In War, Turkish Official Says Greece Wouldn’t Last Four Hours

(Presidential Press Service, Pool via AP, FILE)

If continued provocations between Greece and Turkey lead to a shooting war, an advisor to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said it would take his country three or four hours to administer a punishing and humiliating defeat.

Yigit Bulut, who has made a number of saber-rattling comments said that: “Greece will end up in a catastrophe within three to four hours if it wages a war against Turkey,” Russia Today reported. That came after he earlier said that Greece is not a challenge to Turkey as “it would be like a fly picking a fight with a giant.”

While Turkey has an advantage in population and weapons its’ military was purged of top officials by Erdogan after a failed coup and botched assassination attempt against him in 2016 and Greek fighter pilots have kept their skills sharp in repeated mock dog fights with Turkish jets who regularly violate Greek air space.

His comments came as tension has risen after former Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias, in his last act before resigning, said Greece would extend its sovereign waters from 6 to 12 miles but only in the Ionian Sea off Western Greece as the two countries have been squabbling in the Aegean.

Earlier in October, Turkey ripped Greece for using a military frigate to intercept a Turkish energ research vessel in the Mediterranean saying the Turkish ship had no right to be in Greek waters, setting nearby Turkish naval forces to intervene.

In 1952, both nations joined NATO, making a military conflict even more unlikely but the defense alliance has said nothing about Turkish fighter jets and warships routinely breaking into Greek airspace and violating its waters borders.

In 2015, Bulut declared that he is “ready to die” for Erdogan. “I have two licensed pistols and I have collected hundreds of bullets over the years thanks to my legal rights,” he said at the time.

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  1. Just think… Greece being part of Nato….could be obligated to fight for Turkey…..if someone outside of Nato…. actually responded to their breaking of International laws…like Russia, Syria, Iraq, Cyprus etc etc!

    Just think ….Greece being part of Nato…could be liable for any attacks by the United States and Nato against Russia , Syria, Iraq etc etc.

    Just think…. U.S bases and rumor of additional bases in Greece for the U.S and Nato….represent no protection for Greece…when it is the U.S …who has provided Nato member Turkey …with all the advanced offensive weapons she possesses …including stored nuclear warheads….which are in violation of International nuclear proliferation treaties…which in war ….Turkey could use!

    Therefore…. why is Greece part of Nato and the EU? Because , when you are part of an organized crime family….you can’t leave!

    Now if you were not part of this organized crime family…. you could speak up …like Russia and Syria…. and expose them for their crimes!

    For instance, why hasn’t Mr .Tsipras….. addressed the security council at the U.N. ..and demand that the U.S take out those nuclear warheads in Turkey….which represent possibly ….why Mr. Edrogan’s butcher… said they can take out Greece in 4 hours!

    I mean….where is this rhetoric coming from? It is coming from the U.S… who was prepared to go to war with Russia ….for Turkey….if Russia responded to attacking Turkey for shooting down one of her planes fighting one of Turkey’s and U.S proxy armies in Syria….one of the many crimes against international laws…that Nato leader U.S has no problem with!

    However…. since the defense minister of Greece….has proclaimed Russia as an ally…and partner … and that the actually puchased some of Russia anti-ballistic missile systems which need maintanance …why not add a Russian Base to Greece rather than another U.S base!

    While I would prefer … the removal of all foreign bases, including the U.S . bases and Nato by withdrawing from Nato ….. since , it is obvious , that the can;t even control their own members…. you might as well …. add Russia …a non nato country …who …has only one other base in the world ….. Syria , but who has demonstrated…they are reliable guests …who have just protected Syria from the Turkish proxy armies!

    Just think Turkey….only has the U.S bases… and therefore …in the coming Nato war against Russia …is clearly going to be one of the first targets of Russia…and while Mr. Edrogan believes Greece can be defeated in 4 hours…. Turkey and most of Nato Europe …will be taken out in 1 hour! Now …if the Chinese …decide to join the fun… and since…they have also been declared an enemy of America….. this would drop to 20 minutes!

    Therefore, by adding a Russian Naval Base to Greece… would assure ….that Russia will do what they did on the borders of Syria….protect their interests …against another hostile Nato country ….called Turkey!

    Because … all the dynamics of potential nuclear war …are rapidly being put into place by the United States… the withdrawal by the U.S from the Salt 2….agreement with Russia…not to develope intermediate nuclear missiles ….is a blatant act of war…which not only takes the cold war to new levels …but reignites an arms race …that will unleach, even more horrific weapons of destruction! Now you understand …why Donnie and the boys…have appropriated 1.5 trillion dollars for developing more and more horrific nuclear weapons…while telling the world …they can bomb countries like Iran, North korea …and now Russia who develope their own Nuclear arms!

    Only white supremacist are capable of this mind set! Thank you TNH….for your service to the Greek community in concealing ….these crimes against the future of humanity!

    Just think ….a Russia military bases.. who has no allegiance to Nato … and will be a reminder to Turkey….that they have …made mince meat out of Turkish armies …at least 6 times in history! Not to mention ….what they did to another of Turkey’s allies….Germany!

    Importantly…. I would think that among the Nato countries not attacked by Russia …when the lunatics of Nato cross the red line of Russia ….only Greece will be spared….and Turkey ..with its Nuclear arms from Nato U.S …..will be a front line target!

    All the Rhetoric by Turkey….is simply, consistent with Nato allies … U.S and England’s bizarre rhetoric and hostile provocations ….. against the world ….where “Might Makes Right”….. and demonstrates the how easy …. and close we are to all out Nuclear war!

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