Why Does the President Still Support MBS?

FILE - In this photo released by Saudi Press Agency, SPA, Saudi King Salman, right, points to Salah, a son, of Jamal Khashoggi as Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, second right, looks on, in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Tuesday, Oct. 23, 2018. (Saudi Press Agency via AP)

Donald Trump’s reluctance to hold Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (MBS to insiders) responsible for the brutal murder and mutilation of a Saudi journalist resident in the United States should mystify no one. The spectacular combination of brutality and howling incompetence demonstrated by the young Saudi strongman has thrown an enormous monkey wrench into the White House strategies for the Middle East.Yet, Trump persists in delaying any punitive measures and downplaying the seriousness of the event.Insofar as we can …

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  1. Nice to hear from Mr. Theros . …what the state department spin is on this latest Saudi Arabia crime … and MR TRUMPS reluctance to punish the Saudi Prince implicated in the murder of a journalist from Saudi Arabia …who had been deported for criticism of not only the royal family …but guess who….Donald Trump! As a matter of fact…it was shortly after ..his criticism of Trump …. that this journalist was deported …and killed!

    Mr Theros….Donald Trump did tell us ….that it was in the financial interests of the Junta and its military contractors …. to not punish the Saudi Prince for his alleged , and i mean alleged …dismembership of a Journalist …in ..and if you believe it….the middle of the Saudi Embassy! That’s like ….. Monica Lewinsky … having oral sex with President William Clinton in the oval office of the White House…not exactly discreet!

    However , Mr Theros…. while you are speculating ….maybe you can inform the readers…why Donald Trump …has been so reluctant to stop the arms sales to Saudi Arabia ….for the war crimes bombing with the United States in Yemen…where, the dismembered 45 children in a school bus going to School in Yemen with a lockheed missile ..made in the USA! But Mr Theros …the former ambassador to one of the Sunni Muslim Gulf states of oil money…. Qatar…who is acknowledged to supply and arm all those Jihadist who were sent into Syria …to overthrow the government of Syria, and also happened to murder thousands of Orthodox Christians along the way!

    Even Saudi Arabia revealed publicly….that Qatar was a state sponsor of Terrorism!

    Importantly , Mr. Theros …did you demand the closing of one of the biggest U.S bases in the Middle East in Qatar…for being a state sponsor of terrorism …who allegedly were killing U.S soldiers?

    No Mr. Theros …we need to see how this plays out…because , the U.S C.I.A and Iaraeli Mossad …probably had a hand in this ….and smells like the alleged false Poison attack on a former double agent of Russia and England…which has never been proven…but coincidentally… was the set up for the bombing of Syria ….for alleged but proven to be false charges the Russia and Syria used chemical weapons on its civilians!

    Only time will tell … what the end game of this bizarre hit … that was somehow video taped by Turkish authorities in the Embassy! Obviously, the crown prince may have fallen out of favor with …their loss in Syria….and their recent meeting with Russia and China! Therefore… regime change may be in the making!

    Mr Theros… again you just can’t help yourself … to confess what the State Department is really supporting … and how good you are at fooling the Public!

  2. Why does the President still support MBS? Because he likes dictators, leaders with absolute power, such as MBS and the leaders of Turkey, Russia, China and North Korea. He, himself, has expressed doubts as to why he can’t be president for more than 2 terms. But someone like the President has little use for the Constitution because, well, it prevents him from having the power that those dictators have.

    1. No Repanidi ….it is not just Donald Trump who likes dictators , and leaders with absolute power……… like Saudi Arabia Princes, and the Anglo white supremacist billionaires and aristocratic elitist of countries of England, Israel , and the United States..but most of the corrupt congress of the United States!

      It was not Donald Trump ….but Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama ….. who made Saudi Arabia…where freedom of religion does not exist…… the number one customer of America in the entire world …in the purchase of arms and lethal weapons!

      Importantly, despite knowing from the Defense Intelligence committees …that these weapons …would also wind up in the hands of ISIS and Al Queda proxy armies in Syria and Iraq….which would be used against the citizens of Iraq, and Syria…as well as ..American Troops ….she proceeded to approve this! You see….Saudi Arabia…where freedom of religion does not exist ….was a working partner with the U.S. …to attempt to overthrow the government of Syria! Additionally, Saudi Arabia was part of another project …the destruction of the poorest country in the world …Yemen, in which the U.N has lost track of the war crimes committed by U.S and Saudi Arabia bombers and troops!
      To top this off…. the C.i.A was appropriated 1 billion dollars to recruit ,train , fund and arm terrorist rebels in Syria…who somehow … joined Al Queda terrorist forces…to overthrow the government of Syria!

      Repanidi… you are another victim…of a media …which is now simply a prapaganda machine of misinformation by the real dictators highlighted above

      Let me add …. it was not Donald Trump ..but many democrates ….like Menendez …who defeated a resolution by Republican Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky….. to stop all shipments of weapons to Saudi Arabia….for their war crimes in Yemen! But this was defeated by the bi partison votes of the congress of the United States….not Donald Trump!
      Furthermore, it is the congress of the United States …that trashed the constitution of the United States … to take away the rights of all Americans … to declare war on a foreign country! Specifically, they gave Donald Trump greater war making powers, by voting for a bill …that actually gave Donald …more power to wage undeclared wars …which normally would be subject to the approval of Americans!

      You see, the degenerate elitist of the Republican and Democratic party have only one bi-partisan agreement….that is to retain their power and control of our government on behalf of their financial benefactors…..and to impose a criminal foreign policy to control the sovereignty of the independent countries of the world …..and allows them to wage economic , political and military wars against those people and countries not compliant to their political and economic interests….not those of the people of America!

      Russia is not a dictatorship … and neither is Syria…where freedom of religion actually exists! And to my knowledge….there are plenty of Russians….free to leave Russia….and if you haven’t noticed …. live and work in the United States!

      Maybe, you should take in a hockey game in New York….and you will see all those despicable and oppressed Russian millionaires …play in the good old United States!

      I love the Globalist Neo liberals who attack Donald Trump personally, but fail to attack him …and want him impeached because ….he seem crude and confrontational …in claiming to represent the National interests of America.

      Yet …these same people cheer him on when he …..illegally bombs Syria…based on lies! They then support Economic and Military warfare and black mail of the countries of the world …to remove any leaders who are not compliant to the dictates of group of white supremacist!

      Your only issue with Donald Trump…. is not that he is not ideologically different than the rest of the degenerates in our country….but that he represents a non-Global agenda….of the fascist and communist in our country ….to promote the National interests of sovereign nations ….. not like those surrendered to a International Central Body of Billionaires …like the EU by Greece!

  3. Well aside from the fact that you don’t really know me well at all to say the things you say about me, the President is the face of the nation and he is as corrupt as they come. Certainly he is in bed with the billionaires and corporate leaders. Hillary Clinton and President Obama are irrelevant now. Only the current president counts.

    1. Repanidi….today ….Senator Robert Menendez…. the first sitting senator to be indicted by his own party …the Democratic Party…and President Obama in a Generation …for proven bribes and gifts …including documented liason with provided call girls by a Jewish Lobbyist….name Dr. Melgen …who Mr. Menendez assisted in trying to circumvent an investigation of Mr. Melgen …for Medicare Fraud… and was in fact indicted and found guilty of the theft of millions of dollars in Medicare Fraud …. was elected to another 6 years to steal and take more Bribes!

      So Mr. Rapanidi ….apparently, …. the face of corruption …is not Mr. Trump …but Robert Menendez… who has actually been indicted by the Congress and found guilty… and punished …but avoided a federal penitentiary… not on the basis …that he did not take bribes …. but on a technicallity …that hung a jury !

      How hillarious . they condemn Mr. Trump for unproven charges of corruption ….and then vote to reelect a proven crook to the Public …. and have now legitimized Public Corruption for the future…. in order to punish Donald Trump for his policies!

      This is your country , Mr. Repanidi….made in America by the new Aristocratic Corporate and White Supremacist Billionaires and their constitution of conduct …as advertised and represented everyday…in our news outlets!

  4. The answer to the question is easy. Despite everything the Saudis have done wrong over decades they are a vital strategic relationship for the US, and not one we can jeopardize over one person, no matter how horrible the circumstances. Obama and Bush all knew this. And do does Trump. In this case Khashoggi was no supporter of western democracy. He was a Muslim supremacist through and through and deep in bed with Turkey’s Muslim Brotherhood. That is why Erdogan has taken such an interest in his case despite Erdogan murderering journalists on a weekly basis.


    1. Michael … you are right…. Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom, Israel and the United States with vassal states like Greece and Nato …… are a criminal organized crime family of the richest billionaires in the world ….whose strategic interests …are to be part of a ruling body …to take over the sovereignty of all the independent countries of the world, and control their economic, political , and military resources …. and make them subserviant to their interests ….not those of their people!

      To this end, Michael ….you should be proud and thrilled ….that Hillary Clinton , Barack Obama, and Donald Trump…. have taken no action against the perpetuators of the 9/11 bombing….which launched the false war on terrorism…which was merely the catalyst and cover …to begin the invasion of Afganistan, libya, Syria, Iraq, Yemen , Somalia etc etc by the Anglo White Supremacist members of our government …like John McCain, Lindsey Graham and the lunatics in the C.i.A. Yes , Michael …Saudi Arabia is too much of a strategic partner …in these attrocities!

      You should be proud …. that despite knowing that Saudi Arabia, Turkey , and the other Sunni Muslim fanatics …had armed , funded , and financed with the C.I.A the Sunni Muslim Brigades called ISIS, and Al Queda, or Al Nustra…. to overthrow the governments of the Middle East…. Hillary Clinton … rewarded these state sponsors of terrorism …. with making them the number one purchaser in the world of U.S arms and lethal weapons….which have been used to support the murder of Orthodox Christians thruout the Middle East, but are strategically important for the U.S. ..by Saudi Arabia… organizing religious fanatics …to overthrow the governments of the Middle East ..considered enemies to Saudi Arabia, America and most importantly….the Aparthied State of Israel!

      While Saudi Arabia… practices Sunni Muslim doctrines … where freedom of religion does not exist…. and discrimination against Shia Muslim and Christians is a matter of public practice … they with the United States and Israel …have used a religious war against all non dominant Sunni Muslim government of the Middle East ….which included libya, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Somalia to fulfill their plans to take over the resources and sovereignty of the countries of the Middle East!

      Just think …Syria …where freedom of religion exists, where the Christian population is over 10% of the population … and is a secular government …is the enemy of America …only because it has relationships with Russia and Iran ..and not the degenerate Anglo White supremacit empire of the United States, Israel and Saudi Arabia…the financial benefactors of this new ruling body of the World!

      Your right , Michael, if your a demented member of the Glory to America ..Greek Secret society of Masons….. the only thing that matters…to you…and the white supremacist running our country …. is the continuation of a tyrannical empire whose strategic interests and allies…have killed over 22 million human beings since , World War 2….and dropping one bomb every 12 minutes of the day on some country of the world….today!

      I hope Michael, you can sleep at night…. comfortable in your position … that allows you to rationalize …the mutilating of 45 children of 8 years old in a school bus in Yemen by the Saudi Arabia and U.S coalition forces by planting a LOCKHEED INC. MADE IN AMERICA MISSILE!

      Of course the White Supremacist Supporters of our military…will simply… respond by saying we just have to be more carefull….. and then dismiss these children …as simply …inferior peasants of the poorest country in the world …. with no prosecution of the Saudi and U.S ….. new global Tyrants of richest countries of the world!

      Michael …I would suggest …you get to the nearest Orthodox Church in your Area … or if not Christian, then just stay home! Anybody…..who can defend the actions of Saudi Arabia and our country….because, it is more important to serve the greater good of white supremacist degenerates of the U.S…. than serve the master of us all ….Christ…is someone who does not believe in anything!

      What you need … is to go back to your Greek Secret Society.of Masons….and part of the Secret Society of billionaire Aristocrates …who have hijacked our government …not for the Glory of America…but themselves!

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