ….and not needed to be portrayed by Hollywood and News Barons ….to make me feel good!

    4. Without reading any other word but diaspora, 2G spews OCA Manchurian programming
      on Pavlovian trigger.
      This is why HC fails, because they replaced the concise Pomfret Cavadas textbooks
      with SVS blather.
      Meanwhile, the Greeks are sad puppies, too: they only attend parishes where folks from their part of Greece attend, never mind other ethnicities.

    5. Greece Population Decline

      Greece is currently experiencing a declining birthrate, with hospitals reporting 10% fewer births in the past 4 years. Officials say that families simply can’t afford to have children. The number of live births in the country has fallen nearly 15% and it’s been unparalleled in Europe, highlighting the true impact of cost-cutting measures in the country that is at the heart of the Eurozone’s financial problems.

      Greece is now in its 8th straight year of recession, which is the longest on record for an advanced western economy. The country also has the highest unemployment rate in the Eurozone at almost 28%. The problem is so severe that many hospitals in Athens say social workers report growing numbers of uninsured migrant mothers who are fleeing the hospital at night with their babies and failing to register for fear of paying a delivery rate of about $600-$1,200 that most can’t afford.

  3. Greeks want to be western, not hang with Slavs and Arabs. If you marry outside the faith, you get promoted,
    if you marry Greek you get tolerated, but if you marry inter-Orthodox, you get blacklisted. When yiayia dies, they grow up and go to a regular Catholic church. More Greeks marry Slavic Catholic than Slavic Orthodox.

  4. Why would a united American Orthodox Church be an eparchy of the EP? The Russians were here first so that complicates things. Also, when PM Eleftherios Venizelos and EP Meletios Metaxaxis (cousins, by the way) made a deal that transferrred the Greek churches in the US, from the Church of Greece to the EP, and create the GOA, things really got complicated. Venizelos was a secularist and Metaxaxis was power hungry, so the GOA was created on a foundation of sand.

    1. Good point about the “deal” that created GOA as a US front organization for Greece. It was never a desire to do serious evangelizing in America, it was merely meant to be a beachhead for The Greater Glory of Greece.

    2. Greek schools and military training impart the notion that everyone living in what was the brief, ancient empire of Alexander is a secret Greek whose main aspiration in life is reunion. They are also taught that Alexander was a forerunner of Christ.

  5. GOA and AHEPA were formed in 1922, the year Lenin won his civil war and sought to sell all the churches that the tsars had funded, which is why the churches became AHEPA private chapels so they couldn’t belong to the Russians. Then Lenin got revenge for Venizelos joining the 19-nation force behind the Whites by sending Chechens to his former henchman Ataturk to kill Greeks in Smyrna

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