Demetrios, Metropulos Fire HCHC Trustees who Raised Questions

Rev. Christopher Metropulos with His Eminence Archbishop Demetrios Geron of America at Fr. Metropulos’ installment as HCHC President. (Photo: TNH Archives/Theodore Kalmoukos)

BOSTON, MA – Archbishop Demetrios of America, who is also Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Hellenic College-Holy Cross School of Theology fired most of the trustees and replaced them mostly with obedient priests and with some laypersons. He promised Patriarch Bartholomew at the Ecumenical Patriarchate’s (EP) Holy Synod that he would resolve HCHC’s problems, but it is believed that this action reflects his strong desire to keep Fr. Christopher Metropulos as HCHC president in an effort to …

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  1. This action borders on criminal. It certainly betrays the fiduciary duty they owe to HCHC. At a minimum I suspect the schools will soon lose their accreditation as a result of these antics. No wonder our young people are leaving the GOA in droves and not looking back.

    Even more disgusting, yesterday we saw Patriarch Bartholomew’s hand picked goon, eh I mean hierarch, in Ukraine blessing a fresco replete with Nazi symbols and a mockery of Saint George slaying not a dragon but instead the two headed Byzantine eagle.

    Demetrios has lost his marbles and Black Bart has lost his soul.

    1. I read some articles, what are you referring to specifically with regard to understanding the aforementioned?

  2. The wrong ones got fired. There are several issues that have needed to be examined for some time. First is the connection between the college and the school of theology. They should be separate, with different boards of trustees and the college board not having any clergy. The college should have programs in nursing, social work and the sciences, among others, so graduates in those fields could make a difference in our society. But such thinking has never been the driving force for the existence of the college. The Archbishop should not be the chairman of the board of trustees. It should be a layman. The President and the two deans should be people who have had experience in higher education administration. Neither the present president, nor the two immediate past deans, nor the two interim deans, have worked/taught/administered on a full time basis in any other institution of higher learning. Perhaps the position of dean of Holy Cross does not need such a background because of its unique character. But, the school will never progress if it continues to have presidents and college deans who have no experience in higher education. Also, the school’s endowment is meager, embarrassing and shameful. It ought to be 20 times greater than its present size of perhaps $25 million, given that the Greek American community is one of the most successful, socio-economically speaking, ethnic groups in the US. And it’s not just the faculty that is bloated, numbers wise. A careful examination of other departments would certainly point out other examples of overstaffing.

    The Stavros Niarchos Foundation recently gave $25 million (the same amount as the school’s endowment) to the St. Demetrios Day School in Astoria, NY. Bravo to the foundation. But the question must be asked: why hasn’t HCHC ever gotten a donation of such size? To create some perspective, one might only consider that the school was founded in 1937 and Brandeis University in 1947. Greek Americans give millions of dollars to colleges and universities in the US. They don’t give to HCHC like that because the vision, desire and know how to make a unique small college and a strong school of theology doesn’t exist. What can one expect given the current state of affairs of the Archdiocese, which after “owns” and runs the school?

    1. Would you expect anything different? Donations to the Church and it’s institutions are more likely to go to His Immenseness Evangelos’s cigarette and taco bell fund than any honorable purpose.

    2. 1908, when are you going to get clued in? No one, absolutely no one, from individual to institutional donors, trusts the archdiocese or any of its related entities. You can include the Phanar in that statement, too. These misdeeds aren’t going away. Donors aren’t simply going to flip the page and kiss their hands and butts any more while wallets are emptied. This is 2018, not 1908, n’est pas?

    3. I couldn’t agree more with you Spiro and repanidi1908 and the others in here. My 2 senses, the Archbishop’s tactics have been: “sweep the dirt under the rug” and pretend the problem doesn’t exist, it will go away. It doesn’t go away. Hopefully, he will go away and soon.

    4. I would assume that’s the message anyone would get reading my post. I just gave a bit of historical perspective because these problems are not new, especially concerning HCH. It was no better under Archbishop Iakovos. And yes, folks have smartened up. And, yes, this archbishop doesn’t like any ripples in the pond. He always tries to sweep things under the rug. That’s his MO. Always better tomorrow when in reality it gets worse every day.

  3. PS….it does matter that the trustees were not FIRED….they RESIGNED. And ought to tell you all that you need to know.

    1. Demetrios has proved to be a real Byzo-Machiavellian, hasn’t he? A benign looking old man and academic. Recites all the prayers by heart. All superficial. When the going gets tough, he turns into a liar and a coward, pins blame on the suckers and stooges around him and lives to play another day with Joey Biden and the Archonettes.

      I hope is last thought on this earth is about the shame he has so richly earned.

      “Here Lies Demetrios, Destroyer of Dreams”

  4. Don’t worry, they don’t want uppity yanks. That’s why they are filling their churches with Arabs.

    1. Personally, I’d rather worship with the Ethiopians. Devout, quiet, humble, have suffered. Orthodoxy deserves them, not the Greek and Russian crooks and schemers who have wasted the Christian legacy. The Arabs are smart enough to want their own tribe and to stay away from losers like Demetrios and his bejeweled girlie-men.

    2. I believe the Ethiopians are monophysite. That means they are not Orthodox, regardless of their personal attributes. The validity of the Mysteries does not depend on the personal ethical and moral positions of individuals, which is a distinctly Protestant understanding of Grace, but on one’s confession of faith and apostolic succession, among other things. None of this is to say that there are not crooks and schemers among the Greeks and Russians, but this does not necessarily nullify the validity of the Mysteries.

    3. All the Arabs are crypto-Monophysite crypto-Muslims thanks to Uspensky and Nesselrode meddling that also produced Skoptozy Russians circumcising their women,

  5. Spiro, the gnats and the camels are the ones who have done the damage you find so bad. It seems another failing of the Archdiocese is to not have taught you along the way there is a difference between the actions of man and the actions of God. You want to go worship with the Ethiopians go right ahead. There are lots of other non-Orthodox groups you can also find to worship with. Too bad they don’t see the light, accept Chalcedon and become Orthodox, because your characterization of them as a people is correct. (And, no, none of this is a defense of what goes on in the Archdiocese)

    1. Is Chalcedon what the dentist scraps off my teeth twice a year? You are immersed in you own rhetoric, my man, so much so that you cannot get to the essence of what we face, which is the self-evident death spiral we cannot escape.

    2. No, most Greeks in Greece,let alone America, know anything but the superficial about their faith.

    3. One of the reasons for the death spiral is that the hierarchs do not put the faith first. They care about money, prestige and the honors of the world. And no, Chalcedon is not that. It proclaimed one of the basic tenets of the Orthodox faith. Let’s just say that to consider Chalcedon what gets scraped off your teeth…..well, the hierarchs who created this mess have, actually, won.

  6. Does anyone think for a second that our Lord and God and Saviour Jesus Christ cares one whit about the fine points of theology? Did he ever say even once blessed are they who defend the theological underpinnings of the understanding of the blessed Trinity? No never, not even once.

    He already told us what he will ask on the last day. When did you see the hungry or thirsty and give them food or drink or cloth the naked or console the suffering? That is it folks! God told us what we will be asked on the last day and he meant what he said. He also doesn’t care about pews in churches and organs and all the other stuff you read about on here from time to time.

    Matthew 25 says it all.

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