Tsipras’ Unkindest Cuts of All: Stealing Money from Pensioners

FILE - Hundreds of pensioners demonstrated against more austerity measures planned by the Greek government, Athens, Thursday, Nov. 23, 2017. (Photo by Eurokinissi/Tatiana Bollari)

It’s difficult to overstate how reprehensibly cruel Prime Minister and Looney Left/Crazy Capitalist SYRIZA leader Alexis “Hypocrite” Tsipras really is until you look deeper into his snide and self-aggrandizing pronouncements that he’s saved the country’s most vulnerable – especially pensioners – from austerity measures he doubled down on.

“The presence of the Left in the government is a lasting, open challenge of historical dimensions,” he said, ignoring that his Left took a Big Right turn when, breaking his vows and alleged …

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  1. No, the pensioners steal from their children. The aborted foetoi revenge.Pensions are a ponzi scheme.

    1. Don’t blame the Pensioners…blame the corrupt politicians who approved the Pension plans of the government!

      It is the government which …. appropriated the annual contribution to the Pension plan …as promised! And it is these governments…. who borrow or take money from the Pension funds illegally…. that requires them to maintain annual expenditures to support what the Pensioners were entitled to …based on their hiring contracts!

      A couple of years ago….the Governor of New Jersey …. failed for three years to contribute as required by the pension plans they created …to provide Pension funds ….because of the debt of the state! Importantly, due to their reckless extortion of political support ……they approved for the Public Service Unions….pension plans that were unsustainable …..without enormous tax increases to fund them!

      The point is …an agreement was made by the representatives of the government of Greece…. and the people of Greece …to these government employees… and therefore…must be complied with!

      LIke everything else …. there has not been any representation of the people of Greece….only the political interests of the elected officials!

      So , is it any wonder …that Mr. Tsipras continues to represent the interests of foreign countries …..when he is doing what he and his party ….have been doing forever…representing their political interests….. and now wish to make the pensioners …. the scapegoats of his failed financial arrangement with the EU

      Therefore, the honorable thing to do….is to fulfill their obligations to the Pensioners! Like or Not !

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