They Should Stop Playing Games

Metropolitan Emmanuel of France is accompanying Patriarch Kirill of Moscow leaves following his meting with Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I, the spiritual leader of the world's Orthodox Christians, at the Patriarchate in Constantinople, Friday, Aug. 31, 2018. (AP Photo/Lefteris Pitarakis)

The matter of the Ecumenical Patriarchate (EP) granting Autocephaly to the Church of Ukraine is very telling, insofar as many things have come to light, and many individuals, including patriarchs, archbishops, metropolitans, and priests have been uncovered. It is really interesting to see the masks dropping revealing the faces behind them.
First exposed is the extent of the Moscow Patriarchate’s secular nationalism and its mindset of ecclesiastic imperialism. The unholy games it plays not only against the First Throne …

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  1. Columnist from TNH….are really something.. first, they endorse and promote a Senator from my state in N.J. who is one of the most despicable examples of why … the public considers not only the government of the United States corrupt and untrustworthy….but the journalist of TNH and main stream media …as stated by the President of the United States! Importantly , Senator Robert Menendez…is not only a financial prostitute working for whoever …. pays him the most…..and many of his friends like the Mayor of Union City , Mr. Musto who is still doing time for his corruption …and who Mr Menendez was his assistant, but the Dr. from Florida…who provided all the bribes, gifts and call girls for Mr. Menendez…for his efforts to help out the good doctor in committing Medicare fraud…which landed the good Dr a long term stay in leavenworth prison!

    Importantly,, as Chairman of the Foreign Relation committee…. he makes the Patriach of Moscow’s alleged acts of religious imperialism …look like an act of oppression of a Sunday School Class! What does Mr Kamenos call it …when this senator has been one of the driving forces in the imperial march of the United States thruout the world and Middle East ….using religious Islamic Jihadist …as their proxy armies to overtake the countries of the Middle East …particularly….the one in Syria…. where Orthodox Christians are under the Protection of Dr. Assad of Syria….and the Patriarch of Moscow who blessed the Russian military advisors and pilots …when the were ordered to assist the people of Syria…in fighting the most horrific brigades ever assembled by the United States ….full of degenerate religous fanatics… with a mission to wipe out any non -sunni muslim citizens of Syria …like they are doing in Yemen!

    Secondly, isn’t it the columnist of TNH….who also , have called the Archbishop of North America … a thief and embezzler of the funds of the archdiocese ….but Mr. Menendez is an honorable Man!

    TNH…. your narrative about the Russian Church …is almost as bad as the collusion of Russia in meddling in the election ….. and responsible for the defeat of Hillary Clinton, another media darling of another of the crime family members of corrupt and degenerate politicians …who have murdered 3/1/2 million Middle Easterners …to actually , impose an imperial foreign policy of hegemonic magnitude ….unseen until this century!

    Mr. Kalmoukos….other than Spiro from your Greek Secret Societies… believe what you say…how you say it …and .again…. demonstrates the depth of disrespect you have for the readers of not only Greece but of America! It is this disrespect …. that has allowed your financial benefactors ….to wage an out of control war of genocide and war crimes …playing itself out …right in front of the people of the world, which is the perfect example of Imperialism…only White Suppremacist Aristocratic elitist …would be proud of !

    ON November 2nd…. the black coalition is mobilized and will be marching on Washington, D.C.
    The broad-based Coalition is comprised of organizations representing a range of issues and philosophies, unified in their views that the U.S. military and economic warfare against that seeks the political destabilization of other countries like the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Syria, Iran, Venezuela, Nicaragua, China and Russia., and specifically ,,, focuses on the wars in Africa and North Africa the United States!

    The informed Public … Mr. Kalmoukas….KNOW WHO THE IMPERIALIST ARE….. AND THEY ARE SITTING IN WASHINGTON WITH YOUR SECRET SOCIETIES! It is not Russia ..or the Patriarch of Moscow …who are dropping 1 bomb every 12 minutes of the day…to continue their imperial march for control of the economic , political and military power of the independent countries of the world…it is the Patriach of Bartholomew and the Pope …who have supported their attrocities by remaining silent to the crimes against the Christians of the world, and who ignored the cries of the Orthodox Patriarchs of Syria , lebanon , and Jerusalem to stop the U;S imperialism killing thousands of Christians!

    You and TNH…. have exposed yourself …. and merely reinforced what Donald Trump has declared …. you are the enemy of the people …because you sell the distortions and lies …in the end!

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