How Politicians See Us

(AP Photo/Elaine Thompson)

There is no other explanation: politicians see us, the American voters, as stupid. Are we wrong?

Think about the major issues facing the country and the world, and then think about the themes perpetuated in this midterm election campaign, with 35 Senate and 435 House seats at stake. Almost none of the truly vital issues were discussed, right?

There is plenty of blame to go around. Let’s start at the top, with President Trump. In campaigning for senators and representatives for these …

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  1. Hey, Mr. Diamantaris…you endorsed for the Ahepa Masons…just one of the many politicians ….considered corrupt thru and thru by the American Public! This guy was indicted by his own party…..and if not for a technicality in what constitutes a gift… would be serving about 30 years in leavenworth!

    Importantly, why are you shocked by the lack of debate on the issues of the day?

    The government is now run like one of the Greek Secret Societies… whose membership is forbidden to discuss ….the most inner secrets of a organization ….which is now looking like an organized crime family!

    Therefore, both the Republican and Democratic elitist… know their place …and questioning the foreign policy of the ruling totalitarian government ….is not one of them!

    In light of the fact that we are droping one bomb every 12 minutes of the day…on some country of the world ! We are now prosecuting world war 3… with both economic, political, and military warfare against Russia , China, Iran, North Korea, Venezuela, Syria, Yemen …etc etc.

    Right in front of our eyes …we watch the tearing up of International agreements with countries like Iran …which are unilateral … and impose economic warfare….of which we attempt to blackmail other independent countries of the world …to not buy oil and gas …from our enemies …not theirs!

    We continue to occupy territory of Syria illegally… and are building bases to attempt to partition Syria …after failing to overthrow her government!

    We have successfully promoted a propaganda campaign to … restore the Cold War with Russia ….just so they can maintain Nato …and drain the treasury of the United States to develope ….even more horrific nuclear weapons …. representing 1.7 trillion dollars ….which can only be used for one reason! All this while the American public … remains brain dead ….to the 26 trillion dollar debt ….which can only be eliminated thru war!

    Mr Diamantaris …. you seem to be confused….. to the obvious…. the don’t need to discuss these issues….since, if you haven ‘t noticed….they don’t care what we think, or what we do !

    They ….thru….the laundry of money thru the despicable campaign funding by special interest groups and lobby’s have hijacked our government! The candidates have all been vetted out for both parties …. and approved by the secret societies of the Republican and Democratic party.based on their reliability to fulfill the interests of a bunch of white supremacist billionaires who not only own the government, but most of the media outlets to fool the public!

    Let me give you an example….57 democratic candidates running for office… for the Democratic party …. are directly linked to working in the C.I.A and State department of the United States! Like wack job and war criminals…John Bolton, and Mike Pompeio….they have been responsible for the most criminal foreign policy in history …on overthrowing governments of the world …and in particularly, in the Middle East!
    These are the same people who appropriated a billion dollars to train, fund, recruit and arm Sunni Muslim radical jihadist …who have been fighting along side … Al Queda proxy armies to overthrow the government of Syria …. and coordinated with the terrorist rebels of libya …the murder of the leader of libya…. and has turned a prosperous country…into a dismembered partition of tribal fanatics ….and whose people wind up on the shores of Lesbos , every day!

    Why didn’t you…Mr. Diamantaris….inform the public….when during the Presidential election .. the journalist and politicians … were colluding …like with CNN … to rig the debate questions… that there was little discussion concerning the foreign relation plans of both parties?

    Actually the only one who did ….provide incite to his foreign Relations plans ….was Donald Trump …when he said he was going to stop the illegal regime change policies of America….and get this …improve relations with Russia!

    However, the ruling secret societies running our government ….would not tolerate this …and Hence ….we had the Russian meddling and collusion false Narrative …by some of these democratic candidates in the C.I.A and State Department!

    Hence, today, the Secret Society…has been funding these guys …to step up ….like Bolton and Pompeio…to have a direct impact on maintaining their criminal foreign policy of destruction and destabilization of the world!

    Why would the allow a discussion on our foreign policy…when it currently conceals mass murder, assasinations, war crimes and crimes against humanity and peace, nation killing, and racist and ethnic discrimination and assaults by Anglo American white supremacist …who feel entitled to control the economic, political and military sovereignty of the world … with absolutely no regard to the consequences of their actions to the world populace!

    Why would they debate a foreign policy that rapes the treasury of the United States ….to represent the interests of a hand full of degenerate sadist in our government …. and does not represent any of the interests to the American people!

    What do you not understand, Mr. Diamantaris …when these degenerates …can tell Greece ….that she and eight other countries can buy oil and gas …from their provider Iran …until the make alternative plans! Or what …face blackmail!
    This is a fascist country …and we had better wake up…because they are completely out of control …in trying to retain their grip on control of the citizens of the world!

    Don’t expect your representatives….to question or dispute , the most important issue of war with the people of America! The politicians are compliant stooges and cowards…to the point they don’t ever care about the future of their children!
    In the end…it is you….Mr. Diamantaris and your journalist prostitutes …who also fail to question and dispute …the crimes being committed against God children …and your failure to wake up and face the reality …that what the Nazi did in Germany … has come home to us! Vietnam with the Pentagon Papers brought reality …as to what these Anglo white supremacist are capable of doing….and they are masters of smoke and mirrors to fool us!

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