Letter to the Editor: Russian Church Wronged Concerning Ukraine

FILE - Patriarch Filaret, head of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Kiev Patriarchate, conducts a service at the Volodymysky Cathedral in Kiev, Ukraine, Thursday, Oct. 11, 2018. (AP Photo/Efrem Lukatsky)

To the Editor:

This is in response to the November commentary by Mr. Kalmoukos. As a sympathizer of the Ecumenical Patriarchate, I have become profoundly distressed and disturbed by the Church of Constantinople’s violation of Church Canons and ecclesiology through its intervention in the affairs of Ukraine. It has long been established that the Ukrainian Church is under the omophorion of the Russian Orthodox Church. All local and autocephalous Churches recognize only the Church of Metropolitan Onuphry (Moscow Patriarchate) as being canonical and possessing catholicity and apostolicity.

The Orthodox Church is conciliar and decisions can only be made by consensus through the agreement of ALL local Churches. All agree that the Ecumenical Patriarch is “First among equals.” and possesses a “primacy of honor” but this does not give the see of Constantinople the right to grant Autocephaly to ecclesiastical territories belonging to another Autocephalous Church. Nor does Constantinople have the right to overturn the “Anathemas” imposed on the Ukrainian schismatics by the Moscow Patriarchate.

The actions undertaken by the Church of Constantinople have created alarm throughout the Orthodox world to the extent that Synods of many local Churches have met and endorsed the convening of a Council in order to resolve the the Church crisis.

With all due respect to Mr. Kalmoukos whose work I admire, and to the Ecumenical Patriarchate itself, the Russian Church has been wronged in Ukraine. It is also inaccurate to accuse the Moscow Patriarchate of having a mindset of “secular nationalism.” Orthodox Russia today stands as the fighter for Christian faith against Jihadism in Syria and against the depravity of western secular social values. While Russia continues building more Churches and Monasteries and embraces the faith of Christ, our beloved Greece is led by an atheist Prime Minister who has legalized same sex marriage and transgenderism while removing Orthodox faith from public schools and buildings.

Criticism of the Church of Greece, like that of Russia is also unwarranted. The Church of Greece has been performing magnificently by the work carried out by lay people and clerics alike in providing humanitarian relief for migrants who have reached the Greek islands and for ordinary Greeks themselves, while trying to defend itself and the Greek family from the Tsipras government.

There are many sophisticated Bishops, priests, and theologians within the Church of Greece who opposed the pseudo Council of Crete for valid reasons and they deserve respect.

Theodore G. Karakostas

Boston, MA


  1. Thank you Mr Karaksotas. You make excellent points. I believe other factors are at play with Patriarchs decision and others are pulling the strings.

  2. Theodore…..is absolutely correct in his letter to the editor! He not only captures the blatant infringement on the sovereign rights of the Church in Russia by his Eminence in Constantinople , but makes the connection …. to his complicity, in working with the EU and Nato … to erase the unity of the Orthodox Church and its faithful in Eastern Europe to replace the values that have always dictated the conduct of the people of those countries, with the values of a bunch of white supremacist in Washington and Brussels!

    There intentions are to make all of Europe …one big blob of humanity, who have surrendered their sovereign national interests and cultural rights…. to the interests of a ruling body in Brussels!

    importantly, Theodore, also makes the connection …as to who these people are …who are obligated to these freaks in Brussels by ….like Mr. Tsipras!

    And there is no better example…than Mr. Tsipras…who has executed their mandates and act of treason for them …in oppressing the national interests and rights of the people of Greece! He has …for the Glory of the EU…began the process of destroying the independent country of Greece….since, it is represent the greatest cultural history in the world …since the recording of civilization!

    Finally, Theodore, make the connection between the political assault on Russia …and everything Russia ….by the United States and Nato….in understanding what makes Russia an enemy of these war criminals….. that is their obstruction in overthrowing an other government of the Middle East ….not compliant to the economic, political and military rule of a bunch of white supremacist rascist in our government.

    Only these people ….can punish Russia ….for fighting their JIhadist Sunni Muslim terrorist …who have murdered Orthodox Christians , burned their Homes and churches in Syria, just to overthrow another government of the world…on behalf of Allies Saudi Arabia , Turkey, UAE,. Qatar … all coincidentally, housing U.S bases!

    Bartholomew ….has done great damage to the church …by creating a perception …that the beneficiaries of his actions …are the New Neo Nazi regime of the Ukraine and their father……. the United States and Nato! This is no different …than the perception that the Pope was a complicit spectator …to the action of Nazi Germany!

    Bad timing for Bartholomew , since, to the informed …it just looks like he is on the same political page….as the corrupt media and leaders of Nato …. to isolate Russia…. and to falsely make America’s enemies…. Europe Enemies …. and to make Russia ..surrender her sovereignty to these degenerates!

    Just think…. if Russia does surrender their sovereingty ….then the Orthodox Christians of Syria … would have faced genocide, because Russia would not have been allowed to join the people of Syria…..to fight the hordes of Sunni muslim proxy armies of Saudi Arabia, UAE , Qatar, United States, England and Nato! Just think, the blood shed in Iraq, Afganistan, Yemen, Somalia, libya…. would continue to flow …. in Syria, Iran, Ukraine ….etc etc!

    As a Greek Orthodox Christian…. we face persecution by the Anglo white Supremacist evangelicals…who tolerate us….but represent a threat to their control in Eastern Europe …no different than the Islamic religion …in the Middle East! Because cultural and religious ties …has always been the only bond …. that united them ….when they were not killing themselves!

    Russia …is not our enemy …. and if you ask …yourself …what have they done to our country …. to consider them not friends…. and most importantly, why is not the Orthodox Community…not embracing Russia…as a religious brother!
    Today…. the Anglo alliance of England , U.S. , Canada , and Australia….and all founded by the white supremacist class culture of the Royal Family of England!

    Consequently, nothing has changed, in their foundation …to impose their exceptional cultural values on foreign countries ….and now, resurrect their colonial empire!

    Today, we are all victims of a Media feast of lies and propaganda…. who apparently, have not provided State sponsored news ….but in fact, Aristocratic Elitist news …who happen to own our government …. and simply …own most of the media …to sell their interests…..which includes dominating the landscape of our world!

    What Theodore has done….is exposed the big picture here…. the sights we never get a chance to observe …because we simply don’t give a crap …what in our name …these people are doing!

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