Athens AHEPA Chapters Offer Oxi Day Message to Greek-Americans

FILE - The attendees at the AHEPA Hellas District 25 HJ-17 Vari-Voula-Vouliagmenis Chapter celebrated Thanksgiving and honored The National Herald in Athens, Nov. 26, 2017. (Photo by TNH/Achilleas Kouremenos)

Apropos of the Oxi that was declared not only by Greek Premier Ioannis Metaxas that fateful October 28 but by the entire Greek nation that rose in unity to fight for its freedom and against the Axis powers, three AHEPA chapters in the Athens area united to send a holiday message to their brothers and sisters in the Ahepa family in the United States, and to all Greek-Americans.

The message begins: “28th of October 1940 isn’t only the first day of Hellenic Glory with respect to the Hellenic role in WWII. It is something more.

“Greeks through the ages have demonstrated that some events in history generate legends that reverberate in time and also shape the future. In the Greek language we call it Athlos. Hellas spread such legends on numerous occasions and today they are echoes from its ancient history.

“Greece repeated the defiant Molon Lave, once hurled at the Persians atthe Italian demand that it open its borders to Italian troops. It was the 28th day of October of 1940.

“Being Free means that we are ready to pay the greatest price to protect liberty from tyranny, civilization from barbarism, democracy from chaos, the light from darkness.

A legend has always its accompanying virtues. The story of the 28th of October constitutes a hymn for Unity because ‘United we stand.’

“Unity is a substantial principle for AHEPA family.Today, AHEPA Solon HJ-04, AHEPA Alexander the Great HJ-03 & AHEPA Argonauts Magnesia HJ-13 (D-25 AHEPA HELLAS) are celebrating with our brothers and sisters in the USA who raise the Greek flag in a country that hosts our Greek valueswith love and respect. Many happy returns to our brothers and sisters and to all Greek- Americans.”