Still a Nation of Immigrants

Democrats Chris Pappas, left, New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker wait in the wings to be introduced at a get out the vote event hosted by the New Hampshire Young Democrats at University of New Hampshire in Durham, N.H. Sunday, Oct. 28, 2018. (AP Photo/Cheryl Senter)

The election is over.

And now, with the House in the hands of the Democrats, the attention turns to Special Counsel Robert Mueller and when he will have to announce his findings. Will the accusations against President Trump be so serious that they justify beginning the process of impeachment, or will they finally close this chapter?

Meanwhile, the “barbarians,” the caravan of the few thousand Latin American refugees who were en route to U.S. borders when President Trump discovered them and made …

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  1. “They will likely be left to the competent authorities when they reach our Southern border to deal with them”.
    And exactly who are the authorities for crossing national borders, why the Federal government.
    I would think that the author here know better than to fall for the diffusion of reality that the left is famous for,

  2. The only investigation left …is the one that charges the Democratic leadership and CNN…for acts of treason… in threatening the security and peace of the American Public …in promoting false narratives that Russia had colluded and meddled with Donald Trump to influence the election of Donald Trump….instead of Hillary Clinton!

    It is their fraudulent representations….which have been used to get the Corrupt Congress of the United States … impose reckless and dangerous foreign policy actions against Russia… such as placing thousands of American troops and armament on the borders of Russia…which is a provocation which utlimately ..could set off a military response by Russia ….to in fact …secure the safety and security of the Russian People! Just imagine …if Russia were to put thousands of Russian Troops and tanks on the borders of Mexico! Da!

    These narratives….have been used to justify the imposing of Economic Sanctions against Russia … and based on no reliable evidence …. but have now led to the restoring of a Cold War Relationship ….which threatened the peace and security of the American people …. with the possibility of Nuclear war …which would result in the catastrophic destruction of the people of America!

    Therefore, those members of the government and media …who have supported these false narratives…have not only threatened a coup of our elected President , but have destroyed relations with the Russian Federation …which is an act of Treason …in promoting provocations of economic and military war on the Russian Federation …. and create an environment that could threaten the security and peace of America …. by evoking nuclear war on the people of America … in response to the threats being made by Members of our government and thru collision with the Media!

    Therefore, the democratic leadership and the media…. should be prosecuted and held accountable for any actions that the Russian Federation takes , in response, to the hostile relationship promoted by the Democratic leadership and the media….which has created a hostile environment based on unsupported evidence!

    AS for the caravan…. I think second generation said it best in his post!

    What is again demonstrated by TNH and the Media … is the utter grandstanding of some of the billionaires sponsors of these circuses …and most likely … funded by a George Soros billionaire….just one of the many billionaires who can put up the money….to support their interests…not those of the people of the countries they meddle in!

    WE have been so brainwashed by the media… that they actually want us to believe …that America should cheer on the breeching of walls on our borders and enter our country without invitation and legal approval!

    In Syria … the U.S. government has marched into and invaded Syria ….without the permission of the Syrian people …. and is now occupying parts of Syria! Importantly, in so doing ….they have been supporting terrorist rebels jihadist , who also crossed into Syria thru Turkey ….. who are considered Terrorist by not only Syria , but Turkey!

    Based on this …. how are we to know …if this is an ISIS caravan of terrorist or foreign country looking to do harm to our country!

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