Vandals Deface Thessaloniki Mayor Boutaris’ Apartment

Thessaloniki Mayor Yiannis Boutaris. (Photo: MotionTeam/Fani Tripsani, file)

THESSALONIKI – Unknown individuals vandalised the house of Thessaloniki mayor Yiannis Boutaris on Wednesday night.

The perpetrators broke into the apartment building entrance, went up to the floor of Boutaris’ apartment and spray-painted his door in red. They also painted the word ‘traitor’ on the building’s wall.

The mayor will press charges against unkown individuls within the day, he said. “I am sorry for the unacceptable behaviour of some hotheads. Very often I am the recipient of insulting and threatening phone calls. I was never intimidated, either after being beaten nor will I be intimidated now,” said Boutaris.

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  1. To mend the outrageous behavior against Boutaris, and in reciprocation
    for Israel recognizing the Armenian Holocaust, as well as to mend the
    Greek failure to support Israel in 1947, Greece, Armenia and Cyprus
    should move their embassies to Jerusalem.

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