The Panepirotic Federation of America ‘Strongly Condemns’ the Killing of Konstantinos Katsifas


NEW YORK – The Panepirotic Federation of America, with an announcement,  ‘strongly condemns the senseless killing of an ethnic Greek by Albanian police‘ in Northern Epiros on Sunday and calls for an internationally supervised investigation to determine how he died.

The announcement reads:

Konstantinos Katsifas, 35, raised a Greek flag at a cemetery holding the remains of Greek soldiers from World War II near the town of Vouliarati as Greeks celebrated the heroic resistance of Greece to the invasion of Fascist forces on Oct. 28, 1940. When Albanian police moved to take it down, Albanian authorities say he fired at a police van with a Kalashnikov rifle and fled to the nearby hills.

Albanian authorities then launched a massive manhunt with a helicopter hovering overhead while police and special forces combed the hills for Katsifas. They claim that when they cornered him and asked him to surrender, he fired at them and they shot him dead.

“Knowing the hostility with which Albanian authorities have persecuted ethnic Greeks in the past, the official Albanian account is hard to believe and we call for a full and open international investigation of this senseless killing,” stated Nicholas Gage, president of the Panepirotic Federation, which represents Greek-Americans from the region of Epiros, half which is in Greece and the other half within the southern border of Albania.

“It is obvious that Katsifas, despite the flash of anger that overtook him when police took down the Greek flag, did not intend to injure anyone because he fired at an empty police van, not at any officers,” Mr. Gage said. “And it is highly unlikely that he would have chosen to shoot it out with the massive forces pursuing him rather than surrender.”

He pointed out that ethnic Greeks have been falsely imprisoned, beaten and harassed by Albanian authorities for years and called on the Greek government, the European Union and the United States to pressure Albania to provide the ethnic Greek minority the basic rights and protection due them under international agreements Albania has signed but never enforced.


  1. Nicholas Gage? For what he didn’t do for his own mother…he has no say…

    All Greeks should leave Albania move back to greece…Unless greece wants to annex northern Epirus if not then relocation…And all the illegal Albanians in Greece must go back home more than 700,000-1,000.000 plus are in greece…thanks to PASOK, ND…
    The refugee crisis is the second invasion, both from weak useless governments…

  2. “Unless Greece wants to annex Northern Epirus “?!
    There has not been a war between the two nations in more than 3000 years of existence. Stupid nationalists on both sides are in minority here. We will live together in peace.
    Children of those 700k Albanians in Greece are just as Greek and more.

  3. He was an Albanian used as a tool from the Greek terrorist organization MAVI created by the terrorists embedded in the Greek Government and also embedded in the Greek Orthodox Church to cover their terrorist agenda and terrorist acts under the veil of religion!

    There is no such thing as a Greek Epirus. This is a myth created by the terrorists within the Greek government to cover up the human massacres against the Albanian people of Chameria and their forceful expulsion from Epirus so that to create a Greek Epirus by ethnic cleaning. The real Greeks are in today’s Turkey. Why don’t you Greek terrorists leave the Balkans alone? Why don’t you start claiming Pontius Greek from Turkey, and move back to where-ever your ancestors came from before landing in Europa?

    But please do not take our Arvanitas with you. They are the true European race.

  4. This is the first killing in ages of an greek-albanian citizen in more than 30 years. So no place for this alarming tones. I don’t know how many albanian are killed by greek police. The youngster was an extermist and was not only against albanian state but even against greek government, for what he perceived as some pact between Cipras and Rama (prime ministers of Greece and Albania) and he wrote in Facebook that in 28th october they would face the anger of the North epirus youngsters. So it was e premeditated attack against albanian police.

  5. The Greek Government can easily issue a statement that if the ethnic Greeks are to be treated this way, Albania will become another Cyprus. We invade and keep our army there to protect our minority. It already worked for the Turks so their shouldn’t be a double standard.


    Nikos Dimous states in a very recent NY times article;

    “We used to speak Albanian and call ourselves Romans, but then Winckelmann, Goethe, Victor Hugo, Delacroix, they all told us, ‘No, you are Hellenes, direct descendants of Plato and Socrates,’ and that did it. If a small, poor nation has such a burden put on its shoulders, it will never recover.”

    Go ahead you ethnic “greeks” with your plastic identity. Stuff your heads in the sand :ostrich

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